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I am an intuitive tarot card reader, reading for for family and friends for over 20 years and professionally for 3years. Callers can expect a caring and down to earth non judgemental reading. I was first drawn to tarot over 20 years ago but more recently have felt a deeper connection to my cards, I continue to be amazed and inspired by the cards. I am caring compassionate and non judgemental and can assist people to see things from different perspectives. PIN: 7065



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More than 5 stars!

Im in awe. First time someone spilled everything without me saying a single word. She's a lovely lady. Ill be a regular! Call her and thank me later

Aiza From uk On 29/09/2020


Wow was spot on! This wonderful, funny and amazing soul knows her card's so well. Was very detailed and got a straight answer which I love no confusion, general of vague answer's. Very direct, detailed and straight forward answer's. Described the poi and other people to a tee. I believe when it comes to tarot reader's you must be one with your card's must connect and be one with your card's and that is what I saw from Dana and her card's. Not everyone has that connection only certain gifted reader's. I know she will be more busy but I got to credit where credit is earned. Amazing tarot reader. ♥️

M From Australia On 13/09/2020

Spot on as always

Amazing Donna every thing you said they be back again you was right .you are so hard to get hold off

From On 31/08/2020

She's Very Good

I can't say enough... she made me feel so much better. She was accurate in who I was interested didn't say much to her and how I needed to be. She told me exactly what most of the other readers said on her. She mentioned about my manifestations which are true and she said you've been asking the universe to guide me which is true. Most of the readers on here are correct of my work but the relationship portion has been a mess in my life. I'm hoping her predictions are true and hopefully I wouldn't get angry with him when he decides to return.

Andrea From On 22/06/2020

Spot On.

Danna is very caring and straight to the point. Told me a lot about myself, all was spot on. Will keep her informed with what happens. Once again Danna you are a diamond in the rough.

John From Australia On 21/06/2020

Put me at eaze

Have been having vivid dreams about my partners ex. Reassured me, will let you know what happens.

From On 07/06/2020

You deserve more then 5 stars I'd be so lost with out you Donna thank your predictions always come true for me put my mind at ease sending you a donastions fir your support you given me past 1year

Rhea From L On 14/05/2020

Love her

Donna your amazing my kitten home like you said lady found her cleaner been looking eve she would speak Friday ❤❤

Rhea From L On 11/05/2020

Beautiful reading

Good reading, waiting for predictions

Taurus From OZ On 08/04/2020

Super Special

She is really good, gave valuable information and very talented and skilled thanks a lot

Pranav From Midlands On 28/03/2020

Blown away

Danna is amazing! She went straight into the reading without me saying anything. She spoke directly into my situation. Like you were spot on.Thank you Danna, I'll be back with an update x

CM From On 17/03/2020

My main to go reader

My favourite reader everything Donna says happens. Have a good connections with donna, thank you for resurcance too been my reader for almost 1year .time flys .

Rhea From On 15/03/2020

Just lovely x

Thanks Danna, you deserve every star. Will come back and update you on your predictions. Hope they all come true x

From On 10/03/2020

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Amazing reading Danna, sorry we got cut off will come back soon. Thank you for your validations and predictions, very kind and gifted reader !!! Blessings and love

From On 05/02/2020


Amazing and absolutely spot on!!! Will defiantly call back. Honestly one of the best readings I’ve ever had. Thank you xx

C From UK On 26/01/2020


Very good straight into.your predictions but no time frame, in line with the top readers.

Kamari From Kent On 22/12/2019

fast and really good

shes really good, and doesnt hang around wasting time like alot of them do. quick answers and i feel she knows her cards well. thanks for the long chat

Tracey From uk On 24/11/2019

Picked up my reason for calling without me saying a word and confidently explained everything! Amazing reader, will definitely call again! Thanks Danna x

From On 20/10/2019


Danna is great... quick, accurate, asks no questions just dives into the reading. She is also kind whilst being honest. She is the real deal, give her a call. And Danna, thank you xxxxx

yvonne From northants On 18/10/2019

Loved the reading

Thank you Dana for your enthusiasm re my future. It all looks magical and I know it will be. Loved listening to your excited voice while you said I got all the cards anyone would want. Yep, looks like it is full steam ahead. Many thanks.

Libran From o/s On 02/09/2019

Thank you so much for talking with me Danna, your voice and beautiful way made me feel so much better xox Will call you back again if your not busy.

Carrissa From Aus On 13/08/2019


She’s is a fabulous reader. Tuned in immediately. No questions asked. Understands the cards so well. Picked up immediately my situation. She was actually tearful due to my extreme circumstances and her empathy was so sincere. A wonderful talent and extremely kind person... loved it

Joe From Uk On 12/08/2019

Best'est' ever reading EVER

Amazing ten thumbs up! Not only is she so sweet, she's extremely talented picking up on my life immediately with no questions asked. Feel so lucky to have a reading with you. Thanks xx

Amma From Ghana On 11/08/2019

Psychic Tarot Reader


Leo From London On 09/08/2019

Wow excellent!!!

What a reading, Danna is brilliant this lovely lady is going to be so busy soon. Thank you Danna for an amazing reading....... I will definitely up date you when the predictions come in. They are in line with other top readers on this site. Thank you again T xxx

Tara From Sussex On 07/08/2019

Bloody Good !

She is really good, connects really well, fantastic reader. Superb, magnificent and marvellous Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 03/08/2019


Still can’t believe her level of accuracy. Definitely recommend!! Amida

Amida From Manchester On 14/07/2019


Honestly I was gobsmacked and I still I’m ...she is a so accurate on everything and very straight to the point. No sugar coating! Had a good laugh on the phone and felt so connected. Thank you very very much!! Speak to you soon. Amida xx

From On 14/07/2019


Danna provided a deal of information that allowed clarity & confirmation for my recent history. She also gave guidance for the near future & also on how to approach it. A pleasant person to chat with & a very understanding soul. Thank you.

Peter From Sydney On 02/06/2019


Lovely kind gentle lady who help me through a time when anxiety kicked in. Thank you so much

Happy Flower From Australia On 26/05/2019


Honest and truthful in all she read for me, thank you, will definitely look you up again

Happy flower From Australia On 12/05/2019

Absolutely. Amazing

Excellent reader, truly gifted. Danna seem to know about all the things that was going on in my life. She did not prompt me or waffled. The best reading that I have ever had. Thank you have been a great help to me.

Joyce From London On 19/03/2019

Matter of Fact

Quick to pick up on things, doesn’t need any prompting! No sugar coating. I’m sure she’ll be busy soon. Will update when predictions come to pass.

Anna From Uk On 20/01/2019

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