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I am a Psychic, Spiritual & Tarot card reader with 15 years experience. I can provide a Tarot card reading followed by a Spiritual aura reading. I specialise in Love, Relationships and issues with the family. And, I use Tarot cards & your Spiritual aura to answer questions that you have as well as tell you about your past, present and future. PIN: 7797



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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities while I was teaching around the world & started to conduct readings after gaining guidance from an experienced Psychic. Then I developed in Tarot card readings.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I also use my drawing & painting skills to depict what I can see as well as read your personality with an anthropomorphic reading.

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Just came away feeling like he could not be bothered to even do a tarot reading. I came to him in order to get an in depth reading, was like he was too bored to even try.

Lucy From London On 15/07/2021

Made Me Even More Confused

Not a single answer I got straight from him. It seemed like he was SO confused what to reply and his reading got me even more confused. No from me.

A From UK On 19/05/2021

Did not resonate

Michael's interpretation of the cards was unrelated to my situation or maybe it was his interpretation. I had to tell him that we were not connecting and end the call.

Anon From UK On 07/05/2021

Great stuff

A really fantastic reading from this guy. He really does know his stuff.

Anne From Oxfordshire On 20/02/2021


I can't thank you enough. You're reading was so accurate & you tapped into my situation so well. And, I will come back to you to update you on the situation. Speak to you soon. xxx

Jillian From London On 14/02/2021

A no from me

I asked for a love reading which took him 3 minutes and then I asked for a general reading and he did a career reading which I didn’t ask for and nothing resonated. Not even close.

Ben From England On 09/12/2020


The information just kept coming and it was extremely accurate. Michael is calm and makes you feel heard and at ease. I feel reassured now and know how to approach things when I do hear from him. I will also bear in mind what you said about written communication.

Naomi From West Midlands On 15/08/2020

Thank you

Great reading,went into details about a situation that was on my mind and that came through for the reading,i feel much better about everything now,will update when the predition comes through

Sharon From Redbridge,London On 07/08/2020


Had my first reading today with this man he is warm and empathic. He picked up that I was meeting up with my partner who I have recently separated and said it will have positive outcomes as long as I be direct and honest. He also said that he will be defensive due to past hurts which have opened a wound. Hopefully I will get the outcome I so desire.

From On 09/07/2020


Mentioned such specific details that genuinely only I would know. I asked for an overall reading and everything that has been worrying me recently came up and was my mind was put at ease. Great experience. Will use again. X

Olivia From East Yorkshire On 09/07/2020

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