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I'm a highly experienced Psychic and Tarot card reader. I have given readings all my life and tarot readings for 15 years. I am intuitive of your needs, and will understand sympathetically your requirements in a calming manner. I am not judgmental of people, or the positions we find ourselves in. You can ask me questions to do with absolutely anything. Love, families, jobs, business, or any general questions to more specific topics. PIN: 7662



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Best male reader

Scott is one of my fav readers knows his cards well what’s going on and what’s likely to occur. You are the best give him a try guys you’ll be amazed he knows so many things and I know he’s right as other top readers have said the same plus I know from my own experience. Luv u Scott

Naz From England On 19/08/2020

Scott was very compassionate and comforting. He picked up on the situation very accurately.

Preslava Ilieva From London On 05/08/2020

This reader was able to pick up my situation with no problem. I've had readings before but nobody has picked up things with that much detail and so far one of the things he confirmed would happened has come true. He was very warm,honest and understanding. I reccomend him

Dionne From Penge On 28/07/2020

One Of My Favourite Readers

I have spoke to Scott Spirit a few times now, and just before calling him again I looked at his feedback. I couldn't believe that someone wrote he mumbled. One thing I have always had was clear answers from Scott, and things he said did happen. So I called him again, and got more clarity. I appreciate it loads, thanks Scott

Jo From U.K. On 18/06/2020

Lovely guy

Very kind and understanding reader. Understood the situation. Sorry I cut off my pin ran out. Thank you for giving me hope

Joanna From Uk On 30/05/2020

Has Difficulty

Has difficulty answering direct questions...rambles on. However, you won't post this. Your company refuses to be even handed with the reviews.

From On 30/05/2020

One of the best readers ever gets it right he knows his cards and very spiritual Scott you know this already but I love you thank you for being there always xxx

Naz From Uk On 29/05/2020


What a great reader

Hydon James Gmail com From Bournemouth On 24/05/2020


Only had 7 mins credit, never got a chance to say thank you b4 it cut out. Very clear reader and on point, will come back x

From Uk On 17/05/2020


Picked up the situation very detailed I just waiting for his predicans to come through

Rosa From Londen On 12/05/2020


his prediction(s) didn’t unfold at all. scott is such a gentleman but i will not be calling again.

From london On 03/05/2020

Great reader!!

Excellent immediate rapport, great insights into any situation. Good to talk to about everything. Highly recommend!!

Nicola From Milton Keynes On 01/05/2020


Deffo a real reader. Enjoyed my reading here, was in line with what others have told me! Very pleasant man, recommend x

From Uk On 24/04/2020

Special energy

Scott has the ability to tune in and analyse a story, assist , read the cards and connect them to the situation . I enjoyed this very much and highly recommend !!

Raquel From Australia On 12/04/2020

Mind ease and happy.

I had a reading with scott on 6/04/20 he knew I was hurting about something and assured me there will be contact in 5 weeks and a few mind lifting and nice things coming . Hope things come true .He is not judging. Thank you scott

Adam From Northern Ireland On 07/04/2020


scott is the best. forget the other readers, he’s the best. i usually don’t go for male readers as i’ve had bad experiences before but scott is gentle, intuitive & honest. i just hope all of my predictions come true..

emy From london On 05/04/2020

I had a reading with Scott in January where he predicted that my situation will have a turn for better by March if I decide to continue on it. He was right in what he said along with all the other information he picked up in the reading . Thanks !

S From UK On 04/04/2020


Scott is my weekly reader he is a lovely spirit knows his cards. Very uplifting tells u what u need to hear from the start he knew my situation and always puts my mind at ease. Love u Scott I hope ur predictions come true fast although they are in line with so many top readers on this site ., give him a call guys u won’t be disappointed

Naz From United Kingdom On 02/04/2020

Had me thinking

This was second reading with Scott and I’ve really enjoyed our conversations. We focused on a certain situation both times, and the way I’ve been looking at the situation had left me feeling very sad. During the call, Scott had me looking at it from a different perspective and thinking that it wasn’t as cut and dried as I’d thought. He described the person we were taking about perfectly. I do worry too much about certain things and Scott is very good at putting things into perspective. He says what he sees and both times I have come away from the call with a much clearer mind. Thank you again, Scott. Next time we speak I hope to have happier...or at least different news.

Allie From Alderley Edge On 09/03/2020

Confused . com

Very in tune reader, picks up exactly what you need to focus on , tells you exactly what you need to hear and not what you want to hear, very unique style of reading the cards, lovely energy and very understanding. lovely reader , will be back in few weeks when all unfolds as he says , thank you Scot x

Janice From On 08/02/2020


Thank you for your insights! I will let you know if the person contacts me. I am excited about my future with what you told me and I have faith all will be positive and a new opportunities await me. Thank you so much!

Heather From USA On 31/12/2019

Very reassuring

Great conversation, gave me a good insight as to why my relationship isn’t easy which has given me the skills I need to make it work . I just hope his instincts are correct but he did describe my love interest exactly with no prompting so feel they will be Thanks so much , I’ll let you know if your right

Sue From UK On 31/12/2019

Explains in a very calm manner and then go into details as questions are asked . Was very accurate and helped me arrive into a decision about the situation as I needed it. Thanks Scott

From On 16/12/2019

Amazing Soul and Reader

This guy is ace

CF From London On 04/12/2019


He instantly connected with my love interest and told me his star sign straight away, i just told him my name and asked for a general reading . He was spot on , very calming reading, hope his predictions come true. Thanks!

Aa From England On 05/10/2019

Must Try

Glad we spoke! picked up on alot and was spot on. Will keep you updated on.

From On 14/09/2019

Very understanding

I had a rather delicate situation involving a friendship/ relationship that Scott gave me a wonderful insight into. It was great to have true honesty and perspective from someone who is truly gifted.

Rachel From Oz On 12/09/2019

Very interesting indeed

I am in a unique situation work-wise at the moment, and Scott has predicted a couple of jobs coming through. If what he says comes about I'll be very happy and he will be incredibly accurate. Putting it here to refer back - 1st job not satisfactory - second ideal, relaxed and needed.. Thank you Scott.

Libran From OZ On 01/09/2019

100% SPOT ON

It is was my first reading with Scott a couple of days ago and I was astonished and shocked as to the accuracy of his reading. I will keep using Scott as my reader as he is exceptionally and amazingly accurate.

charlene From London On 17/08/2019

Thank you so much

I contacted Scott because I had an idea my partner was having an affair. Without mentioning anything to do with this, Scott picked up on it. I then confirmed why I called him, and went into a bit more detail, and he then told me more details, including how I could find out for certain. He was right. I am so glad I called him. You have saved me a lot of bother. I really do thank you so much x

From On 13/08/2019

Really good

A real gem here. He is excellent. A real true reader. Had a few readings now and always predictions come true xxxx

Marianna From Surrey On 02/08/2019


A very understanding and sincere man

Helen From Gloucester On 02/08/2019

Thank you Scott I enjoyed my reading xx

From On 27/07/2019

It was very interesting and he picked up on my situation. Unfortunately I ran out of time but I would love to chat with him again.

From On 25/07/2019

Thank you

Very informative, thank you. Will call again

From Stamford On 12/07/2019


Lovely reassuring reading from Scott. Pretty much confirmed what my lovely family had been advising me. Thank you

Lesley From London On 08/07/2019


Scott work really hard for you, he gave me clarity and hope, look forward to talk with him again!

From On 05/06/2019

So Glad We Spoke

After having a difficult time, I spoke to Scott and he gave me the necessary information including details I thought no one would know. Ultimately he calmed me. Thank you so much. I will call you again x

C From Michgan U.S. On 03/06/2019

thanks Scott

Hey love, thanks so much for the reading. I'm really grateful for the shift you facilitated. Hopefully now I can move on or move forward. I hope I can overcome this, fingers crossed. Pray for me

V From London On 27/05/2019

Thank you lovely

Sound reader.. comforting.. guiding & assuring..

Victoria From Newcastle in Northamptonshire On 08/05/2019

Gem in the Dark

When you least expect it you find a real true Gem. Thanks for uplifting me tonight Scott. Was great to have that after losing my mam recently... Megan...

Megan Evolve From Uk On 04/05/2019


What a lovely man,understood everything and gave me a fantastic reading. told me things other readers had said, looking Forward to the future. will be contacting Scott again to let him know how I get on. thank you again.

Stephen From Stourbridge On 04/05/2019


I had my first reading with Scott tonight and I found him so accurate and brilliant. He gave me the information on things which I didn’t even mentioned to him. I think he is gifted reader and I would call him again.

Sara From Anonymous On 12/04/2019

Fabulous reader

Just had a reading and though I have spoken to a few readers on this site I found Scott to be one of the best. Straight to the point, no fishing for information and ultimately a brilliant reader. Here's hoping your predictions come true very soon. Would definitely recommend him. Thanks Scott

Cait From UK On 29/03/2019

I was very happy to talk with Scott as he helped relieve a lot of anxiety I was experiencing due to a relationship. He has helped me immensely in providing the trust I was looking for to follow a specific path. Thank you.

Cathy From Australia On 26/03/2019


A really great reader. Lovely man. Gave me alot of confidence and in line with alot of other readers validations

Sg From Uk On 20/03/2019

Lovely to chat to you

Explained to me in detail what the cards meant and not to give up hope, caring and calming, it was a pleasure to talk to you, will call again

From On 20/03/2019


Honest. Said what I didn't want to hear in a gentle constructive way. I was appreciative

Lucy From London On 19/03/2019


Nice reading, kind but honest.

Lucy From London On 18/03/2019

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