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I am a Psychic Empath. With the use of my intuition and picking up on the energy and vibrations of others. I offer a reading that has often been described as a “conversational style”. I offer complete openness, empathy, and a nonjudgmental safe space. With the help of my Tarot cards I can distinguish my “feelings and energy received” to give clarity and insight to a situation, whilst guiding you through your life’s blueprint. I can also give insight in career and life overall. PIN: 8579



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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

At a very young age. Joy and anger were the 2 things I understood quickly. I used to try and stay away from social situations as I would often feel drained afterwards. Now I am able to understand and channel my abilities.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I’m very open and believe in leaving people on a positive note. I’m a great listener and love building relationships with others.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Soriah...

Very nice lady

Absolutely lovely empathetic lady. Always a pleasure to speak with. Will see how predictions unfold. She is just so sincere and I love her Geordie accent ! X thank you

P From Birmingham On 09/09/2020

Amazing - Highly Empathic and Intuitive

My reading with Soriah was incredible. She is such a beautiful soul who connected with me instantly. Her empathic and intuitive abilities are the best that I’ve experienced. She was completely spot on. She reconnected me with my life purpose and gave me the encouragement that I needed to stay on my path. Thank you Soriah. You have given me exactly what I needed! All the best and much love x

Suzy From Australia On 09/09/2020


I had a reading with Soriah earlier today. I have to disagree with the lady who left a review on here saying she wasn't psychic but more of a counsellor. Maybe she didn't connect properly with her because she most certainly did with me. She was amazing. A natural empath. Knew things she couldn't possibly have guessed at and helped confirm my instincts in one certain situation. Very good indeed.

Mandy From Cheshire On 09/08/2020


Had reading from soriah again just amazing like living ur life with you so good Such a lovely person to talk to definitely give you call back thanks xx

Debs From Scotland On 07/08/2020

Should be more stars

Just had reading with soriah what a very talented lady knew her stuff very on tune knew everything that going on in my life such amazing Psychic thanks soriah talk to you again xxx

Debs From Scotland On 12/07/2020


Hi thank you for a great reading today,Soriah connected very quickly and picked up on the situation pretty fast.

Lucky From Uk On 09/07/2020


Really enjoyed my reading with Soriah, not only did she pick up quickly the situation I had but I also learnt more about myself and how I can deal with the situation. Thank you so much x sarah

Sara From Uk On 30/06/2020

Nice lady but not psychic, more of a counsellor type :)

From On 01/06/2020

My favourite reader!

Sorry we got cut off but we had a nice 45 minute conversation. Soriah literally reads me like a book. We had a great conversation and made me feel so much at ease. She made the prediction of around 7 days and I will update you. But I’m sure it’ll pass because she does not tell you want you want to hear. She tells you the truth.

Taran From England ! On 22/05/2020

On point

had my 1st reading with Soriah and she was spot on about my situation. Confirmed that what I felt wasn't one sided when I've thought all along that it was. She picked up so much and helped clarify things which helped calm my anxieties. Do give her a try, trust me you won't be disappointed

CM From UK On 13/05/2020



Margaret Ann Lynn From Glasgow On 12/05/2020


Thank you Soriah for the deep reading. Unfortunately we got cut off. You have helped me a lot in your validations. I will call you back as soon as my project gets rolling. All the best to you.

From On 10/05/2020

Give Soriah a go she is fantastic. Picked up on my situation straight away. Very impressed.

From On 29/04/2020

So in tune!

It was so lovely to talk with Soriah. She has a beautiful nature and a great way of explaining things. Many of the things that Soriah mentioned really resonated with me and her guidance was spot on what I needed. I’m interested to see how the rest of the info plays out in these next few months. Thanks so much Soriah.

Jennie From Sydney, Australia On 18/04/2020

Amazing Lady

This wonderful Reader showed me the way and has helped me make a very emotional decision! She was very kind and explained what needed to happen before my life's path could change for the better. She picked up on my present so perfectly that I trust and believe that the many amazing things, that she predicted as being my destiny, will now unfold! There is no sugar coating with this Lady and this was good as I honestly needed to know the truth!! I will update you as things unfold! - Thank You Lovely Soriah!

Kim From Kent UK On 16/04/2020

nice lady

picked up on sit with friend gentle empathic voice

silver lady From uk On 14/04/2020

So Amazing!!

Well what can I say... This Lady has such a Gift!! She talked me through a decision that I had to make by giving me clarity and an understanding that better things were going to happen!! I still can't believe that I had the confidence to do what she said!! I am looking forward now to the future as she has predicted!! Thank You Soriah! I will update you soon!! Brightest Blessings!! Kim x

From On 10/04/2020

Super Special


CF From London On 08/04/2020


So pleased I spoke to Soriah , tuned in quickly to what was going on , confirmed what I knew , put my mind at ease it just a matter of time and patience and all will be resolved . .

Sue From Gloucestershire On 08/04/2020

Nice lady

Nice lady. Nice manner and genuine. Didn’t really help me in terms of any psychic insight (but then my situation is very very complex and unclear, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be of help for others), but she certainty tried. Don’t be put of by her having no reviews.For one she’s logged on very late which could mean she doesn’t have many callers. And two, She’s certainty a lot better and a heck of a lot more genuine than some of the readers here who have several glowing reviews.

Mr truth From The south coast On 07/04/2020

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