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My name is Mavis and I'm a psychic reader, siren and spiritual guide. With over forty years experience I'm able to clear and absorb negative energy, I'm able to make prediction and perform psychic readings. I have a number of methods to make a spiritual connection which can include: tarot card reading, intuitive reading, psychic healing, clairvoyancy and or mediumship. PIN: 9222



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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I began my psychic journey at age five years when I begged for a Holy relic for my birthday, armed with protection I've had many, many spiritual and psychic experiences. In my youth I had to learn how to prevent negative energy from pervading and found after motherhood I began to realise a strong healing ability and now I'm a grandmother I continue to work with clients who seek protection and clearing negative energy, I try to offer spiritual clarity, spiritual healing and protection.

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My angel

Mavis dearest I am So thankful to you ! Although you know who did not turn up at the airport ... however what you said is so on point and look forward to what is to unfold . So much to tell you god next time !! Much love ❤️ tenfold to you for the live you give to us . You helped me in the hardest time .

Kailey From Glasgow On 02/09/2020

Wonderful lady

Wonderfully insightful, warm and caring. A wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Very caring.

Chris From Midlands On 21/08/2020


Masvis was super fantastic thank you

barbara From Australia On 17/08/2020


She is super warm and understands completely no explanation needed . Mavis thank you Also for basically healing me and my POI

From On 20/07/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

she is super sweet and kind, has great timing and skills.. thanks a lot for everything

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/07/2020

Exceptional & precious!

14th June 5am MAVIS out of this world. Beautiful reading , such depth, eloquence, insight, genuine x1000. Deeply healing. Astounding honesty. Thank you thank you . Bx

From On 14/06/2020

Brilliant Advice !

She is superb, thanks a lot, solid rock in bad times.. very kind and sweet very caring thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 14/06/2020

Great Reader

She is brilliant, very sweet and nice, thanks a lot. you are too kind and genuine cute sweet thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 08/06/2020

The kindest lady

I called Mavis for insight to a difficult subject. She was so kind and caring, she genuinely cared for how I was feeling and not even some of my friends were as kind as she was about this situation. I can’t thank her enough. I hope her predictions happen x

From On 17/05/2020

SweetHeart Lady

She is superb reader, love her bits, her voice is so calming so sweet, and kind. highly recommended

Jughead From Los Angeles On 21/04/2020

Astounding Reader !

She deserves million stars, great empathy and kindness thanks

Bret From Warwick On 20/04/2020

Gorgeous Beauty !

Her voice is so beautiful, has amazing talent and calming and soothing experience

PRANAV From Midlands On 20/04/2020

A Gentle Soul

Very pure and gentle soul, indepth reading cheers

PRANAV From Midlands On 13/04/2020


Superb reader, connects really well thanks

Agnihotri From York On 13/04/2020

Brilliant Advice !

She is a gem, super sweet and talented

Khanna From York On 13/04/2020

A Beautiful Lady!

She is a gem, so kind and empathetic and has great skills and talent really sweet lady !

Lovey From Warwick On 12/04/2020

A Beautiful Lady!

She is amazing, such a beautiful soul, very caring and kind. and accurate reader.. talented and gifted thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/03/2020

Thank you for truth.

You very good reader as one myself I .you are very good at what do .he gone it was hard here but got the truth and my heart broke. But am so grateful for the truth and talk you mean thanks sharon from Stoke-on-Trent

From On 13/03/2020

Thank You

Thank you for putting my mind at ease and advising me that my situation will change for the better. Loved speaking to you and would definitely advise anyone to speak to this lovely lady. She is very talented.

From UK On 09/02/2020

Amazing Mavis

Thank you for guiding me thru my journey and looking forward to new beginings will keep in touch. Peter Australia 1/2/2020

From On 01/02/2020

Xmas time

I truly felt I spoke to an Angel with Mavis and connected with great joy to Spirit~ this lady is the real deal and a much needed voice in the wilderness of pain ...I'll be back Mavis~ Blessings.....#High Priestess

Jackie From Rishton UK On 11/01/2020

Thankyou Mavis beautiful soul. So caring and loving xxx

From Australia On 10/01/2020

Thankyou Mavis 9222 beautiful soul your life and support is appreciated

From Australia On 28/12/2019

Thankyou Mavis for your light love and support in troubled times. Thankyou for bringing the darkness to light so he may do no further harm.

From Australia On 20/12/2019

Magic Mavis

What a beautiful person you are Mavis. Having spoken to Mavis at least 5 times now I cannot get enough of listening to the genuineness and affection she exhumes. Time and time again I would recommend Mavis to everyone. Thank you beautiful lady, can't wait to speak to you again.

A From Australia On 23/10/2019


Absolutely amazing and always consistent!! Love my readings by Mavis!!! X

From On 16/10/2019

Very good

Had a very good reading with Mavis. She is a very beautiful soul. Thank you.

Daniel From London On 20/09/2019

So happy.

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Understanding and non judgemental. Amazing manner on the phone, nothing is mundane for her. She really does share your happiness with you,and finds a way to work with removing blocks from a to b. You're then up and running!

A From London On 21/08/2019


Thank you for the incredible look at two parties and the complications with both. You explained things really well, although they are complicated, and I feel more prepared to sit back and watch as things unfold. Very much appreciated.

Libran From Aus On 04/08/2019

Again always right with predictions

Maybe 4th reading with mavis her pridtions always right one about particular person slightly delay always spot on and remembers our last reading witch is nice and knows my name before starting reading. She always spot on with my reading after having a rubbish week you uplifted me thank you

Rhea From London On 29/06/2019

Genuine reader

Great reading - gave me very helpful information and predictions. Many thanks

Libran From OZ On 02/06/2019

Wonderful reading

I never leave reviews. Ever. But I wanted to leave one for Mavis after the amazing reading I have just had. She gave me very specific indepth information that I know is accurate and my jaw dropped a fair few times during our conversation. I came off the phone feeling confident and uplifted. I have no doubt that her predictions will come to fruition. As a bonus she has the most amazing voice. A very warm and kind lady who I will phone again.

Leanne From Birmingham On 01/06/2019

Ok reading

Mavis is connected but I expected her reading to be more precise. I didn’t think Mavis connected well with me, and opinions shouldn’t be thrown into the reading. I read for people also, understand it’s not easy and takes up energy. I wish you the best but not for me. Thanks

Anon From Uk On 19/04/2019

Really Amazing and empowering

Thank you. I could have spoken to you for another hour!! Thanks for your insight and guidance. Really gentle voice with loads of energy and very accurate. Thanks again for helping to point me in the way of the light and love and for seeing and speaking the truth L.

L From Essex On 19/04/2019

Blessed woman

Thank you for a wonderful reading she picked up on everything she spoke the truth. Many blessing to you. Talk soon.

From On 17/04/2019

Lovely reading

We spoke last week abojt relastionship was spot on with everything.your prediction came true with one of subject with a Gentleman. Had contact .hope rest if predictions come true

Rhea From London On 17/04/2019


We spoke other night spoke to him he fine planning to see each other soon. Mavis was spot on with my reading she has a genrel soul

From On 16/04/2019

Truly amazing!

I am speechless! Mavis is a truly gifted reader, not doubting herself and not interrupting, not asking questions. Very accurate! Her reading was in depth and spot on. I hope to talk to her again!

Alex From Bristol On 10/04/2019

best ever

mavis you have an extridinary way of tuning in had a over two hour reading with you and the validations kept on coming so accurate precise descriptions like you were seeing and feeling your way through my life thankyou so much x

candle goddess From uk On 07/04/2019

Thank you mavis

Hi mavis we were in the middle of a reading today & we were cut off I tried to call back but couldn’t get you my apologies Im so disappointed we were cut off .. to remind you of who I am April 20th was mentioned blessings to you I loved your reading & speaking with you could’ve talked for ages lol xx For others mavis’s reading was fantastic quick to tune in & very accurate !

From On 30/03/2019

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