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I am very intuitive person who has been conducting readings since I was 14 years old. I have 30 years of experience conducting readings. I use the Spanish deck which provides you a very real vision of your life.I am expert in any subject, I will see in the cards what they want to tell you. I do different readings, short questions, general ( past, present, future),reading of yes or no long one and the Celtic Cross Reading. PIN: 9007



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I am very professional, I never judge. I have a very rich life experience which make me understand all situations better. I can give you answers and show you new paths and ways to heal.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My gift was inherited from my Great Grandma. It belongs to the White Celtic Witches that used to live in Galicia, the North West of Spain. When I was 14 I went to see a reader and I liked so much that I bought myself a book and a deck. I started to do it with my friends and we found out I was right in most of my predictions. I been developing and improving my gift since 30 years ago. I used to do it for friends, friends of friends, always for free till I started in a professional way.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I am very kind, charming, empathic, good listener and talk and with a very good heart.

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Spot on

Amazing readers

From On 07/09/2019


Maria is very gifted and very wise. I’ve had several readings with Maria where she has intuitively seen many things in my life and through her cards with accuracy. She is also a lovely, genuine and caring soul, whom today in my reading told me exactly what I needed to hear even though it wasn’t consciously why I called. Maria knows. She is genuine and definitely worth your time and money whatever the issue may be. She really has both the gift of sight and insight. One of the rare few on this sight you can count on for clarity. Much love and many blessings. Ave Maria xxx

Lisa From Australia On 08/07/2019

Amazing lady

Thankyou again lovely Maria you are always so accurate.. sorry my credit ran out but will speak to you soon. Sending you get well hugs. Lisa xx

From On 06/06/2019

Consistent readings

Maria is a beautiful lady, who delivers her readings with kindness and respect. Both of her readings she has used the same words to describe my situation even though they were weeks apart and she has many clients she reads for. Somehow I had pulled exactly the same cards and consistently stated exactly the same as my first reading. She gives me hope as whilst there are many amazing readers in this site, there are some that clearly shouldn’t be on here. Maria is a Gem and one of my go to’s

Josephine From Uk On 30/05/2019

excellent and recommend x

This was my third try at getting a reading today and Maria never let me down. The other two honestly had no clue. I just wish I had had more time with her. It was an excellent reading and she needed no prompting at all. She has put my mind at rest in the 10 mins I had with her. I would come back here if I needed another reading. Thanks Maria x

From scotland On 23/05/2019

amazing uplifting

thank u for the reading we got cut off and iwas really enjoying it, i will ring again for defenante very lovely reading thankyou xxx

louise From Nottingham On 18/05/2019


Thank you Maria for a great reading, everything you said was so accurate and made perfect sense. The sense of relief you have given me, I am so grateful. Thank you

Kirstin Rowan From Nottingham On 16/05/2019

Reading with Maria

I had a mental picture of Maria as we were speaking and her profile pic matches exactly! Sensible reading with good advice and hope for the future!...thankyou Maria x

K From GB On 09/05/2019

Very good reader straight forward, no prompting :-)

Thank you Maria for your reading today sorry we were cut off, looking forward to the predications to unfold. Maria is very genuine, nice to talk to and very quick in picking up the situation and providing very useful information and details, highly recommended. With blessings and love xxx

From On 05/05/2019


She is excellent. revealed a high quality observation of my circumstances with accurate a details and information.

Paul From London On 04/05/2019


Not only is Maria a beautiful soul she is an outstanding reader. Absolutely brilliant! She has a very strong accent but takes no offence to you asking her to slow down a touch in order for you to fully understand her. And believe me you’ll be grateful you hung in there as she knows what she’s talking about. My first prediction has unfolded and in the exact time frame given. I can’t thank you enough Maria for restoring my faith that there are genuine readers such as yourself amongst the not so genuine! You were a true pleasure to speak to and I look very forward to our next time. xx

From On 20/04/2019


Accurate reading , I highly recommend her. Thank you Maria

Marika From London On 11/04/2019


Just had reading with Maria 2nd reading very good spot on hit the nail on head with lot things give her a ring so good xxx

From Aberdeen On 07/04/2019

Fabulous Reader!!!!

Maria is Lovely, amazingly accurate, a beautiful soul, she did a fabulous job helping me with my problems and questions, love you lady!, and Thank you so much!

From On 06/04/2019


Thanks for my lovely reading Maria. You got straight to the heart of the matter without much prompting. Good insight into my situation, I hope all the predictions come true. I will be back if and when they do. Lots of love. X

Leighton From Brighton On 05/04/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Sorry Maria we were cut off. Amazing reading with you thank you for your advice and kindness :-) Maria doesn't waste your time she goes straight to the point and answer your questions, she is genuine and kind

From On 28/03/2019


This lady is good, a bit hard to understand but whatever she picks up is waaay more than many readers on here. Give her time and listen in keenly. Youll be blown away. One of the best for sure. xx

From Australia On 28/03/2019


I love this amazing lady she is so good. Thankyou Maria :) xx

From On 20/03/2019

Amazing the best ever

Omg what an honor to speak to you. Omggggg the best pshycic ever i cannot recommend her enough so accurate doesnt need any information she gave exact timings including the exact month of a holiday i planned last week im exited so excited she is the real deal. I feel so blessed to have spoken to you thanks so much for such a thorough indepth accurate reading and i look forward to predictions i know theyll come true x

Maria From London On 17/03/2019


Maria is very loving she picked up most of the things I didn’t even tell her. So I have a faith in what she predicted Gave me very heartily advice. I am going to trust and give it a couple of weeks to see if my matters improved

Pavi From London On 09/03/2019

Very perceptive

Hit on the subject and associated problems right away. Insightful and described people concerned accurately Thanks Maria ....Frances

From On 08/03/2019

Thank you!

It wouldn’t allow me to add funds. I appreciate your reading. You picked up on things without any prompting and where incredibly accurate! I have clarity now.

From On 01/03/2019


Excellent reading with Maria. She gave a lot of information and was very reassuring concerning an issue with someone. I am looking forward to her predictions coming true. Thanks Maria.

Ann From France On 28/02/2019

Thank you Maria you were very accurate in your reading you are also a very kind person . I will be calling you again xx

Julia From Burton on trent On 26/02/2019

Very accurate and honest

From On 17/02/2019

Wonderful reading

Just had a reading, she gave me clarity and hope, picked up on lots of things with me personally and my ex, feeling so much better, will call again, thank you x

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 15/02/2019

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