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I have been a practising my Psychic abilities for over 30 years both face to face and on telephone, with excellent response and appraisal from my customers. I offer a confidential non judgemental Psychic counselling service with a positive open minded approach. I specialise in “Affairs of The Heart. I consult intuitively “fine.tuning” with voice vibration and I use cards/crystal ball to assist. PIN: 8331



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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I realised my psychic ability around the age if 12. I realised that there was “Something special going on” and my comprehension of this threw open a doorway into the wonderful world of Spiritual and psychic awareness.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a true Psychic guide...Patient to listen ...Happy to assist. There is always a Way. There is always a Light.

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Wonderful real psychic

Thank you Maura, you r reading was honest and truthful, and thank you for being so truthful. You picked things up without me asking. You made me feel calmer about the situation. You are a wonderful reader

S From UK On 28/07/2022

Love reading

Maura was spot on with her reading. I have had a number of readings from Maura over the years and i have never been dissapointed. As a fellow medium ,psychic it is hard to get a accurate and truthful reading. If you get a reading from Maura you wont be disappointed.

Sam From Birmingham Uk On 20/04/2022

KK From Yorkshire On 19/04/2022

Wow absolutely blown away! Fantastic Lady!

Maura is an amazing reader, psychic and medium. She picked up on everything, even things that no one knows about me. I was given predictions and validations that were so accurate I was speechless. One of the best readings I’ve ever had! A truly amazing beautiful lady! Hope to speak to you again.

J From London On 13/04/2022

Maura is great spoke so true amazing lady

Ann From Durham On 13/04/2022

Absolutely Amazing!!!!

Maura is lovely lady with a lovely friendly voice. Am still mesmerised first time doing this. She made me feel so comfortable and everything she was saying definitely accurate. 100% will recommend Thank you maura for the reading this reading has definitely helped me understand my situation much better. I will be calling you back soon x

Lubna From On 11/04/2022

Wonderful kind quick

Very lovely reading from her soul no messing about really cares about what she's doing. Amazing. Thank you from the lady who was speaking about living in cornwall. Love her.

Katie From Essex On 05/04/2022

Very emotional

Maura had a beautiful soul. She picked up on my situation straight away. I was almost brought to tears. Words cannot express how this gifted lady sooth my soul. Thank you so much

Beverley From London On 08/03/2022

100% Accurate & Amazing lady

Hi everyone, I just came off the phone to this very gifted & beautiful lady.. I was totally taken back with her accuracy in every aspect of my life.. No questions asked.. This has been the best reading I have ever had . It's like she has known me all of my life, yet I've never met her.. You won't be disappointed.. You must call her :) A truly remarkable lady

Nikki From Kent On 16/02/2022

Amazing Reading

Maura is such a beautiful lady. She jumps straight into the reading and picks up on everything immediately. She knew I had two grown children without me telling her and told me things about them. She is an amazing, genuine kind soul. If you need a reading then only call Maura. She will leave you feeling very positive and upbeat.

Rachel From WA, Australia On 12/01/2022


Really good reading, spot on with info from beginning. Thank you so much Maura! Xx

Sunni From Harrow On 06/01/2022

Great reader & lovely, friendly lady

Had a few readings from this lovely lady over the past 2 years. Picked up on t situations going on around me within seconds, no questions asked. Fantastic reader…. Minutes ran out waaay too quickly, highly recommend

Roo From Glasgow On 28/12/2021


Sorry my time ran out. Great reading,picking up on everything round about me.something to keep me positive for another month anyway.

Martin From Coatbridge On 06/12/2021


Omg straight in no cards. No question other than my name. Picked up on all points straight off. So blown away. Truly gifted. I can not thank you enough. Simply amazing. Lnl xx

Julie From Kent On 21/10/2021

Such a beautiful soul

Shanique From London On 05/08/2021

Just had a lovely reading with Maura spot on hope I meet my soul mate. Thank you love and light

From On 19/07/2021

Nice lady but totally wrong

Sorry Maura and you seem a nice lady but you were wrong, it’s more deeper than him having another woman, he has legal issues not another woman. He has just explained everything to me and it’s a shame you didn’t pick this up for me, take care

Charlene From Birmingham On 13/07/2021

very kind & caring 100% awesome

spot on & a very caring person

From On 09/07/2021

Oh My!

Maura blew my mind by picking up everything just by my name. No question asked and BOOM, she is on! I am gobsmacked by her psychic abilities and the way she picked up the tiniest details of a complicated situation I am in right now. There's no way she would know what was going on in my life if she wasn't a true psychic. I just gave her my name and that's it! Absolutely enjoyed talking to her and I can't wait to get back to her again. Thanks Maura for you guidance and clear insight.

Anuradha From UK On 10/06/2021


Thank you for a honest reading. Always so friendly and sincere in her reading.

Anna From London On 02/06/2021

Wow this lady is amazing, very accurate with lots of detail. No questions and straight to the point. I would definitely recommend her, she has a true gift. Thank you. X

X From X On 19/05/2021


This lady didn’t ask any questions didn’t seem to use cards either. Natural gift! Picked up on eveything that has been worrying me my children’s careers/even ages! Just as of she knew me! Thank you for your upliftment and letting me know about the outcome of very important and life changing forth coming events and my marriage in 2022. I booked 30 minutes and now feel

Juliet From London On 04/05/2021



She was correct with everything!

Title says it all.

Yvonne From Birmingham On 23/04/2021

Your the best

Hope you get to read this I love you my Wee Henny Absolutely the best ever on this site

Kimberly From Down under On 14/04/2021


Maura is a lovely lady, gave me some great advice and made me almost want to cry with some things she said, in a good way. She is a lovely soul, very wise and a great reader

Kim From Bedford On 26/03/2021

I'd love to give Maura more reviews but I feel she doesn't listen well, so she didn't therefore understand the context of my question. I had to hang up because she kept filling up the precious time with many words and opinions that felt inappropriate. Her heart is in the right place but I need more from a reading, sorry

From On 16/03/2021


Thank you for my reading this morning.. it left me uplifted with clarity on matters that are important especially right now.. I got off the phone in only 20 minutes with a sense of direction even for this upcoming month. This lady has a reassuring gentle way of reading but is direct and honest. I will be returning for regular readings. Thank you 5 stars well deserved!

Jules From Surrey On 11/03/2021


So sorry I got cut out and system did not charge the otherwise working details . I wasn’t able to get through anymore . But you are always spot on

M From Glasgow On 12/02/2021

Amazing reader

Spoke to Maura on 01/02/21.I didn’t have to say a word. She was absolutely brilliant.. she gave and amazing reading.. said things I only would know and she was on point. Thank you somuch Maura

V From London On 01/02/2021

Changes reading

Sadly, I have spoken with Maura a few times, the last twice she has given me the reading, but when I then tell her what is happoening, she changes the reading completely - Not good. Lovely lady but not good

Claire From Wales, UK On 04/01/2021

The Best

This lady is the best have had lots of reading but no one bets this lovely lady will call again real soon

Karen From Australia On 18/12/2020

At the top of her game

Maura gave me an astonishing reading which helped me a lot. Her abilities are well honed and her experience as a healer comes through in a non intrusive way. She has a very balanced perspective and speaks with understanding and compassion. Her psychic skills are excellent and she uses them in a sensitive but down to earth way. Thank you for my reading Maura!

Caroline From Franc On 10/12/2020

amazing reader/psychic

i called you on the 9/12/2020 and you were able to connect immediately. You were even able to give the initials of the name of the man I am dating and the name of my main international collaborator. My minutes ended and i did not tell thank you goodbye. I will call again. xx

Sia From Australia On 10/12/2020

Lovely lady

So lovely but got frustrated a few times because I didn't feel she was properly listening to my situation, which meant she didn't understand the questions, and therefore alot of the answers felt off. I would say she is a kind and honest soul though x

From On 03/12/2020

Thank you so much! ♥️

The phone cut out as I was putting my card details in, but thank you so much for this beautiful reading! Maura not only sees visions, she sees things into the future she couldn’t have possibly known. She’s worth every single penny. ( I won’t forget you when the product’s made I promise!) Have an amazing remaining 2020 and 2021 ♥️

Keira From London On 01/12/2020


Thankyou Maura Didn't get a connection as my situation is opposite to what she told me . Lovely lady though

J From England On 25/11/2020

Wonderful lady true Psychic

Thank you so much for ur lovely connection with me today u are so gifted! She connect really well with out tell her anything! Love & light from Nikola

Nikola From Wales On 25/11/2020

I had a reading with Maura back in Feb. she mentioned I will be meeting a blonde guy with blue eyes. I immediately knew this is not true because that is not my type of guy I go after. It’s November now and no blonde guy crossed my path. I guess she just didn’t connect with me and was probably reading another callers residual energy.

From On 20/11/2020

Amazing gifted person

Thank you so much Maura as always you are absolutely fabulous predictions always happen also very good at validations. I will always come back to Maura she makes you feels at ease. Lots of love and big hugs Nadia xxxxx

Nadia From On 16/11/2020


Wonderful reader, and caring person, honest, and guides, you, through, your, problems, a true friend, gifted reader, you will, not be disappointed, with your reading Belinda

Belinda From Scotland On 31/10/2020

Maura is spot on and consistant in alot of ways with what she predicts. However alot of time goes with her saying why things should not have happened which we know already so she wastes time in repeating what we told her. Sometimes she injects her own personal opinion which is not psychic and gets upsetting. But overall her she has some salient points psychic wise, and yet to see if the predictions come true. I will update my review when predictions happen.

S From UK On 06/10/2020

Heart of gold

Maura is a rare gem who actually cares about people. She is humble when she is wrong about some facts, and doesn't fight the point like some readers do. Overall though, she is very accurate and warm and I would come back to her just because she is such a decent and kind person.

Layla From Ireland On 09/09/2020


Fantastic reader Spot on My life line Thank you

From On 26/08/2020

Amazing reader

Spot on ! Cheer pleasure to talk to . I’ll be back for more positive vibes

Johanba From Essex On 26/08/2020

Love reading

Maura was spot on with my reading . She mentioned things that only i would know. Maura is non judgemental and gets to the root if the problem. Amazing accurate and direct reading. I definitely would recommend her if you want an honest accurate reading.

Sam From Birmingham On 17/08/2020

Things are looking up

I had a reading with Maura last week. All I said was my name and she told me what was going on in my life. She gave me insight of what is coming in with work and my personal life. I would 100% recommend Maura Thank You

Vanessa From Hampshire On 27/07/2020

As always brilliant

Maura is always excellent at describing a situation and a person’s state and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone. Lots of love you to you xx

Samantha From Belfast On 17/07/2020


I had a great reading with Maura yesterday. She is so lovely and picked up on my situation perfectly, even that my partner was younger than me! Amazing! Thank you, I look forward to your future predictions and so sorry we got cut off when my minutes ended but I will be calling again.

Lisa From UK On 02/07/2020

Just an amazing reader with much empathy and amazing insights to my particular situation

Michael From Perth On 27/06/2020


Maura just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! YOU are simply AMAZING and you are now my forever reader!!! Hands down the best reading I have ever received!!! Thank you again!!! I LOVE U!!!

susan From Clinton Twp, Michigan On 22/06/2020


So I called and got through to Maura, and I just introduce myself as she does to me, and then she goes quiet for a few seconds, Maura then proceeds to literally tell ME why I am calling HER ! And guess what she was RIGHT! needless to say I was impressed, I didn’t have to say anything and this lady did not ask me 1 single question, super talented, super authentic and I like her, a LOT! Great reading, well done Maura and Thank you! Melissa LDN

From On 14/06/2020

Not a good connection

Unfortunately not a good connection for me with present circumstances.

Alison From Scotland On 11/06/2020

Genuine Psychic Ability

Maura is respectful of your time and was able to tune in immediately. She is truly gifted covering past, present and future predictions. Her time frames are perfect. Best of the bunch xx

Georgina From Australia On 10/06/2020


Very good, chose this lady as my usual reader was unavailable, jumped right into the reading with no questions asked, very skilled, authentic and honest. Thank you, recommend 100%

From On 10/06/2020

Genuine Psychic Ability

Maura tuned into my situation immediately. I told her nothing apart from my name. She knew exactly why I called and was detailed throughout the reading pinpointing dates, events, past present, future. I've never had a reader with so much clarity. Maura, you are now my go-to person. Love the Scottish accent too!! Thank you so much for your insight xxx

Georgina From Australia On 04/06/2020

Truely appreciated and such a Gift

Thank you for your calm clarity and love you gift with your reading. Accurate,Compassionate and Clear Channel ...I can't believe how many areas of my life were covered in such a short time! And also works with you with anything blocking you even if it is yourself lol!Truely guided.Thank you.

Cath From Australia On 29/05/2020

very good, thanks for the accurate reading Maura with lots of information

From manchester From Manchester On 26/05/2020

Amazing and absolutely lovely

I had another reading with Maura this morning. She is a lovely lady and gave me the courage to move forward with a love situation. She picked up things about my Son and said his age without any prompting. You are such an inspiration to me Maura, Thank you so much. Just sorry I ran out of minutes as I could have spoken to you for ages

Carrie From Kent On 15/05/2020


Amazing! picked up on everything with no information. really impressed. gave me goosebumps

Dean From Australia On 11/05/2020

Some gifts but....

I think Maura was struggling to connect with me. She asked a few leading questions. But I was upset that she asked me if I thought the POI had been misbehaving. She hadn’t seen that in the reading, but seemed to want to place doubts in my mind. As in fact the POI is actually very unwell, and the nation is in lock-down.

RS From Gloucester On 29/04/2020


I had an insight full and spiritual reading this morning from Maura. During the reading there was a lot of information concerning my life that had many strong meanings. Half was true as the day now and the rest was the most amazing insight statements and will help guide to be the good person I will always be

Craig From Newcastle On 28/04/2020

Calming and uplifting

A beautiful reading just now. Maura is in a league of her own.

Patricia From On 27/04/2020

What a wonderful woman

I had a reading with Maura this morning. She was absolutely lovely and described my ex and the situation accurately. She gave me a name 'Mark' my ex is Mike. I was doing a visualisation on the way home from work (eyes open) lol. I stopped behind a car just as I was getting to a part where he asks is I can forgive him. At that moment I looked up to see a crucifix dangling from the rear vision mirror of the car in front of me. Crucifixes for me are symbolic of forgiveness, but also we had spoken about them during my reading! Also Maura asked if the number 19 meant anything. I said no but guess what the number plate of the car was? I saw this as a sign XX19 MYK. The number 19 and my exes name. I got goosebumps :). Thank you Maura. You were lovely to speak to. I look forward to things unfolding just as you said xxx

J From UK On 06/04/2020

Lovely caring lady

Sorry ran out of minutes! Kind and caring reader. Thanks very much for making me feel much better. Will see how it all pans out.

Jay From Australia On 19/03/2020

Love predictions

Maura was very optimistic, did her best with my reading but got my situation wrong . Her predictions ended up the apposite. My ex bf was two timing on me and her prediction of me possibily marrying him is out of the reality now and for the foreseeable future. It was all too good to be truth.

Christina From Cheshire On 16/03/2020

Just amazing

Speaking to Maura has become part of my weekly routine as she’s spot on and has never failed me with what’s going to happen. Maura you are simply amazing. Xx

From On 09/03/2020


Very insightful and helpful reading. Maura is one of the best.

Kath From Herts On 06/02/2020

I like her

Lovely, confident reader with lots of good advice. Predictions same as some of the top readers on this website.

Anon From Londonderry On 01/02/2020

Spot on!!

This is my second review I’ve left as they don’t seem to get posted!! Just to say Maura was spot on with a significant date when no one else was. Thank you Maura your amazing and will speak to you again soon xx

From On 31/01/2020

On point!!!

Maura was spot on with a significant date when no one else was!! Love this lady that I had to call back for more. I no what else she’s told me will also come in. Thank you Maura and speak to you soon xx

From On 22/01/2020

Astonishing, soothing, spiritual.

Hi Maura it’s Clio from Belfast here. I just want to give you the biggest thank you and god bless for your reading this morning. I’m completely blown away by your knowledge about my situation everything was spot on you could not make it up. Thank you so much you sincerely soothed me. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. God bless and I look foreword to speaking with you again take care.

From On 09/01/2020

Impressive - Thank you for enlightening me

I really appreciated your reading today on so many levels. You saw my way of being, potential, what I have been through, people around me and where my life is heading. You delivered this in a caring, incisive manner and left me inspired. 5 starts from me and you will hear from me again.

Carol From Australia On 24/12/2019

Fantastic reader

I spoken to many reader about a situation and they all said it will happen but Maura was the only one that given the opposite and she was spot on with it what she said did happened. I love talking to Maura, she does her best to help you and she is an amazing reader. Thank you Maura. Big hugs from Scotland xxxxx

From Scotland On 11/12/2019


OMG. A moving reading. Ended up a much longer conversation than I intended since Maura kept revealing more. She picked up on names. Gave timescales. She picked up on the situation without me saying very much at all. Thank you for sharing your gift and reassurance, and empathy. I trust that the predictions will come to pass, I look forward to speaking again in months to come. I’ve spoken to a few readers here, Maura is most definitely one of the best.

L From Midlands On 02/12/2019


I had another reading today. This is my second review. I wanted to know about my cat who disappeared after an incident unknown to me at the time. Maura saw that my cat was safe and assured me that no harm came to my cat despite me thinking otherwise. For years I cried about my cat and what had happened and after all of these years, I finally got closure in that my cat is being looked after and even sometimes pines after me as well. I have never felt so happy in all of my life. I was crying with happiness when I found out that my cat was being looked after and that no harm had come to him. I really appreciate Maura for everything that she has done for me and the closure that I so desperately needed in order to finally close this chapter of my life. Maura is amazing and will help you if you need the closure that you need. Maura is one of a kind and by far the best on this site and is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I await for the best is yet to come.

From london On 29/10/2019

Really good

Lovely lady.. connected fast.. empathetic and kind.. really loved talking to her ❤️

Rachel From Uk On 29/10/2019

100% Spot On

I had a reading with Maury and she was 100% spot on. I was amazed as to her accuracy and clarity. An awesome lonely authentic and genuine reader. Thank-You Maury, you are the best.

charlene From London On 28/10/2019

New Job Success

Hi Maura, back on the 27/9/19 you predicted success for me at an upcoming job interview. You predicted I would be interviewed by 2 bosses and one minion and you also predicted that the job would be well paid. Well everything you predicted there was correct and guess what? I got a call today to tell me I have got the job!! Many Thanks x

David From Surrey On 24/10/2019

Clarity, accuracy and positivity!

Maura was a truly lovely warm and excellent communicator. This was the best reading I had in which she was accurate and gave strategies to help a situation not only in the now but for the future outcome. I'd definitely recommend Maura for her patience, warmth and perception. It was a lovely conversation.

Camilla From London On 23/10/2019

Amazing reader

What a reading. Amazing honest picked up my situation was so helpful thank u so much. I will highly recommend this lady.

Pindi Singh From London On 17/10/2019

Genuine and lovely reader

Thank you Maura for the lovely read with interesting information that I shall love seeing unfold. Your thoughts of a woman on the phone is intriguing and the time frame of his arrival before Xmas is very encouraging.

Libran From o/s On 11/10/2019

Great accurate reading

Its good to know the goods and the bads with no sugar coating. Maura's very accurate in her reading and thank her for the level of accuracy.

Curly From London On 08/10/2019


Just brilliant!! No idea how you do it but just keep on doing it.

David From Surrey On 02/10/2019


I’ve spoken with quite a few readers on this site but for me Maura has been the best so far. Her reading for me was so good it actually left me feeling slightly spooked as to how she could see and feel so much information. Highly recommended

David From Surrey UK On 29/09/2019

Great reader

Very in-depth read. A lot of clarity and very quick to tune in. Much accuracy. Thank you

DW From Australia On 16/09/2019


Thank you so much you are a true gem xxx sorry we got cut off ,I heard you and needed so much the reading you gave me xxxxx bless your sweet heart x

Kerry From Nottinghamshire On 09/09/2019

Really good

She’s lovely, professional and sensitive as well as being accurate. Excellent reader.

Kath From Herts On 05/09/2019


Thanks so much Maura for my recent readings with you. So in-depth with no questions asked only detailed outcomes for areas I had actually rang about!! Will definitely be back x

M From York On 03/09/2019

Lovely genuine reader

Maura is a really genuine and gifted reader. She is warm and sensitive and very professional. Her insights are accurate and helpful. Highly recommend her.

Kath From Herts On 24/08/2019


Im confused Maura hasnt got more reviews then she has. Ive spoken to many on here and shes up there with the top ones for me, knew exactly what i was calling about 30seconds into the call with no prompt. Picked up immediately on everything & an all round nice positive lady. Hope what we spoke about does come true ill be back with an update in a month or so x

Sherelle From Uk On 20/08/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Thank you Maura for your help today really appreciate your patience and guidance. Maura is very good at picking up the situation she doesn't need prompting and extremely kind and supportive and most importantly she is truly gifted :-) I will be back with the predictions hopefully unfolding soon. Thank you for giving me hope and guidance, sorry we were cut off but I am sending you lot of blessings and love xx

From On 07/08/2019

Spot on! Thanks Maura!

I’ve recently had two readings from Maura. Both have been when I was feeling a little unsure of my current path. Maura was spot on with my situation on both accounts, and provided me with the insights I needed to move forward. Thank you for your guidance and insights Maura. Am looking forward to seeing things unfold.

Jan From Australia On 01/08/2019

wonderful experience

Very beautiful experience, thank you Maura

Daniel From London On 18/07/2019

Lovely and very understanding

Maura was very nice and understanding spot on reading I just hope it all comes true now

Stacey From Goole On 26/06/2019

As predicted..

.. Everything happened as you told me it would. Thank you! Looking forward to updating you as other predictions unfold x

From Global On 21/06/2019


Top psychic, deserves more stars x

Not saying From On 21/06/2019


Words cannot do this lady enough justice. In 3 days, during an extremely stressful period, Maura has guided me patiently and competently through to calm solutions and greater understanding. She is a brilliant listener and knows when to let me speak, and also when to take the reigns and bring the focus back to finding reassurance for the issue at hand. In this short time, 3 of her predictions have already unfolded as she said they would.. I'm gobsmacked because they seemed impossible at the time and I'm sorry to say that I doubted her. Maura is a true credit to this site, and a genuinely lovely person, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. X

From Devon On 21/06/2019


Just had a amazing reading .Maura was so spot on and seem to put my mind at rest .thank you so much for the reading xx

Richard From On 18/06/2019


Lovely reading. Thank you very much.

From On 27/05/2019

Brilliant reader, Very insightful.. one of the best. Thank you Maura

Lisa From Australia On 21/05/2019


Great gentle insight and accuracy. What a special reader.

Andrew From Warrington On 20/05/2019


Great gentle insight and accuracy. What a special reader.

Andrew From Warrington On 20/05/2019

Thank you Maura!

Fantastic reader, lovely lady will definitely call again.

From On 15/05/2019

Beautiful empowering reading

I had such a lovely reading with Maura, she was very accurate on my situation, and gave me excellent advice. I resonated well with her.

From Australia On 29/04/2019


she is amazing, her experience shows.. highly gifted and sweet, truly awesome psychic.. will be no 1 here soon thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/04/2019

Insightful and kind

The most kind, articulate, caring and intelligent reader you could speak to. She will reassure you and uplift your mood.

A From West Midlands On 17/04/2019


I spoke to Maura several times and she validated all information and kept repeating the same prediction. Wonderful voice, as if she was reading me like from the book.I will be calling again to update you on your prediction . M

M From London On 10/04/2019

Truly gifted!

Maura shocked me with accuracy! Such an inside regarding characters and situations. Truly gifted reader! Kept topping up...She has a lovely way about her as well. Would highly recommend! Xx

G From Bournemouth On 26/03/2019


It was so nice talking to you this morning Maura, You are so lovely and like you said we were meant to be talking. You have an amazing gift. Thank you very much. I will call you again. From Ayr :) xxxxx

Your scottish friend :) From scotland On 20/03/2019


She is amazing I didn't have to say why iam calling she was spot on with my delma gave me few predictions. She a genuine reader

Rhea From London On 13/03/2019

Lost cat

I forgot to add that Maura suggested posting on Facebook, which is how we located our cat. She was spot on with specific details about how he looks, the house e.g. there was a green hut, the house sat on its own with a long driveway. She was also right about the direction that he went, that it was 2 miles away. She said that he was being fed and they were being nice to him. This was all correct and we are so happy to have him back safe and sound. I recommend a reading with Maura- she’s lovely too!

Karen From UK On 12/03/2019

Missing pet

Maura was so lovely and reassuring. She told me what had happened to my cat, that he was alive and being looked after. She got the description correct about the house he was at/how far away etc. Although we eventually located him via social media, it was very reassuring to know that he was safe and being fed. We were reunited after a week. Thank you for your help Maura x

Karen From Uk On 12/03/2019

Loved the reafing

Outstanding reading. So accurate. Incredible.

Virgo From OZ On 08/03/2019

5 stars as no more

Excellent lovely woman. 100% correct for my reading.

Kaz From Australia On 08/03/2019

Absolutely fabulous

A very experienced reader who taps in immediately, and shares very helpful info at a steady pace. Completely loved the reading and will definitely be back. Thank you - you have restored my faith in the lines.

Libran From Aus On 04/03/2019

Thank you

Kind direct communication. Was able to pick up immediately on the situation.

From On 26/02/2019


Sorry I don't know what happend .You was spot on with with everything I hope today happens thank you

R From London On 22/02/2019

Spot on reading!!

Didn’t say a thing - she picked up right straight from the beginning of my past pooping back up out of no where and how it ended. ThNk you for the reading

Angela From Australia On 20/02/2019

Thank You, very uplifting and positive reading. Maura is non-judgemental and she understood how I felt

Phoebe From On 18/02/2019

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