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My spiritual gift was given to me as I was named as tribute to a Greek Village psychic. I continued to develop my empathic spiritual abilities through my maternal grandmother, realising that I could feel deeply into the energy and vibrations of those I connected with leading into the use of Tarot to connect energy into communicable messages. I provide warm and empathic readings in the Mediterranean style of my homeland. PIN: 7898



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer the spiritual wisdom bestowed upon me from my maternal grandmother and the spiritual healers I grew in the company of in the Greek village of Potamiou. My spiritual abilities blossomed through intuition,empathy and vibrational sensitivities at first being able to sense unfolding events and call upon light work to heal those around me. I now combine these naturally ingrained skills with Tarot to allow for a focused reading and communicate through the Rider Waite cards with the use of Oracle cards. Readings with myself are natural and non judgmental, I read in the Mediterranean way I was taught, with flow and delicate care. As we make our connection, I will take great care to deliver with sincerity what is revealed.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am a lightworker,healer and Tarot reader. I specialise in general and love readings, though I am happy to connect with an array of areas that the client may wish to work with. My driving force is my natural desire to empower with both clarity and healing tools to progress with on your journey, for example manifestations and lightwork exercises where suitable.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

In the summer during the fasting period of Greek Easter, I sat with my maternal grandmother at the kitchen table we had in front of us red dyed boiled eggs as a ritual. My grandmother told me that I was ready to connect to spirit and so I channeled my developing energy into the eggs, asking spirit for a sign which led to a crack in the shell of one egg. It was after this that my confidence grew in speaking with spirit as a way of offering healing to loved ones around me. In a close-knit matriarchal village there were many healing senior women I grew to learn from, one of which identified my sensitivity to lightwork and empathy which I lead with. My ability to connect with love connections was nurtured by regular childhood visits to meditate by the ponds of Aphrodite in Lachi (Goddess of love). I utilise Goddess imagery to fill the energy of the women that come to me as Mediterranean way empowers us in love. I also utilise crystals when preparing for readings.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Marianna...

So good!

The best reader I have spoken to and I have had readings for years. A total credit to TP! Wow

Sherie From On 07/09/2020

Spot on

Good reading wait and see if things unfold...Thank you

J From Oz On 07/09/2020

Thankyou Marianna xxx

From Australia On 07/09/2020

Truly gifted and lovely, thanks for your time.

Georgia From On 31/08/2020

Love to try and speak with you weekly, you set me straight! Thanks

Eve From UK On 27/08/2020

Marianna you nailed it, thanks!

Cristina From On 25/08/2020


As the review suggests.. amazing... thank you Marianna ❤️❤️❤️

Josephina From Uk On 24/08/2020

Best read I've had, very honest and totally right! thank you again. S x

From On 18/08/2020

amazing psychic

love how she made me realized things. She is a gem. Thanks for chatting with me. Will definitely capll you again p

Aiza From uk On 17/08/2020

amazing psychic

She was very helpful and made me realized things. Definitely will talk to her again.

Aiza From uk On 17/08/2020

Thanks angel! Understood and surprised me with her gifts

From On 10/08/2020

Wow amazing

Just off phone from marianna omg just amazing thank you can’t wait for predictions to happen will let you know plz give her call she totally amazing thanks again xxx

Debs From Scotland On 10/08/2020

You helped me so much today! I feel better already and you were right, very honest and uplifting to me. I will call back xx

Kim From Australia On 03/08/2020

Love how well spoken you are. Thanks again!

Annalisa From New South Wales On 30/07/2020


Completely Amazing, Inspirational, Accurate reading. Marianna gave me confirmations, and was absolutely spot with every word, in every way. Loved speaking with her, im so happy I got onto her. Lots of Love.

Kylie From Australia On 23/07/2020

Hi Marianna! thank you, so happy to speak with you and for the great motivation. I will be regular with you (Mondays?)

Carla From On 09/07/2020

So good. Made me laugh but also gave me an actual name of a passed family member, the description is uncanny. Thx

Jade From On 01/07/2020

Amazing and beautiful lady!!!!

Just had a reading by this beautiful lady and as a reader myself it takes a lot to impress me but Marianna blew me away she’s amazing! Not only have we had similar life paths but we even look alike which is very rare I felt like I was speaking to a sister! Xxx Thankyou you soooo much Marianna I will be calling you back to update you & I will be putting more lipstick on! ;) xxxxx

Kerri From On 01/07/2020


A feminine goddess. Called u after losing my way and feeling non desirable to my poi, you saw me and gave me steps and I'm coming into my own. I feel like a princess like u! I'll be back hun

Annalisa From New South Wales On 23/06/2020

Called early last month Monday morning, came back to tell you your prediction for H came through :)

From On 15/06/2020

Many thanks - cut out. U were able to pick at my messy situation easily I don't doubt ur ability. Will call you back.

Jon From On 15/06/2020

Spot on with her validations and already returning following prediction fruition, no rubbish!

Alison From Durham On 15/06/2020

Thank you

Hey beautiful Thank you for the most in depth, detailed and fascinating tarot consultation. You are wise and clearly an Angel with a massive amount of gift! Thank you!X

Gabriel From Work! On 05/06/2020

21st Century Star

Stand out tarot reader with the passion to do it properly. Love her!

From On 05/06/2020

Marianna I just wanted to say, I know you said be careful of time frames because covid situation some things can't be controlled but your prediction still came into fruition! Oracle.

From On 02/06/2020

Spot on, I will call her from now on. On your side but also honest no bs from this woman. True talent. x

Nz From Aus On 02/06/2020

Love her to bits ,was excited for her to be online. She cares and looks into it properly.

From On 01/06/2020

My angel. Voice put me at ease so fast, connected to me in a personal way and gave me perspective I needed in this time. Love her real psychic.

June From On 01/06/2020

Amazing intuitive woman , relaxed like talking to a friend but with real gift to pick up on my situation she just knew. Very impressed.

From On 30/05/2020

Amazing intuitive woman , relaxed like talking to a friend but with real gift to pick up on my situation she just knew. Very impressed.

From On 30/05/2020

Stunning reading

Spent way longer than I initially thought I would with Marianna. She’s a true psychic and sage! Picked up on difficult areas and told me the truth with a lot of care n empathy. Love her.

Mel From Australia On 21/05/2020

I could have spoken to her for ages if my minutes didn't run down she's spot on amazing.

From Jersey UK On 20/05/2020

Genuine angel

Marianna was so genuine. Her gift was felt from far, I called a little in the dumps with a complex situation that she read into with both the good and bad. She doesn't sell you dreams but sees deeply into who you are, I am taking her influence on board heavily. 10/10 stayed with her for well over an hour. An angel.

Susie From On 14/05/2020

Blown Away

Very interesting realistic reading I had. I will be back once all the predictions have been folded I have been given divine guidance and have been guided in the right direction with realistic information and not something that was of false hope I am very much satisfied with Marianas knowledge skills and in-depth Reading she explains everything really well well I will be back after 7 weeks when her predictions have unfolded I'm really excited I can't wait amazing mind-blowing Reading

Heidi From london On 11/05/2020

Humble and precise reading, connected strongly to the energies presented.x

From On 11/05/2020

Scaringly accurate

She’s very very very good, I’m really impressed. Thank you for an in-depth reading xx

From On 11/05/2020


Had a reading with her for work and relationship areas. Must say she’s very accurate with POI and she’s very patient. It was a joy to speak with her. Don’t hesitate to give her a ring! Thanks again!

From UK On 10/05/2020

Beautiful reader

Marianna is a very grounded and honest reader, she works through the cards with clarity. The experience feels like connecting with a friend that wants to seek the best for you, laid back but in detail and empowering.

From On 10/05/2020

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