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I use Tarot and Osho cards interpretation and their wise advice. I am kind, direct, caring and professional. I tune into people's emotions through attentive listening and deep perception. I started a long time ago with general Tarot readings for my family and friends, and with time I became an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with more then 15 years of experience. PIN: 8113



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Brilliant 10starts from me

Please post this review absolute star gave me a lot of clarity on my situation this woman is out of this world would love to talk to u again will give u an update on my situation

From On 30/11/2020

Wow... just... WOW!

As a tarot reader myself I can tell you the work of this lady is exceptional. Thank you so much for the clarity. Heaven sent. I will keep you up dated xxx

Jennifer Paterson From Eastbourne On 17/11/2020


This reader is amazing and truly gifted. She was able to pick up on my situation in such detail, she takes her time to concentrate and confirms the answers you looming for. Highly recommended. Thank you. Wil definitely call again.

Jagdeep From UK On 11/11/2020

Great reader

Great reader. Sg was spot on.

Sia From Australia On 25/10/2020

Very insightful

Good judge of situations and character of people - nice lady too and worth a ring

Jay From London On 29/09/2020

You are amazing... thank you

Barbara From London On 17/08/2020

Genuine Psychic Reader

Great reading from Sunray..Really put my mind at rest during a difficult time..She hit the nail on the head without asking any questions..Helped me see things more clearly and from a different perspective..One of the best readings I have had on this site.. Thank you SUNRAY

Alison From Yorkshire On 09/08/2020

No predictions

Had a really good reading, validations and info flowed but not one of her many predictions came true :(

N From On 07/08/2020

Sunray is a star

Wow Sunray is unbelievably accurate She is my fairy godmother.She is totally honest and professional. You will not be disappointed with any reading from Sunray. The most amazing physic. I cant thank her enough for her support and guidance i trust her emphatically xx

Sandra From Manchester On 29/07/2020

Brilliant Reader !

Had a few readings with Sunray now, lovely lady. Very detailed and accurate Some Predictions have already happened within timescales given. Thank you Sunray x 26/07/20

Ann From York On 26/07/2020

Utterly Amazing

Sunray is a very special lady and her abilities and accuracy are unbelievable. Sunray is kind,honest, has a great sense of humour and has become a fairy godmother to me .I trust and respect this lady beyond belief and is a great guidance to me which I am so grateful. Lots of love Sunray you deserve an abundance of success.

Sandra From Manchester On 12/07/2020

AMAZING.. Just had my second reading with Sunray and once again she was spot on about things. she never sugar coats and only tells you what she sees. Not only did she validate my intuition, she let me know ghe outcome of every situation i sopke about. Great nto be 10 steps ahead. Thanks so much and I'll keep you updated on things. Chris.

From On 01/07/2020

Detailed reading

Sunray gave a very detailed reading, like no other, for the questions asked. She was welcoming towards the questions and I felt free to ask anything that was coming to my mind. Her approach need to be appreciated so as the amount of information that was given. Time And money well spent. Thank you

From On 21/06/2020

Absolutely amazing!!!

This is one of the best readings I have ever had! And I have had many. Sunray is a true genuine psychic. She knew every single detail without me saying a word, all I could do was say yes because she was so accurate. Absolutely incredible and definitely helped me tonight. I highly recommend this reader, even though I know it’ll make it harder for me to get through to her again. Thank you so much xxx

X From Birmingham On 18/06/2020


Honestly she is one of the best ever!! Info and validations completely flow, she just knows, flows and flows. Amazing! Will update on predictions! Thank you!!!

Chanelle From On 15/06/2020


She just knows it all - from London

From On 15/06/2020

Pretty good . Same predictions given as other readings I have had on here.

From London On 11/06/2020

The best

One of my fav readers always there for me very good knows so many things you are the best like my second mummy I’m telling u guys she really is worth the money if you want to know exactly how one is thinking intentions what’s going on what’s going to happen and future obviously time frame can vary on everyone but she knows the whole story luv u Sunray my sunshine xxxx

Naz From On 07/06/2020

Awesome reader!!

This woman is amazing. She is so accurate and so detailed. She picked up on my situation straight away. Unbelievable reader. She will soon be very busy will definitely be calling her again xx

Marianna From Surrey On 28/05/2020


I had a reading with Sunray and she blew my mind off!! She validated a lot of things. She gave a very detailed reading with a lot of information. Thank you very much I will be back to confirm the predictions. I definitely recommend having a reading with Sunray.

Caroline From On 25/05/2020

Spot on

A really good reading picked up on my whole situation. Really hope the prediction comes true and I will update you Thankyou x

Abbie From Kent On 23/05/2020


Was having an awesome reading with Ann today, unfortunately we were cut off before it was completed, but she connected really well and picked up the intracacies of my situation. I would definitely call her again for a detailed reading. Much appreciated

C From London On 14/05/2020

Woow reading

Every time I see u online I just cant help but talk to u over and over and u are so consistent with your information

From On 10/05/2020

so accurate

My favourite reader ,she just knows her stuff and she is very constant luv u Sunray

From On 09/05/2020

Great reader

Gives a lot of information will see if predictions come true. Worth every penny !

From On 06/05/2020


One of the top here ,consistent and accurate

From Manchester On 05/05/2020

fabulous reading

Sunray is an amazingly accurate reader . I was blown away with her accuracy of the people i was asking about and their motives and intentions . She is also a really lovely lady too.Thank you so very much Sunray .

liza From uk On 05/05/2020


Sunray gave 9 days for contact - it happened the very next day - Excellent reader and highly recommended x

From On 03/05/2020


Sunray is worth every penny, all she requires is a name and DOB and off she goes, she works incredibly hard to get the answers to your questions, and she is also very intuitive, during our conversation she would seek answers before I had even thought to ask her and I loved that, she is quality, knowledgable and 100% genuine. I spent a long time with her on the phone and she was so patient, validation after validation, with this lady and I cannot recommend enough. Thank you will be in touch again ! X

Mel From London On 27/04/2020


She gave me so much information and was so accurate..will let you know if predictions come true!x

Kirandeep From London On 22/04/2020

Genuine psychics thanks for the clarity Sunray

From On 12/04/2020

Very very good

Excellent psychic and beautiful person too.

Chris From London On 08/04/2020


Sunray you are absolutely amazing. I love how you read and so accurate. Thank you so much. Big hugs Scotland xxxx

From Scotland On 08/04/2020

Fav reader

Love u Sunray the best reader gives so much detail and does not change what she says. You are more like a friend to me she knows her stuff give her a call guys you won’t be disappointed I was shocked finding certain things out myself ... love u sunray

Naz From United Kingdom On 06/04/2020

Impressive. Best reading on this site

Had almost 20 readings on this site - and although most were good this one by far is very best: the most indepth, detailed and full of info reading. Sunray didnt waste one min of my time, she went on and on as if reading from the book. I hardly could catch up writing. Whilewith others i spent 20 min on average here we went on for an hour. Amazing reading. I felt so encouraged. Thank you dear Sunray

Julie From UK Mainland On 26/03/2020

Excellent, Excellent, EXCELLENT!!!

This lady is one of the BEST I have ever had regarding a reading!! Is is rather accurate and I suggest strongly that you give her a try - you won't be disappointed!! :)

Tanya From London On 23/03/2020


I was mistakenly connected to her but it turned out to be the best reading ever ? She knows what she is doing try her u wont be disappointed

From On 15/03/2020

She is definitely good, tunes in quickly and provides lots of info

From On 15/03/2020

Amazing woman

I'm not sure where I'd be if it wasn't for you Sunray. During my low doubtful moments you've helped give me hope everytime I felt it was lost. Your readings have been spot on and given me clarity.You are such an angel. Thank you x

Cm From Chelmsford On 09/03/2020

Amazing reader

Absolutely amazing in reading the past,present and positive predictions. Many Thanks.

Tafa From London On 04/03/2020

Thank you

Nice reading. Thank you Sunray.

From On 02/02/2020

amazing reader

Thank you Sun ray you really cheered me up and she knows things before you even telling her what the issue is. Love the way she confirms things. Lots of love will let you know once prediction comes true. xx

Naz From bedfordshire On 30/01/2020


Proper psychic.

Christopher From Manchester On 28/01/2020

Lovely lady

Hi Sunray it’s naz just wanted to say it was lovely talking to u I kept on buying more minutes because she knew spot on what was going on without me saying anything. Feel so much better and I will update u when the predictions come true . Lots of love xxx

Naz From England On 27/01/2020

Very good

Surprised she has not got more 5 star reviews, she's good.

Chris From London On 27/01/2020

The best from the best

an extraordinary lady, I have been talking to her for a long time and she has helped me a lot throughout my life, I always look for her with love and impatience for the extraordinary advice and predictions that have always been true. I love her ❤️

Ana From Norway On 11/01/2020

Really good reader!!!!

From On 24/12/2019


Excellent reader, so helpful with my personal problems. Looking forward to speaking to you again

Yoyce From London On 18/12/2019

Very good,plenty of patient

Sue From W.Wales On 03/12/2019

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