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I'm Billie and I'm a 4th generation psychic medium. I am old school. Straightforward and kind. I prefer to remote view. You ask a question and I get to answer it. If you are looking for an insightful and open psychic chat about your current situation I would love the opportunity to work with you. PIN: 7045



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I am also a qualified holistic counselor offering a modern and current view with old fashioned spiritual insight. For my mediumship I have an antique traditional message board and I use golden dice to hightlight a loved ones message. I will now influence you or try to convince you of anything. In fact together we can explore your loved ones messages and allow spirit to convince us both. This is a fun, white light and inspiriing experience. Please allow time and bring a pen and paper. You may need to write things down. I have also made my own decks of cards. I currently have four. I am happy to work in with you to the best of my ability and what spirit brings us. I am a clairsentient. Sometimes I can get vision and audio. Every reading is as exciting for me as I take a fresh and still in awe approach with every person and spiritual energy. How I tap in is through the dna that we already knows exists. If you are looking for a spiritual friend, who can make you feel comfortable and wants to work with you for wisdom and clarity, I would love to hear from you.


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Felt like I was talking to someone who knew me all my life.

Will be back again. You were spot on too Billie.

Terrence From On 03/03/2021

An absolute gem

I've been having readings with Billie for months now and she has helped me through the most traumatic episodes. I don't know what I'd do without her. She is kind and a beautiful soul. She will be really up front too. Love you girl.

Jay From Plymouth On 26/02/2021

Insightful and Fun Lady

Loved chatting to Billie. She seemed to tap into situation quickly. Also loved that she responds so quickly and types quick so not ages waiting for answers. She is also fun to chat to.

beth From UK On 24/02/2021

Lovely Lady

Thank you for helping me through this Billie. Ypu've been a blessing to me.

Naz From Dorset On 23/02/2021

Bad reader

This lady is a cold reader, she wants you to ask a question then gives an opinion. Talks very slow and lectures you about nonsense!

From On 22/02/2021

No idea what she was talking about

I had no idea what she was talking about nothing relating to me or my question so had to hang up

Parton From Essex On 21/02/2021


Billie is a great reader, she won't sugar coat. I felt wonderful after her reading. Clearly picked up on my situation.

Samual From London On 19/02/2021

Thank You

Amazing, funny straight to the point enjoyed my reading so much

Ann From London On 14/02/2021

Not for me

I had a reading with Billie previously and found her to be quite overbearing and really did not get any impression of a psychic link. I called again today with only a few minutes left on my pin, and was disappointed that she sounded muffled, however when I did hear what she was saying if felt like she had no real interest.

Summerday From Suffolk On 14/02/2021

Rude and predictions dont happen

Ive found a few times when ive spoken to Billy, she only sees the negative in every situation.. if youre seeing someone she will most likely tell you that the other person won't stick around and someone else will be coming in, literally every situation now ive been told the same thing..shes too negative for me.

Michelle From Peterborough On 08/02/2021

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