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Over a life time of experience being the 7th daughter of a seventh daughter over 5 generations. My gifts are Tarot Clairvoyance Spirt Cards and Voice Vibration. I am non judgmental and I am always understanding with kind consideration for all questions that need answers. PIN: 9288



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Enlightenment insight to situations. I am non judgmental I am always understanding with kind consideration for all questions that need answers. I create your personal life path number based on your date of birth for you to take and use going forward in your life to apply to important dates and appointments that come up where strength and support is needed.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I use an ancient Tarot deck that have been passed down to me through two generations. These powerful cards deliver answers to questions this is combined with Voice vibe-ration that connects to spirit via me to deliver spiritual insight and messages. I also use a pendulum for Yes/ No answers.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I became aware of my gifts at the age of two and these have developed over my lifetime and continue to do so.

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Alana is amazing , she is such a lovely non judgemental person , very easy to talk to .She has an incredible talent and can see things and knows things . just wonderful . Thank you Alana

From On 10/08/2021

Picked up on my situation straight away . No questions asked . Very clear predictions. Lovely lady .

From On 09/08/2021


Alana is the best unbelievable information. Her cards are so powerful that the information given is so accurate. Can’t wait for predictions to unfold

Kamari From Kent On 04/08/2021


Amazing reader knew my complex situation in line with other top readers in here. Knows what’s going on right now past and future. Very good you will be my regular now darling xxxxx

Naz From Uk On 03/08/2021


You were right, he made contact and asked for another chance 3 days after my reading. He opened up quite a lot and asked for a meeting like you predicted. Thank you. Xxx

A From Brum On 30/07/2021

I have had a few readings and they are phenomenal and sooo real and every time the reading is the same. Unbelievable she is brilliant and amazing and definitely a real Physic

Kamari From Kent On 28/07/2021

True Predictions came to light

She's is so blessed. Had a reading from her on Wednesday and she had predicted that my POI will come over on the Sunday. Which came to light. She says trust the universe and you'll see what unfolds for you. I am so happy

Terryann From England On 11/07/2021


Best reader on here by far. Honest geniune and a credit to the company. You been amazing and have really helped me so much

Pindi From London On 10/07/2021

Awkward relationship

I was really shocked with the the way this lady was coming out with answers which even the top Physics didn’t even tell me. Unbelievable information hopefully what she predicted will come to light

Kamari From Kent On 10/07/2021


I get nervous when calling someone new on TP. I had nothing to worry about. She gave me a number of validations, so I know she’s the real deal. She also picked up a couple of things that only one other person on here has ever validated. I will definitely be calling back. K xx

Kath From Uk On 08/07/2021

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