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I am known as a spiritual healer and an empath. I believe I was born with the gift of second sight and I still am learning how to channel it. I am a visionary and flashes of information come to me at will, I have no control over them. If A spirit wishes to convey a message at anytime, i will be used as a vessel. PIN: 8740



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Every individual person is different as is every reading. The more open a person is as to receiving a message more detailed and tailor fitted the reading will be. I offer my expertise and my undivided attention to both my client and my spirit guides ensuring that every message can get through.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in general tarot card readings, I tend to keep an open mind and read the topic of the majority of the cards ( I tend to let my cards decide after I ask my client to focus on their question/s ),if my cards sway more towards a particular subject (love,finance,family,work etc) then that is the area I will focus my reading on. I use tarot cards and clarifiers. I will get as much information possible from my cards using my various desks to help me, I can get yes-no answers, possible Star-signs as well as possible individual characteristics/personality traits from my cards. I can also send love, strength and positive energy to my clients via my healing crystals and affirmation meditation.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was always a popular person amongst family and friends . I have always been a problem solver. I never liked to see a person upset or a person struggling and I constantly used empathy. I have always been interested in the '' Unknown'' I think the main reason for that was because I still didn't know or understand myself. I think I cared too much and couldn't grasp the concept of how people could be so horrible to one another. I couldn't watch the news or read news papers because I found them so distressing. I was constantly trapped in my own emotions. I found it difficult to allow people to touch or embrace me because they would leave residue of their feelings on me ( I could feel everything they felt, and at sometimes I could read their minds ). I went to seek my own people. People who could relate and understand me. I found one such special woman ,who told me I was gifted and not cursed ,she told me not to be afraid of myself and those around and to embrace it ,embrace me. I found my solace in her as well as comfort ,warmth and a multitude of answers. A few years later she passed away, I was lost once more but I think I hear her voice every now and again when I begin to read my Tarot cards.

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Love her

She was very straight, but caring and compassionate great reader x

Jules From London On 17/02/2021


So raw. So real!!!! My kind of lady... loved the reading. You were soooooooooooo informative and spot on!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful advice and I cannot wait for everything to come to light. I will be in touch xx

R From West Midlands On 11/02/2021

I like her

I really liked her, she gave validations and she is a really nice lady and very compassionate towards me and my problem. She was also very honest. I’ll update on predictions. And to give honest feedback, Serena could be a little faster with her explanation of the cards and not go into so much detail describing the cards. Thank you for my reading! X

CC From UK On 22/01/2021

Not for me

Just telling me what the cards mean. Can google thar

From On 29/11/2020


Absolutely spot on!!!!!

From On 25/10/2020

Very good

Didn’t want any information from me , but as the reading went on , much related to my current situation. Give her a try , nice lady , and certainly has psychic abilities

Sue From Gloucestershire On 18/10/2020

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