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Hello, my name is Liz. I am an experienced Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot card and Angel card reader. I have 30 years experience and I specialise in love and relationships. I can truly see whats going on with these issues of the Heart, and will give you the answers using my spiritual gifts. I look forward to assisting you to find what you are looking for. PIN: 9277



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She’s so good!

This lady needs more reviews true psychic tunes perfectly in without you giving her ANY information - unbelievable the detail that she knew!

Barbara From Australia On 14/09/2020


This lady is amazing! I've had several readings over the psst few months. She asks to look at things first before youctellher anything and awsy she goes. Every single time she has been absolutely right and knew why I was calling without telling her anything. Her consistency is second to none as well. Lovely and very friendly too. Would highly recommend a reading with her. If I coukd award 10 stars I would. Thank you so much Liz xx

Lynn From Scotland On 13/09/2020

Universally guided

We were guided to speak with each other today - I had the pleasure of having a reading with Liz and I have to say I’m so immensely happy that I did. Literally 3 seconds into the reading she picked up who and why I was calling without even asking me - everything she said make perfect sense and was the exact guidance that I feel I needed. Thankyou so much for your help today and I will be following your guidance - i will let you know how I get on

B From Birmingham On 05/07/2020

Just WOW !

Needs more stars ... this lady just asks your name and away she goes ...really good ...tells you how it is, and that its not maybe what you want to hear but stands over it ... info and detail given, u believable.

J From NI On 22/06/2020

Lovely lady it was lovely talking to you this morning Liz I run of minutes couldn't afford to top up anymore regards to the reading only time will tell if what you was saying is true I'll call back soon for another reading soon x

Sonia From London On 18/06/2020

He did not phone me on Saturday like u said he would, really gutted ,otherwise it was a good reading

From On 01/06/2020

Why don't u show our Reviews, this lady is so good x

From On 27/05/2020


Wow, didn't have to say anything she was brilliant, will let u know if anything happens over wkend, thanks for a fantastic reading

Susan From On 27/05/2020

Consistent and very good.

Had three reading with Liz in the last 4 months. She asks nothing, and then tells you why she believes you are calling, gives great validation and a very accurate description of what’s been going on, and why. She has been very consistent with her predictions and timings. I trust her abilities and would highly recommend. Thank you Liz

S.M. From Oxon On 20/05/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, connects really well, has great timing and skills thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 20/04/2020

She just knew...

She just knew!!! Sorry Liz that my pin ran out and I didn’t get a chance to thank you! She just knew straight away that there was a communication break down and has predicted there will be communication on or before the 28th april! I will update you all on if this passes. But honestly she just knew! Most readers ask a lot of questions but she just knew !! I can’t express how shocked I was. Wish I had more time to speak to you Liz!

T From Birmingham On 20/04/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is superb reader, great talent and advice, great skills and supremely gifted thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 18/04/2020

Liz is amazing!

A true psychic medium. Liz doesn't use tools, asks no questions. In fact she asks that you don't give her any information. Everything flows and her predictions have all been happening since November. She is always very busy and hard to get hold of, for good reason. Thanks again for your help, Liz. I'm sorry I ran out of credit. I'll call back soon and update you.

From London On 16/04/2020


Picked up why I’d phoned without me asking , has given me hope that everything will work out as I hope , has given me the lift I needed . Thanks Liz , I’ll be back to say thanks for telling me not to give up !

Sue From Gloucestershire On 13/04/2020

Thank you Liz for a uplifting reading only reader who gave me confidence and clarity which makes me believe the prediction you’ve made will come to light you didn’t ask for anything which I appreciated I’ve never left reviews before but something in your gift has made me left the call happy and not confused hope to speak to you soon! X

Nisha From London On 02/03/2020

Genuine, insightful reader

Liz had the courage to tell me what she saw, which was accurate, rather than probing for questions. Shes spot on ...a great reader. Thank you! X

Liz From England On 06/01/2020

Thanks Liz 9277 Awesome reader no information given

From Australia On 30/12/2019

I’m speechless!

Wow she’s amazingly accurate! She always remember me! Thank you! Spoken to her for the third time and she always surprised me! I didn’t tell her anything but she knew everything about the new guy I like described him well and told me his initial name and even knew his birthday! Perfect! So lovely, caring, and compassionate the best psychic medium on this site! I don’t worry anymore you always cheer me up and thanks a lot for your advice! I’ll do that! She also envisioned my ex lover for few days! Sorry to confuse you between the two but you said both will come forward soon! You’re right he emailed me on Monday as you predicted after months of no contract from the new man. Will call you again soon! I won’t be surprised if you’re so busy! Best Wishes A hundred stars!!!

Isabel From London On 03/12/2019

love reading

Very nice lady and she tried her best but found the reading too general...didnt say anything that appeared to come from spirit.

C From UK On 02/12/2019

The best

I told her my name and that was it she told me everything else. I would have talked more but couldn’t afford more. Thank you so so much

From On 20/10/2019

Lovely, genuine, accurate reader

Hi liz I’m gutted we got cut off this morning, I think you are probably the most genuine accurate readers I’ve come across here on this site. You picked up on the issue with my mum instantly.. I NBC oils have spoken to you all day and I appreciate your honesty. Thank you again and I’ll let you know how I get on with the weight loss xx

Andi From Manchester On 14/10/2019

Sooooo Good

Beautiful lady.. immediately tuned in. Asks you not to say anything and just dives right in.. accurate in every area and delivers the news like your talking to your own guardian angel.. just amazing ❤️

Anna From Uk On 05/10/2019

incredible and encouraging

She is superb reader, very talented, and encouraging.. her predictions are good.. she is skilled

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/09/2019

I was cut off and she was snatched up just as I was trying to top up and she is the best psychic I have ever had the honour to chat to.She told me what I needed to hear and knew and is the only one brave enough to face it with me and help to heal me..and she sees you ..really sees all of you and the issues no questions ...I am so very indebted to you and tried to call you back but I lost you to another caller and will keep trying this next week to reach you.Thank you for your incredible help wisdom and kindness Liz...sincerely.

J From On 14/09/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

She is superb, always gives sound advice and treats you superbly well Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 29/08/2019

Wonderful psychic

Just accurate and perfect reader I have ever found in this site. Proper understanding of the situation without even asking questions. Awesome. Truly gifted reader.

Sharmin From Uk On 22/08/2019

An Angel!

Liz did some healing to get rid of my negative energies! 100% accurate! Unbelievable! So sorry to make you ill! But I’m feeling well now. You’re my guardian Angel sent from above. Thanks for your advice. I did what you told me to do. Hope all your predictions come true! I still can’t believe till now that you knew I was ill! Wow You’re amazing and lovely! So lucky to get you second time. So caring and compassionate and knew my past and present situations regarding my love life. Omg I was blown away! You’re a healer! The best psychic reader here! Will call back soon. Thanks a million! God Bless and best Wishes. A hundred stars!

Isabel From London On 17/08/2019

Very good - prediction happened the same day!

Hi Liz, you said my guy was thinking about me - we’d had a fall out but couldn’t even see an end. He didn’t even make it up to 24 hours without contact- he contacted me 3 hours after I called you. You are very gifted and I love how straight forward you are as a reader. Thank you

Simone From Uk On 05/08/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

She is brilliant, connects really well, superb reader

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/08/2019

Wow she’s real psychic!

I’m speechless! She saw straight away the guy in question before I even ask her about my love life! Saw my past and present and made future predictions! She said I met my soulmate! So accurate unbelievable! Then seen another man. Spot on the descriptions of the men and situations around me. She advised me to choose between the two. I can see clearly now who to choose. Thank you so much Liz I’m now at ease. Can’t stop topping up so happy I spoke to you! She even found out where he lives the place and the area! I checked on google and she was right! So understanding, compassionate and tells me why he left. I’ve waited 6 years for this man no wander I can’t move on! OMG! Awaiting results! Will keep in touch. Best Wishes take care xoxoxo July 27, 2019

Isabel From London On 27/07/2019


She is amazing, spot on always very good reader thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 16/07/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

She is superb, love speaking to her, superbly talented extremely gifted

PRANAV From A Brilliant Reader On 23/06/2019


She is superb, picked on my situation and nailed it Bloody good :)) Supeb

PRANAV From Midlands On 22/06/2019

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