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I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense '). I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone. I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships, money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623



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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

The main tools used in my readings are tarot cards, my crystal ball, and my wands.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I've been aware of my gift since childhood, where I used to have dreams and visions others couldn't explain. I then became more focused on understanding their meaning and significance as I grew older.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

My other skills include my practice of white magic. I have performed various spells successfully regarding multiple topics (love,money,etc). I am very passionate about the healing powers of witchcraft.

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From On 10/06/2022


As always amazing . Thank you so much Winnie❤

D From London On 04/05/2022

Lovely Lady

I had a good reading with this lovely lady. I trust and know everything will be ok. I am the mother worried about her daughter

Zara From Manchester On 18/04/2022

Lovely Reader

Winnie tuned in straight away to my situation and gave me the insight I needed

From On 13/04/2022

Tracey From West Midlands On 21/03/2022

Reading was ok

From On 09/02/2022

PLEASE Post. Predictions Came to Pass!

Winnie gave me two numbers 8 and 6, just in this order in August I had communication with my POI and 6th of Oct he called me for an hour. It was a lovely to hear from him. WInnie gave me those numbers and asked me to wait. What a mind blowing reader. I then called her again and looks like she is my go to reader now. Thanks Winnie.

Anuradha From UK On 30/12/2021

I'm due for another reading but you're always soo busy,I will get through to u one day soon

From On 22/12/2021

Stupendous Reader!

She is super brilliant, connects really well Has great talent and skills Superb conversationalist, great empathy, and well detailed and good humoured reading Thanks Highly Recommended!

PRANAV From Midlands On 14/12/2021

Lovely lady .

From On 24/11/2021


Thank u Winnie was like talking to a friend n u helped so much, hugs x x x

Fiona From Glasgow On 22/09/2021


Very kind, intuitive and tuned in

Gail From Walton On 06/09/2021

Hoping to have a reading over the weekend, u are fantastic x

From On 19/08/2021


I had reading on the 4th of August with Winnie. She blew my mind from the first word she said to me ("I'm picking up immaturity issue"), wow, so accurate! She picked up the key points from the issue so quick and also said what I was expecting to happen without me giving her a clue. True psychic no doubt. She gave me a few numbers 8 and 6 and asked me to wait, so I'll see if the predictions happen. I'll surely reach out to her again. Thanks Winnie.

Anuradha From UK On 10/08/2021

Very quick

Connected very quickly without cards n without wasting money. Was accurate but I don't think she picked up all issues

Varshini From Blackpool On 05/07/2021

You're Wonderful

Winnie, I called you completely frustrated with a situation around a POI and I'm so glad I did. You have me such a good honest reading and help not only about him but about work to and you also helped me to laugh. I will definitely speak to you again. Thank you do much for your patience xx

Carrie From Kent On 09/06/2021

Straight to it

Shes awesome and gets straight into reading no hesitation... honest and upfront.... a real trusted psychic

Star From United states On 14/05/2021


Winnie is accurate, down to Earth and validates as she goes. Definitely one of my favourites.

Mish From Uk On 13/05/2021


Such a kind and positive lady. Thank you very much, will come back with updates xx

From On 25/04/2021


Winnie was so warm and bubbly and really easy to talk to. She made some very big and bold predictions, I really hope they come true. I will be back if they do. Thankyou for giving me hope. X

Leighton From Brighton On 24/03/2021


This lady is down to earth and can cheer u up n a heartbeat good listener and can have a laugh too gets down to the point and very clear in what she says and good al deffo be keeping in touch with her xx

Lisa From On 20/02/2021

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, had great reading her as well. great insight and thinking and combination of everything, empathy, solid advice, great talent and skills. sweetheart kind gentle soul Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 17/02/2021

Really lovely reading

I had a reading from Winnie when I felt like I had lost direction in a relationship. Winnie was lovely, thoughtful and provided clarity. Thank you very much xx

Frances From Midlands On 08/01/2021

Lovely lady

Thank you for my lovely uplifting reading, will let you know if your predictions come true. Thanks for the giggle too ;)

Kimberley From Wales On 03/01/2021


I just spoke with Winnie for 30min. Absolutely lovely lady and highly recommend. She was spot on about everything and really eased my mind. Thank you so much and will chat again soon

Rebecca From Australia On 04/11/2020

Too vague

Too vague

From On 22/10/2020

Compassionate Lady

Hi, I was the lady in tears yesterday about my daughter going to Uni and feeling really alone. You helped calm me down. I hadn't wanted to burden friends and family due to some ongoing problems aside from this. You really helped today. thanks Winnie

Anon From London On 26/09/2020


Lovely lady, so much insight and the reading flows nicely with no quiet moments or tons of questions. Top reader ❤️

Marie From Kent On 04/09/2020

Hi lovely lady hope to have a reading over the weekend with you

From On 20/08/2020


Really nice reading :) Glad I spoke to her

R From USA On 23/07/2020

Hey Win

Hahahaha just to let you know that you were right. I did get a little surprise yesterday as he did send me a cheeky little message yesterday. And also another revelation mate which is bloody promising that the wheels are starting turn on my ex.........You were so f@$#ing right. Aaammmaaaazzzziiiinnnggg xxx love you Winny pops Xx Xx your mate Tara zxx

Tara From Sussex On 22/07/2020

Helpful and friendly

Winnie is easy to talk to and gives helpful insight into situations.

J From London On 15/07/2020


Winnie is a genuine Psychic who is able to tune I immediately and see everything that is going on without any questions. Give her a try you won't be disappointed xx

Georgina From Australia On 20/06/2020

Very good reading

Thank you... will contact you again in the near future.

Sarah From Wales On 02/06/2020

Very Helpful Excellent insight

Amazing true physic thankyou for your time earlier on this evening you have been truly helpful. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you due to my mins running out I definetly will be contacting you again such a lovely genuine soul I would highly recommend anybody who would like support and to find out the inner truth very gifted.

From On 17/05/2020

Very Helpful Excellent insight

Amazing true physic thankyou for your time earlier on this evening you have been truly helpful. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you due to my mins running out I definetly will be contacting you again such a lovely genuine soul I would highly recommend anybody who would like support and to find out the inner truth very gifted.

From On 17/05/2020

very good straight and true psychic

It was great talking to you again, I was amazed that you remembered me from last year. Very spot on and healing reading, Winnie knowns her stuff she is a very kind soul and very gifted. Much blessings and love xxx

From On 17/05/2020


Thankyou so much for you time I didn't get the chance to say goodbye as my mins run out. True physic spot on with everything I will definitely be contacting you again x

From On 17/05/2020

Too reader

Tunes in well, no questions asked. Kind lady!?

HS From Australia On 15/05/2020


easy communication accurate truthfull

maureen From uk On 13/05/2020

Very insightful

Thank you for a great reading, I hope the predictions come to be and will hopefully see you at my smitten party in October (smitten parties on fb) ... thanks Winnie! X

Joanne From London On 01/05/2020

Thanks for the reading this morning much appreciated, can't wait till end of year to see what will happen, will phone you again lovely lady x

Susan From On 30/04/2020

Thank you for truth.

You good reader time was good to she say lot work to do. Thank hun you wonder and what you talk me tonight thank you x

Sharon From Stoke-on-Trent On 24/04/2020

Love speaking to this lady , she knows how to make me laugh. It’s like I am speaking to one of my close friends Only difference is she gives predictions too. xx

From On 23/04/2020

Love speaking to this lady , she knows how to make me laugh. It’s like I am speaking to one of my close friends Only difference is she gives predictions too. xx

From On 23/04/2020

Love her

Love her energy her reading flows she’s funny too! Love her xxx

Chanelle From Uk On 20/04/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is really good, talented and sweet, empathetic has great soul thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 10/04/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is beautiful lady, has great tremendous skills and talent, she is empathetic, extremely skilled and talented thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 08/04/2020

Another amazing reading with Winnie, wow, thanks speak to you soon

Susan From Wales On 07/04/2020

Just had a reading with Winnie, she's absolutely brilliant thanks very much

Susan From Wales On 06/04/2020


Lovely lady!! She knew everything. Unreal. Thankyou xx

Louise From Grimsby On 25/03/2020

Thanks so much for the amazing reading, could've spoken for ages.

Maryanne From On 04/03/2020


Another amazing reader who could tell it all without me having to say anything, 5

Donna From London On 04/03/2020

Truly gifted

Just had reading with Winnie spot on knows her stuff very impressed thanks xxx

Debs From Scotland On 02/03/2020

Great Reader

she is brilliant, connects really well, talented and skilled.. superb reader thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 26/02/2020

Wow! I am well impressed! She likes to talk and so do I ahahah fab reading and yes she’s going to be getting very busy soon as she is now anyways!! I will continue to persevere Winnie! You are a star!! Thank you.

From On 26/12/2019

Simply the best (love)

Lovely honest lady. So funny too. In line with the top readers. Brilliant predictions coming to light

Kamari From Kent On 26/12/2019


Really spot on x picked up straight away x

From On 25/12/2019


Excellent reading and spot on

Jay From London On 20/12/2019

Spot on

Great down to earth lady Connected straight away and great insights Could talk to her for hours Like talking with an old friend that knows you Olivia de L

From On 11/12/2019


May be she is new to this site.. she is an amazing reader. Positive and clear. Offered a lot of clarity and answers (ofcourse). Strongly recommend a reading with Winnie. Thank you for your time and the reading today, Winnie. Ran out of minutes. Will contact soon. warm regards, R

R From Australia On 11/12/2019

On point

Sweet, natural and on-point.

James From London On 09/12/2019


Had a lovely reading with Winnie. What a lovely lovely lady. She will be very busy really soon. Give this wonderful lady a try you will not be disappointed. So accurate and definitely in line with the top readers on this site. One word just brilliant!!!!

Tara From Uk On 08/12/2019

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