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I'm a clairvoyant and a tarot card reader. I can do general readings, work and finance readings, but primarily, I specialize in love and relationship readings and soul connections. I can feel all manner of energies and foretell events that have not yet come to pass, as well events that have long passed. PIN: 8637



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer insight, clarity and peace of mind to my callers who are struggling with their or other people's emotions, a difficult situation or choice to make or even recovery from a traumatic event. I am a very patient, attentive-to-detail, and judgement-free listener who can understand any situation, no matter how complicated or dire, and who is more than willing to do everything in his power to fully mend and resolve it or at least to do some damage control where needed.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I'm performing at my best when connected to romantic threads of spiritual energy. Love and relationship readings are my absolute specialty. Imagine the romantic energy as a constant straight line. This romantic energy never really fades, even though it may waver in intensity, and finding out what had happened in 2 or more people's lives for those sudden upwards or downwards spikes and trying to stabilize the line is always a very exciting and mysterious challenge for me. I was taught how to read multiple sets and editions of tarot cards from a generation of readers in my family that dates back to the 1930s, and I am able to give very insightful readings tailored specifically to each individual based on their energy, the people in their lives, the events that have unfolded, are unfolding and will unfold and the upcoming obstacles or victories they need to get past and/or embrace. Aside from card reading, I mostly tend to use my psychic abilities in order to get a more personal grip on the situation and be able to see all the events that had transpired with my own eyes and feel all the energies involved on both an objective as well as a subjective level. While I'm using my abilities, I am able to see the bigger picture and understand that what I have in front of me is a very delicate puzzle that has been deconstructed over time or that is about to be made whole and I have to identify and fit all the pieces to where they belong, no matter what nature of a piece it is, be it an image, a sound or any other element. I feel very lucky and blessed to have the exciting role in people's lives to complete that puzzle and infuse them with purpose, resolution, closure and strength.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have always known I have something special within me, even from when I was younger, when I would be able to sense all manner of energies, feelings, thoughts, sounds and images that weren't around me, they were somewhere far away and unreachable. Growing up, I started understanding that what I was sensing was not coming from my immediate surroundings, but from the future. I started doing readings for friends, for family, very soon came along the neighbours, then people from many different spiritual forums on the internet and so many more. I had realized I have a gift of being able to sense a world of emotion and thousands of unfolding events in people's lives that I just couldn't keep to myself. I was left on this Earth to assist people towards where they need to go. For 7 years in total, but 4 years professionally, with the official titles of a psychic or reader, I have started interacting with all sorts of gurus, mediums, clairvoyants, readers, teachers, and every conceivable type of spiritual person out there, on internet forums, webinars and even in person at many events. I come from a family of long-time readers, but mostly I can attribute my growth and me finding my identity and accepting and honing my gift to my older brother Daniel.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

On a day-to-day basis and on a personal level, there's no difference between the psychic and reader Sky and the Sky that my family and friends know. I am a very down-to-earth, tranquil and loving person. I am trying to be my best self every second of the day, no matter whether I am interacting with my loved ones, a neighbour, a stranger on the street or a person reaching out to me for a reading. I would say that my best trait is being very empathetic with all the people I talk to and meet. I have been in very very difficult situations myself throughout my entire life and there's very little left in this world that can actually surprise or shock me anymore. I bear no judgement in any sort of scenario, as I know by now most of how this world works and how people tend to feel and behave and all I have for all of them is equal love and an endless supply of sympathy and care. I have always been a perfectionist and a hard worker, putting 200% effort into everything that I do and especially in this line of work, where you are handling people's lives, you have to be much more precise than a surgeon even, and there's no moment for you to slip up in any sort of way. This is my true north, and I am as committed to it as one can be.

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Very Good

Really good reader, picked up situation very well.

From On 26/02/2022


Thank you very much for your reading about a tricky love connection with a POI.. I'm sorry I ran out of credit. I will try and reconnect with you again soon

Carrie From Kent On 24/02/2022

The Best Reader I have ever experienced!!!

Sky you are a true blessing to my life

Lisa From Australia On 24/02/2022

Accurate and reassuring

Sky picked up on my situation in great detail, including how my POI is showing up and why, without asking any questions. He offered guidance of how to move forward and I felt reassured and happier after the reading. Looking forward to what the future brings. Thanks Sky

Mel From Manchester On 16/02/2022

Prediction Didn't Happen

Ann From UK On 12/02/2022

Doesn't use any tools.

Sky doesn't use any cards so he connects quickly, and it flows. As a former reader people fail to realize this can be draining and it takes energy to read for others. I talk to him via messenger all the time. Try him out!

Jasmine From Wisconsin On 08/02/2022


I cannot believe the accuracy of my readings I keep coming back for more he is very nice and very good!

Veronica From Kent On 05/02/2022

Great reader

Thank you Sky for your reading today. You helped me a lot. Love your vibes and the way you read. A

From On 05/02/2022

Very slow on messenger

My last review wasn’t printed! Very slow on messenger , messages hardly made up a paragraph but all together after 20mins

H From Kent On 04/02/2022

Connects quickly

Connects quickly however to make sense of what he says you may need to write it down otherwise in the moment it’ll seem Jumbled, otherwise pretty accurate

From On 03/02/2022

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