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I have a range of methods I use to give a reading. The main 4 are Crystals, angel cards, oracle cards and direct message. I am a reiki master so it is easy for me to connect to you on a spiritual level and call on Angels, guides and family members to give clarity on the situation you are facing. I am very clear with my messages and the information should resonate with you on some level now or after the reading. PIN: 8674



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She sees

Thank you for your insight Amber sees right into the situation picking up on my poi and what’s going on around us.. Thank you for all

Vibe From London On 01/03/2021

She's good

I've had a few Readings with Amber she's good she tell u what she sees and does not give you fairy tales stories

Sonia From London On 17/02/2021

Lost dog

Unfortunately completely wrong about a missing dog :-(

H From On 08/02/2021

Thank you

Sorry i got cut off. I did not get to say than you so much, things have improved already between me and poi. Your amazing. Looking forward to the rest of my predictions unfolding and will speak to you soon to catch up. Take care xx

Nadene From London On 06/02/2021

Omg she is amazing

I really be hope my review is uploaded. Amber was just amazing that I'm speechless. It felt like talking to someone that I've known for a while. She was able to pick up so much about me and what's happening around me. I really appreciate the advice and look forward to the predictions ☺️. Would definitely recommend.

Emmanuella From UK On 10/01/2021


Such an in-depth and accurate reading and I thank you Amber. Sending so much love.

Jackie From SA On 01/01/2021

This lady has the X Factor!

Thank you so much for the reading Amber, you absolutely got me when you said my son would be moving into flat no 4, with a black front door, the actual number is 121 (=4 in numerology) and the door is indeed black! I will take your advice with everything we spoke about, and am looking forward to your predictions coming in! Sorry that I ran out of minutes and didn't get to say goodbye, I'll be in touch again though. Thank you x

Jo From London On 04/12/2020

I Believe

I believe that when you connect with a reader everything flows. Amber picked up so many things I did not tell her. She talked about the POI somewhere overseas working, this is what I believe as well (I never told her that.! ). She predicted we will reconnect when he returns. She also said something that surprised me, as I recently had a dream that I would receive a gift, she said the same thing and what she thought it was. It’s what I seen in my dream.!! . She also told me other things, that are my secrets and I haven’t told anyone. I will up day when the poi Meet-up, I believe you are right with everything you told me. Gif bless k xx

Kat From Glasgow On 24/11/2020


Am shook very good

Jj From Coventry On 24/10/2020

Not good

Just not good. Made up descriptions of people I would meet that are absolutely not people I would ever be involved with.

Donna From London On 24/10/2020


Amber asks questions to get an idea of your problem thrn goes into so much detail and advice. She cares and listens and gives great guidance, she see's so many details

Penelope From London On 20/10/2020

Bad reviews never get posted!

The reading hadn't even begun and Amber hung-up on me, so rude! If you can't read someone, just say, don't just ask a customers name, star sign, shuffle cards, ask how many cards the customer would like to pull out; 9, 11 or 13. Let the customer chose a number, go silent for a while and then abruptly hang-up! Disgracefully rude, don't waste your money people. Will be posting this on other forums too so that others are aware of the disgraceful service Amber provides.

Truth From Oz On 11/10/2020

Not great

Asks way too many questions

Jay From West Midlands On 16/09/2020


I’ve been using this site for a few years and Amber is very good at picking up details. She is very direct and forward (keep an open mind) during the reading she tells you what she sees. After a few readings I’ve learnt to trust the information even though some things said Wasn’t what I Wanted to hear (however it all came true) Ever since then she’s become one of my regulars and knows how to make me feel better even with the truth! She’s not here to paint a fairytale picture, purely the REAL DEAL and that’s what we’re all after isn’t it? Give her a go and thank me later! Have a great reading Fatima

Fatima From London On 10/09/2020

Incredible - 10 stars

A lovely, accurate reader who is no nonsense whilst compassionate. Thank you so much - 10 stars and you should have many, many, many more reviews.

From On 02/09/2020

Too many questions

Asked too many questions there was little point.

Paul From Manchester On 25/08/2020


straight away picked up on my situation to another level. I'm in shock at how much she knew, im speechless!! Thank you Amber xxx

Lorraine From On 13/08/2020


This woman is unbelievably amazing am speechless give her a call

Amy From Birmingham On 08/08/2020

Good reader

Amber is very good picked the situation up to a T. We will see if predictions materialise. Thank you

J From Oz On 04/04/2020

I dont know why u dont have reviews dear,thank God I was mistakenly directed to u it was worth it

From On 10/03/2020

straight to the point with valid details

From Uj On 08/03/2020


She is one of the best here ,I was a bit put off at first because of no reviews woow she connected straight away and gave me alot of information

From Manchester On 07/03/2020


Unlike the top readers all the answers were negative and to the apposite. And also not true. Waste of money.

Kev From London On 07/03/2020

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