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I am a well experienced Psychic and Medium reader. I have been Psychic all my life and I knew from very young that I had a special gift. My abilities include Angel card readings, numerology, astrology and Psychic readings. I specialize in Love and relationship readings as well as finance and career readings. I can also pass on messages from your loved ones in the Spirit world. PIN: 7749



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Spot on

Amazing reader Spot on a lovely lady .. my life line Thank you

Johanna From Essex On 26/08/2020


absolutely wonderful reader. Spot on and direct. Lovely lady

Belle From Australia On 25/08/2020

She was correct!

I had a lovely reading with Eve, and she predicted an event which I was very doubtful of at the time as it looked extremely unlikely. Update - she was correct! Will for sure call back for another reading! Feeling more confident about the whole reading as I would never have envisaged this particular prediction to come true!

Kharis From Bucks On 24/08/2020

Wonderful warm reader

First reading with Eve. What a lovely warm reassuring voice she has. I didnt say a word, she piclked up on what I wanted clarity about, and proceeded to describe the person involved to a tee. She gave insights as to what is going on that were very accurate. She precicted the outcome of the situation, and said I was wrong about this person and tings are not as they seem. I do hope this is tru as she honed in very quickly on the reason for my call and got the details so accurate without me saying anything at all. Will have to wait and see. I do hope she is correct although it looks like the opposite, but she did give me the reasons as to why this is. I will definitley call back shortly to update and get more insight. I really hope she is correct.

Kharis From Bucks On 21/08/2020

My mate Pat

Helped me with a few questions I needed answers to and my friend Pat had a bit to say. So grateful for a genuine reading bless you Eve stay cool mi duck xxx

Angie From England On 08/08/2020

Always lovely and accurate

Many thanks!

Samantha From Belfast On 25/05/2020

Sorry I have to hang up. I don’t like being asked where I’m calling from and if I’m still in lockdown. Too much info to work with.

From On 14/05/2020

Very good,

I know within minutes if a reader is less than authentic, Eve is genuine and tells it as she sees it, I love a confident reader, and Eve is definitely confident, Thank you so much 5 ⭐️ xx

M From London On 04/05/2020

Good reader

Eve connected quickly and gave accurate descriptions of people involved . Would like to have explored deeper the issues but she was on the ball with a lot of what we discussed . A good reader .

P From London On 15/04/2020

Just wow

I’d say she is one of the best readers on here true absolutely amazing. Thank you xx

Julia From Berks On 02/04/2020

On point

She is in point. Stronly recommend her!!!!

Lavanta From Southport On 17/02/2020

Straight to the point

Get the feeling this person and s really special. Gave a positive prediction so will wait and see. Having said that, I have faith that she is right. If I managed to connect with her I would consult her again.

Penelope From London On 23/01/2020

Fab fab fab!!!!

From On 10/12/2019

Best advice

A deeply connected lady with clear and thorough knowledge. Excellent reading.

Stephanie From Devon On 05/12/2019

Genuine and lovely reader

Eve was quick off the mark with validations and I do trust her thoughts on things clearing out of the way for the new start early next year. Appreciate that you have the same view that I have regarding my future job. I look forward to it all unfolding. Many thanks

Topsy From o/s On 21/10/2019

Spot on

Can’t believe how spot on Eve was can’t wait for the future to unfold only days off now Thankyou Eve x

Polly From Manchester On 26/09/2019

My new home

Thank you Eve for putting my mind at peace and thank you for answering all of my questions...A beautiful lady, tuned into my issues immediately and was able to give me answers. An excellent Medium. Thank you again Eve ...

Erika From Australia On 17/07/2019

Very accurate

I love eve. She is so lovely to talk to and very accurate with her reading. Thank you Eve xxx

From Scotland On 17/07/2019


Lovely mediumship reading with Eve highly amusing but spot on connected really well, thank you it was all positive and uplifting and I recommend you try this reader you won't be disappointed.

S From Midlands On 12/07/2019

not for me

found her very judgemental and she had no compassion for a difficult situation. she just assumed because my partner has never been married that he is selfish...really?

From london, uk On 02/07/2019

Lovely reading

I only had a short reading today, but Eve quickly picked up on my situation. And made me realise that I do have an admirer and he is the man I have noticed looking at me now!!. She described him accurately also.

Cherie From Yorkshire On 19/06/2019

Lovely & Accurate

Lovely lady who gave me a very accurate description of the person and situation. She covered the past and the present exactly as it has played out so I have no doubt she gave me a true prediction for the future. Many thanks

Sonya From Oxon On 29/05/2019

Gifted and connected

Eve went straight to the heart of the matter and as miserable as I was feeling she made me smile. I’m waiting for my beloved to return to me, I hope I won’t have to wait too much longer. Thank you for your sharp and quick response to my situation. You’ve inspired me to follow my heart regarding my own spiritual journey too xxx

Lindy From East Sussex On 03/05/2019

Such a lovely lady, and picked up on a lot in a very short amount of time. Sorry we got cut off. I will definitely be calling again.

From On 23/04/2019

good service

spot on accuracy very impressed!

nat wood From Australia On 10/04/2019

Absolutely Wonderful

Very Interesting very honest lovely to speak to. Eve was very polite. Genuine honest and caring.she opened my eyes will be funny to see your predictions unfold.

Sarah From london On 09/04/2019

Thank you Eve

Very helpful, warm and concise reading. I was very reassured and everything Eve told me was right.

Stephanie From Cheshire On 28/03/2019

Accurate and lovely

Eve is great, do call her! She is very professional and polite but so accurate and fast too. She does not waste your time. She got my situation right away and was great. Well done!

EVE From northamptonshire On 28/03/2019


Lovely kind understanding lady. Picked up on a great deal. Very helpful

Mandy From Cheshire On 20/03/2019


Beautiful Lady, I love her reading !! Very honest.

R From Sydney On 11/01/2019

Lovely lady, good reading

Eve picked up on my question and situation very quickly and was able to give me comforting advice. Just what i needed to hear. Thanks Eve x

Sharon From Glasgow On 29/12/2018

Warm Reader

Eve uses her ability to See. I prefer to have readings with psychics who don't use the cards, and Eve is one who doesn't. Thank you Eve. It was a pleasure to have a reading with you. I hope that Bandit comes home soon. :)

From On 05/11/2018

Genuine Psychic

Omg she’s spot on straight away and did the reading psychically without cards! I was very confused about my love life but she put my mind at rest. How can she know everything? Thanks a million Eve I was able to move on and waiting for your predictions to come true. I felt so relieved after talking to you and sooo happy since last night! Thank you for your advice you’re a Godsend! God Bless Best Wishes! Will keep in touch! She didn’t waste anytime and I still have 10 minutes left before she went! Xoxoxo 12/10/2018

Isabel From London On 13/10/2018

Nailed it!

Eve was spot on! I hope what she says comes true. She had the bad guy sussed. I liked that she didn’t keep me on the phone for ages. X

From On 12/10/2018


Eve uses no tools only her psychic abilities. Spot on with what came threw. Can't wait for prediction. Then I'll post again.

Yb From In the world somewhere On 03/10/2018


Lovely lady to talk to. Very warm and gentle. She made a few predictions so let's see if they come into fruition. I enjoyed the chat and she didn't keep me on the phone for longer than necessary as some readers do.

D From Uk On 27/08/2018


Thanks Eve for a lovely reading you were spot on! Will call again Josie

From On 24/08/2018

Excellent reading and spot on !!

H From London On 19/08/2018


Absolutely correct reading without any information.Totally explained accurately the situation with no input and had a solution that fits.Incredible lady.Thank you.

From On 18/08/2018

Thank you :)

Spot on Eve!!! Thank you :)

H From London On 18/08/2018


So spot on.without giving any information of the person concerned other than my name and DOB . Well described . I know predictions will come through too. Thanks so much for all the vital informations.

Ri From London On 17/08/2018


Picked up accurate details and gave prediction that I so hope comes to fruition.

L From Aus On 15/08/2018

Had reading while ago very accurate can’t wait fir things to come true xxx

From On 14/08/2018


Very good connection and brilliant reading. Thank you

From On 09/08/2018

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