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I've been working ten years as a spiritual medium, I sense and feel the presence of the spirit world. I work with the spiritual side of things by this I mean your loved ones who are in spirit, they walk beside you each and every day. I became more aware of the spiritual side of life when I was a young boy. And we grow and learn every day our journey of learning never stops. Sometimes I hear spirit as well as see them on occasions. PIN: 7186



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Gifted medium

Such a kind soul. Provides reassurance and spiritual guidance.

J From U.K. On 01/03/2021


Had a lovely reading from Michael, pick up on a lot of my situation and my best friend who had crossed over, he picked up on her straight away and it took me by surprise. Thank you Michael

Suzanne From UK On 12/01/2021

Mediumship reading

Thank you Michael for another wonderful reading connecting with my loved ones on the other side. You were great and put my mind at rest. 29/09/20.

S E From East Midlands On 29/09/2020

What a gift!

Thank you so much for reading for me. You are the only person who has picked up on me being a twin flame and on me being spiritual for a long time. You said such specific things that ensured I knew you were talking to my grand parents and I really appreciate the reading you gave me because I struggle with grief. Thank you for reconnecting again after the first 20 minutes. It was fascinating to hear how my grandparents have grown spiritually and interesting to hear their thoughts and opinions. I really needed to hear from them and I am very grateful I found you. What a talent! Thank you. X x x

Rachel From UK On 06/09/2019

Very good connection

Michael gave plenty of validating info specific to the situation - I just wish the prediction was what I wanted to hear. but, such is life!

Libran From Oz On 31/08/2019

good in places but not answering some things clearly

He seemed honest in what he said about some things..but main problem was he said to my question cannot say yes or no..and surely having a reading is to say either way..otherwise your in the same position without an answer as before the reading so this seemed pointless. For example will i get back with my ex he said cannot say yes or no and said that to another question. So not helpful at all. Anyone can say cannot say yes or no...unless got strong he could be better please publish this.

will From Essex On 22/06/2019

True Medium

Michael is a genuine medium and does not use tools or tarot. Thank you for connecting to both my grandad and then my spirit guide. Good luck on the phone lines you were great. Honest accurate and no time wasting.

Sandra From Uk On 07/06/2019

Genuine gifted medium

Thank you so much dear Michael for connecting me to my nan and dad today in my 30 min session with you. As a long term working medium you held my attention and your evidence was wonderful. Picking up on my ailments n sending healing at the mo as I’m signed off work poorly! Confirming I’m moving home n will not feel so isolated in the coming 2/3 months feeling very loved and uplifted thank you so much many blessings we will speak again I’m sure and I will be recommended you as a five star reader! Juliet

Juliet From Surrey On 04/05/2019

Thank you

Michael... sorry my time ended suddenly in the middle of you saying something important. This is the first review I have written. You were spot on without me having to say anything much. I feel as though I have true guidance and can help myself more and that one particular person who is so complicated and confused at the moment. You have given me clarity and your guidance through spirit serves as my flashlight in what sometimes feels like a dark period. Thank you

From On 02/05/2019

Lovely guy. Talented reader

Mandy From Cheshire On 16/04/2019

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