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I have been using the cards, and my own psychic ability, for over 10 years. I have used these to guide myself, peers, and those needing insight to the best possible outcome I can foresee. I have spent a decade assisting those around me, in all manner of ways; I'm an open, understanding, and compassionate reader, free of judgement, on the basis we're all human, and need clarity and insight sometimes. PIN: 6703



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer card readings, psychic readings, and psychic advice. I make a point in taking a personal interest in the well-being of those who come for clarity, and genuinely care about the outcome. I shall read the cards, should you wish, and my psychic ability, to assist in your reading.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in relationships, family matters, friendships, and professional matters. Along with my cards, psychic reading, voice patterns, meditation, and white noise. This enables me to give good advice to those who seek it.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of it at a young age, feeling energies surrounding certain people, but was unaware it was anything different to the norm until I picked up my mother's set of tarot cards, at the age of 14, and started to see outcomes, and how the energies related to the cards, and the people I was reading for at the time.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a logical person, and a keen listener, who takes on-board all important information, helping me to develop a fuller picture, and tailor readings to the individual. I am also good at breaking down information, and putting concepts into easy to digest words, with a rich vocabulary. On-top of this, I am a compassionate, and non-judgemental person.

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Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

He is briilliant reader, picks amazingly well has great talent and skills.. valuable advice Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 07/09/2020

Very good

Not the best bedside manner / a little prickly sometimes (hence a 4 and not a 5 star review). However in terms of receiving an accurate and useful and very clear psychic reading and guidance there’s no one else on this line that I would place choosing to have a reading from above Nathaniel.

Simon From Swindon On 07/09/2020

Clear, concise and honest

Picked up on the issue immediately and gave clear, concise and honest answers. Accurate on the details and very practical and straight to the point, speaking plainly in a way that made me feel that I could see my path of action clearly. I really value this kind of reading as it has no nonsense in it and allows me to feel decisive and hopeful. I’m sorry we got cut off - I couldn’t get back to your pin afterwards. But thank you very much.

From On 30/08/2020

Very good

Very good. Clearly very very psychic and genuine. It’s not all good news, but that’s because he doesn’t guess nor sugar coat nor present the truth according to what the caller wants to know, but tells you warts and all exactly how things are. His blurb doesn’t do him justice as it says he uses the tarot cards. But - from what I can tell - he hasn’t used them in the readings he done for me, which - in my opinion- enables him to pick up very clearly and specifically on the situation as he’s not constrained by the sometimes vague and cryptic ness and qualitativeness of the cards that could be read into to mean anything. Where as what Nathaniel picks up from his hands free resding is very direct - specific and clear. He also more or less said the same things about the situation that Amilia had (my other go to psychic on this line) , which - in this case- is helpful because the odds on two very very good psychics being wrong in more or less exactly the same way seem unlikely.

Timothy From Dorset On 23/08/2020

Best reader here

Best reader here. Cuts to the chase quickly - doesn’t beat around the bush nor try to keep u on the phone for any longer than required. Clearly psychic/ without me telling him anything picked up on very specific and finite info that no one non psychic could know. Doesn’t tell u what u want to know nor guess nor sugar coat the truth. Unlike many readers on here u can clearly see where all his good reviews have come from.

Frank From SOUTHAMPTON On 14/08/2020

Thank you x

Down to earth, very good reader. Straight into it,down to earth. gave good reading if all comes to pass. I will update. Thank you ELe

From On 27/07/2020

Incredible and Talented

He is very talented and skilled picked situation really well has great timing and skills thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 26/07/2020

Honest - useful - reassuring

Very honest and very very psychic. First time I phoned him picked up on the situation without me telling him anything and him asking no questions. Thus - establishing he was very very psychic and was clearly tuning in psychically to my situation. Thus one then feels confident with his psychic predictions of possible outcomes and with his answers to direct questions u give him. He’s very honest - doesn’t tell u want to hear and doesn’t sugar coat things (in fact if anything he can come across as a little too blunt sometimes). Gets straight to the point and doesn’t waffle round the subject nor leave u on the phone for any longer than is practically speaking necessary in order to help with ones situation. Arguably the best psychic on here (a close call between him and Amelia in my opinion) and - unlike some of the other readers I have tried- you can see why he has such good reviews.

Top draw psychic From Wilts On 26/07/2020

Honest - accurate and useful

I am a reasonably bright individual whose smart enough to know when a psychic isn’t very good or is fake (and believe me I’ve come across a few of both ) and I am hundred percent certain that Nathaniel is very psychic and very honest. Goes of on - what I would perceive as- a bit of a tangent sometimes. Thus one has to be clear about the practical reason as to why ones calling/ what u want to get out of the reading and find out - in order to steer him back to what u perceive as most important, but to get the most out of a psychic reading u should be doing that anyway. He also clearly doesn’t just tell u what u want to hear and Nampy pappy around to spare your feelings. One slight criticism is his bedside manner could arguably do with more tact at times. But - again - the silver lining in that particular cloud is that u know he’s being honest and not just telling u what u want to hear. So when he does make a nice prediction odds r u know he’s being genuine. Also he knew certain bits of info without me telling him anything, thus confirming his psychicness and that he clearly had a link

Mr c From South coast On 23/07/2020

Must call

I spoke to Nathaniel on 29th June and he said that there will be contact around my bday from the POI. I am pleased to confirm that the contact did happen. I had another reading today and again he put my mind as ease. Thank you Nathaniel. I believe you connect through my energy very well.

Garima From Australia On 21/07/2020

Honest and direct

Very good and very honest/ again didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but was very insightful and useful and hopeful. He can digress at times so it’s up to you to keep a track of [what u think] is important to keep the conversation directEd towards what u want to know. But that doesn’t mean his ‘digressions’ aren’t useful nor relevant and don’t provide clarity - just because your’d never thought to consider such matters prior to the reading. There’s quite a few readers on here with lots of great reviews that I would not go back to. But u can clearly see why Nathaniel has such great reviews. I would say he’s the best reader on here. And I speak as someone who [whilst not at psychic’ but] has some psychic ability themselves -and I am smart enough to know whose genuine and not whose not genuine and who has strong psychic abilities and those that have some psychic ness/ pick up on some things but aren’t full blown psychics. Whilst there are three good psychic card readers on this line I would consider going to if Nathaniel isn’t available [one of whom can work hands free if u ask her] I do like how he doesn’t use any cards. Thus giving a very specific and exacting and customized resding to the caller that can provide insight into very specific situations and questions with very clear and specific answers and guidance that stems from these answers.

Mr follow up From Follow up town On 20/07/2020

I called him and he went straight into the reading without any tools. He just kept on talking about the future along with what is to come, along with timeframe. But he lost me when I asked about a specific question like when will be the next contact, he asked me when was the last contact for him to make the future timeframe prediction. This completely had me lost and don’t really believe in the reading because logically, if you can see the future timing on other events, why can’t you see the past timing and events? Past has always been easier than future since it’s already set in stone.

From On 07/07/2020

Great Guy!

Really decent reading with this lovely man. He was understanding and funny too! Everything he said was pretty much spot on and his predictions were the same as virtually every reader I've spoken to. Thank you Nathaniel. Bless you

Joanna From Uk On 30/06/2020

Very reassuring

Spoke to Nathaniel and i must say he does lift your spirits. Tuned in well. Will call again soon

From Australia On 29/06/2020

Direct- honest and psychic

Doesn’t sugar coat things. Very insightful - knows about your situation without u telling him anything and gives good psychic based guidance. Perhaps a little too blunt(?) at times , but at least that lets u know he’s genuine and confirms he’s not just telling u what u want to hear. The best on here

Anonymous From Wilts On 27/06/2020

Follow up

Was very good in the last reading. Provided a lot of clarity and specifics about a situation , without being given any information. Not using any cards and working hands free enables him to give a very clear - specific and customized reading. And didn’t sugar coat things and tell me what I wanted to hear which was very good, but Ultimately I did leave the reading clearer and more better of than when I started.

Mt follow up From The south On 07/06/2020


I hadn’t been able to see the wood for trees and Nathaniel helped me to understand something that was really ‘obvious’ but I just couldn’t see because of my own overthinking and the complexity of the issue. Also helped to clarify how a particular person felt towards me and why they behaving the way they were. Did all of the above in a way none of the others readers could (although one or two came close). He’s probably the best reader on here and u can see where all his great reviews come from (which u can’t with some of the other readers). I like how he doesn’t use the cards, which aids with a more customised and clear and less cryptic and vague reading than many card readers provide. Although he also came across as more specific and connecting far more than any of the other non card readers I spoke to.

Enlightened From South west On 10/05/2020


I loved talking to Nathaniel he is extremely clever, insightful... reassuring, non judgemental and very accurate .... could have chatted all night

From On 04/05/2020


Absolutely amazing, detail that made sense, just flowed... hope the timing is accurate Thanks

From Oxford On 06/04/2020


Absolutely amazing, detail that made sense, just flowed... hope the timing is accurate Thanks

From Oxford On 06/04/2020

very good straight forward psychic

Nathaniel, thank you so much for your reading, spot on very detailed and very positive and accurate, you have described both my work and love situation like nobody has and your predictions are in line with other good readers on this site. Vey kind, genuine, caring and professional much blessings and love xxx

From On 20/01/2020

so accurate

Thumbs up to you Nathaniel , spot on about my situation without asking me any questions

Phiwo From Manchester On 07/01/2020


spot on with no help off me

andrea From wales On 11/11/2019

Quality, in-depth and all encompassing

Many thanks for an update Nathaniel - looking forward to communication beginning mid November and something more December. Appreciate the validations - the understanding of emotions involved and the general background to the whole scenario. Thank you..

Alpie From o/s On 20/10/2019

Lovley guy

If you want a true reading talk to Nathaniel. He's so genuine and straightforward. His prediction hasn't come true but I don't doubt his ability.

Claire From Lancashire On 29/09/2019


From one reader to another I have a lot of respect for this mans skills much like my own he is not led by gimmicks simply the pure instinct he hears and’s rare to get a good Clairsentient clairvoyant medium but this gent has it all do not pass up this opportunity xxx

Natasha From Cardiff On 22/09/2019

Best reading

This was the best reader I’ve had. Thank you so much.

Madalina From London On 11/08/2019

Wow - and Wow again

I have had way more readings than I care to admit to - and have to say, Nathaniel is very definitely one of the best - straight into the question with validations flowing. Exceptional on the area of romance and I look forward to seeing if the time frames do come through - that would be amazing. Truly genuine, well connected and confident in delivery - one of a kind!!!

Libran From Aus On 10/08/2019


This guy is the most honest funny accurate guy....I’ve ever spoken to on this line!!!! From calling in tears to call ending and wanting to hear more....he listens and is very very intuitive!!! Finishing sentences and lifting spirts at the same time....from one psychic to another... overwhelming xx

Natasha Fenton From Cardiff On 04/08/2019

Compassionate and Concise

Nathaniel is a very compassionate reader. He does energy readings and also uses the tarot. He is a very attentive listener, and is caring and responsible. I am happy with the reading and will be coming back for more readings in the future.

Satisfied From Australia On 24/04/2019


Thank you for a very insightful and detailed account of furture events that have concerned me and also great tips on how to best navigate a sea of difficult relatives. Very accuurate details about the people involved

R From Queensland Australia On 17/03/2019

Very good

Picked up on everything so well without asking any questions. My short call lasted so long as he gave me the insight I needed and answered all of my questions. A really lovely man and great reader

Maria From London On 26/02/2019

Not sure

Not sure. I’d say give him a go and then judge for yourself. I’m a little bit on the fence. He picked up on some things but didn’t pick up on others. And then of course you have to feed him info, which may have effected(?) what he picked up? Thus a not good but not bad in the middle three star review is probably fair.

My uncertain From Up north On 06/01/2019

Lovely kind reader and very knowledgeable

I asked Nathanial loads of questions and he was able to answer all of them clearly and confidently, I really enjoyed the reading and believe Nathanial is a credit to this website

Luke From Ipswich On 18/11/2018

Honest reading

Thanks for the reading - it was great and you were able to tune in straight away to my situation and peovide with good guidance

From On 02/10/2018

Absolutely lovely!

This is a great genuine reader! I was so happy after my reading with this brilliant chap he picked up on my situation straight away. Would thoroughly recommend this man Worth every penny xx

Marianna From Surrey On 02/09/2018

Picked up the situation

Spoke to Nathaniel today and he picked up the current situation well. Was able to connect instantly. Thanks Nathaniel.

P From Aus On 02/09/2018

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