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I'm Billie and I'm a 4th generation psychic medium. I am old school. Straightforward and kind. I prefer to remote view. You ask a question and I get to answer it. If you are looking for an insightful and open psychic chat about your current situation I would love the opportunity to work with you. PIN: 7045



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I am also a qualified holistic counselor offering a modern and current view with old fashioned spiritual insight. For my mediumship I have an antique traditional message board and I use golden dice to hightlight a loved ones message. I will now influence you or try to convince you of anything. In fact together we can explore your loved ones messages and allow spirit to convince us both. This is a fun, white light and inspiriing experience. Please allow time and bring a pen and paper. You may need to write things down. I have also made my own decks of cards. I currently have four. I am happy to work in with you to the best of my ability and what spirit brings us. I am a clairsentient. Sometimes I can get vision and audio. Every reading is as exciting for me as I take a fresh and still in awe approach with every person and spiritual energy. How I tap in is through the dna that we already knows exists. If you are looking for a spiritual friend, who can make you feel comfortable and wants to work with you for wisdom and clarity, I would love to hear from you.


CALL 0904 007 0663

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I love

Saying thank you to you would never be even close to what I feel.. you’re a life changer Billie.. even my Crow loves you.. trying to steal your attention from me

Sarah From Australia On 21/08/2020

Excellent honest reading.

Lovely reading from Billie - gentle, compassionate and honest about what she could sense. She accurately picked up on a number of complex issues. I highly recommend her for her psychic abilities and empathetic manner.

From On 13/08/2020


Billie I love your approach. I started our reading crying and ended it laughing. Your unique Aussie saying and humour as well as your deep understanding of human nature uplifted my soul. You are no nonsonce and straight to the heart of the matter. Oh and your a great psychic too.

Terry From Manchester On 09/08/2020

Not for me

I wouldn’t use this reader a second time, did not like her reading style and came across a bit rude.

From On 02/08/2020

Thank you.

You were right Billie. I'm sorry if I was angry when we had our reading. I didn't want to hear the truth. I'm going to call again soon. I hope you are ok and not upset with me.

Angela From On 24/07/2020

Love you Billie

Billie thanks for your reading you are unique. This reading was like going in for therapy you have helped me so much.

From On 17/07/2020

Billie is an amazing counseller

She is really straight forward and I love that. She will tell you like it is. She completely tuned into my situation. Thank you Billie your insight is helping me make better decisions. Things have already improved.

Chris From On 13/07/2020

Really honest and professional.

BillIe gave me an amazing reading regarding a choice I was going to make and really helped understand the situation I’m currently in and gave me really good advice on how to move forward And how to make the best choice for me. I like how she is a counsellor as well as a psychic as I feel they both come hand in hand on this psychic line in regards of clients wellbeing. All her advice given to me was all for my wellbeing. I really do recommend anyone to call Billie if you want the truth about your situation and how to handle it too. Thank you Billie.X

Beth From Yorkshire On 08/07/2020


So very honoured to speak to such a lovely inspirational, kind women amazing insight. Thankyou so much for your time very accurate in regards to everything that is going on in my current situation.

From On 25/06/2020

Rude and slow

Im really sorry to leave negative review. I have found Billie quite rude and not very much information given at all. Reading left me upset... A

From On 18/06/2020

Billie! my soul sister. I am honoured, we got to experience such a deep soul connect. Tears and laughter. Love Marianna x

From On 06/06/2020


Thank you sweet Lady and sorry we got cut off x x x

Fiona From Scotland On 01/06/2020

Thank you

Thank you Billy for your time are an amazing soul and I much appreciate you shared with me your gift and guidance.sorry my time limit run out. For others looking for help Billy has a truly amazing gift.she is honest,was able to pick up on my situation and emotions as well as situations surrounding the person I have asked about with detail and honesty. If you looking for honest professional advice Billy is your lady.realistic prediction.will be calling back reading on this site.

Klara From London On 30/05/2020

Highly Recommend

Accurate and quick to tune in. Very good reader.

Mary From Perth On 30/05/2020


Feel amazing after this reading. Honest and caring. No questions asked. Fully embraced reading. Was able to link in straight away. Kind soul. Thank you x

Anna From London On 26/05/2020


I did write a review which wasn’t published , she’s going to become very busy as she was spot on with what was happening , and I promised I’d get back to her once her predictions came to pass .

Sue From Gloucestershire On 26/05/2020

Great reader

She’s new on here and should soon be busy , sorry my money ran out as she was a massive help in my current situation, I need to chill more , and stop worrying as it’s all going to work out in my favour once lock down begins to ease . Thanks Billie , you gave me a complete new insight of how things are . X

Sue From Gloucestershire On 24/05/2020

Lovely lady and straight forward

Honest straightforward last, extremely pleasant and lovely to speak with. She dived into my reading no use of tarot cards and was very specific. She has a lovely warm aura and looking forward to my prediction being unfolded. Thank you Billie.

P From Birmingham U.K. On 22/05/2020

Excellent! Wow, wow, wow! 10/10

So sorry we got cut off. This lady should have more reviews. Billie knew things no one else has picked up on. Excellent psychic, tunes in really well. Even gave me a name that no one could have known, I was astonished at how she picked this up so clearly and in relation to the person in question. Absolutely no messing around, she offers lots of detail, descriptions and confirmation. Fantastic reading! ❤️

J From London On 21/05/2020

Such insight

Thank you Billie. Your reading was lovely and I am beginning to make some changes already. All that you said made sense. I also got the confirmation you said I would.

Kerry From London On 21/05/2020

Very kind lady.

Lovely reading with Billie today who gave me some much-needed insight and consideration regarding a relationship. Give her a call.

From On 20/05/2020

Wonderful & full of wisdom

Hiya Billie ~ for some reason the phone cut off and I couldn't get hold of you again! I would just like to say thank you for your unbelievable energy in and of yourself - you have given me the greatest peace and affirmations within this time of heaviness, complexity and painful awakening. Your connection not just around the initial issue mentioned, but to also my whole sense of self and relationship to life and the world was incredible, and encapsulated so beautifully in your words. That is a truly rare thing and I think we are guided to those people in these moments. Thank you for instilling in me a sense of greater power and grounding, and also a sharing of your own perspectives, life and spirit. I felt it to be an incredible exchange of knowledge, connection, insight real deep understanding. Amazing lady. I will call back in some days if I can get through to you just to be able to say thanks on the phone. X X

Olivia From Scotland On 14/05/2020

Great Reader

Thank you Billie. You are unique. I feel better.

Wendy From UK On 07/05/2020

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