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Its Julia here, and I come to cross your life because most likely you were seeking for me. I am a professional tarot reader with many years of experience. I am specialised in love readings, and since love is everywhere, you can let me know on whether that is family, friends, colleagues or someone special for you, that you want to know about. I believe that psychic abilities are handled from higher powers, to people, whose psyche is enriched with emotions. PIN: 6622



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

It is well known on esoteric philosophy that psychic powers lie best on the water element of the zodiac. Being represented with Pisces as my sun sign, Scorpio as my moon sign and Cancer as my ascendant, I come to make a decent personification of the water element. Hence, my strongest biological gifts are immense sensibility, profound communication and a psyche enriched with emotions.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

To my valued callers, I would like to repeat, that one's intuitive power is always accompanied with a non judgemental perspective. I would try to understand on where you may be struggling, or how to best overcome your challenges, so you may meet the best of what the universe has prepared for you. I am specialised in relationship reading, including family, friends, colleagues, or that one very special person in your life. I do daily herbal cleansing and I sage cleanse my environment as well, before I get to have a tarot reading with someone. The reason behind that is not to let any energy or influence of my personal life coming to affect your reading. I use the Rider - Waite deck which dates from the early paganism. Older the symbols, I believe, closer - the truth.


CALL 0904 007 0663

(Calls cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I became aware of my psychic abilities in a moment where a friend's life problems became threatening to her mental and emotional health. I believe that everyone human being is guarded by higher powers and those guide spirits do find their way to you, through someone whose psyche is exceptional but deeply calm at the same time.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Logic is as important as intuition when it comes to human beings. For in order to control my psychic abilities and not to let them take over me, I have been taking classes on eastern occult philosophy and psychology for some time now. It is inevitable to avoid some major life issues, karma has prepared for you. I can be there to assist you find the logic behind your existing problems, or situations that may arise, which will conclude on controlling your emotions better.

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Why people take all your time

Unfair when waiting to talk to someone and someone on for 3 hours ! Very u fair ! Should be capped at hour ! Spend hours waiting to get onto readers Give others a chance

From On 06/12/2020

Spot on

Told me I would get money in nine days. Got it on the ninth day exactly.....absolutely brilliant

Lorraine From On 27/11/2020

Blown away

Just off phone with Julia omg what a gift she has goes quiet for few seconds then tunes right in x what a lovely lady and funny x can’t wait till things happen thanks Julia was nice talking to you at long last xx

Debs From Scotland On 25/10/2020

Not for me

Repetitive and sugar coater. Some readers are not for everyone’s taste...

Andrea From UK On 18/10/2020


Reading was good but prediction did not come true ☹️

N From Usa On 09/10/2020

Omg omg omg

This woman is very talented!!! Amazing

Margaret Ann From Glasgow On 24/09/2020


As a reader myself I am not easily wowed but my goodness this woman is a beautiful energy and an incredible talent. Hard to articulate just how amazing she was for me! She also nailed a contact prediction - I asked when I would next hear from POI and she gave me a 4. 4pm came and went and so I though ok maybe 4 days and then at 10.04 I received a message!!! Incredible!

From On 21/09/2020


Not only did Julia not ask me anything and then went into the reason why I was calling with so much detail, it actually made me cry. She really got to the nitty gritty. Also she is really sweet and funny and made me laugh. So feeling so much better after her reading and it was definitely worth every penny.

Charlotte From London On 11/09/2020


Took 3 weeks to get hold of Julia as she's so busy, now I see why. She is an absolutely amazing reader ❤ doesn't leave you guessing and makes sure you understand exactly what has been said. I have faith in her predictions and I'm looking forward to ut all unfolding. God bless you Julia, I'm so thankful

Lorraine From On 22/08/2020

You have done it again

Julia is just brilliant Her readings are always accurate and I love on how involved she is on cheering me up I am feeling so much better than in the morning now, thank you Julia Love and light, Emma

From On 31/07/2020


Girl, youre gorgeous! Julia has told me things that have happened in the past and some are still unfolding! Uncanny ability. Call her while you can! Xx

Nelly From AU On 12/07/2020

A special lady

Thank you Julia for all your clear and supportive messages! It was a pleasure to have a reading with you and I look forward to your predictions coming to pass. Great rapport and understanding a special lady indeed love and light xx

Nez From Swansea On 05/07/2020


Julie is so lovely and picked up on situation very accurately, I'm so looking forward to her predictions coming to pass. A positive after all the uncertainty during this pandemic Thank you Julie, I hope to speak again soon x

Jo From London On 03/07/2020


Prediction came true I met with him, we talked aaand we are back together!!! Thank you so much Julia Can’t wait for you other predictions to happen as well - Rachel xx

From On 28/06/2020


She deserves more reviews

Anonymous From London On 28/06/2020


Just love her

Anonymous From London On 28/06/2020


Julia is so real..i believed every thing that she had seen on my reading i almost broken up with my bf, due to reading from others, she told me that i would hear from him the sunday where together on the day before...i was so pleased...someone told me thst he slept with another woman even given me the initial...i left work and came home because i was in a state of bf blocked this womam Julia told me that he had never slept with her, i asked Julia if anyone (woman) had ever been to his house...she stated yes...but friend ..i asked him about it he say his church members haf invited him...Julia is a good reader i appreciate her so much...she is truthful and genuine

Anonymous From London On 28/06/2020


I was astonished by the accuracy of the reading Julia gave me She knew the time I and this guy I am dating had a fight and when we were going to meet up in person!!! I did not tell her that even though I already knew! I was very nervous on whether I was making the right choice with this man but Julia's reading has given me the assurance that i needed Looking forward for her predictions to come true Will come and update you in 2 days xoxo

Rachel From On 25/06/2020

I was so excited to finally get through to Julia. At the time , I thought her reading was very good and many things she said , resonated . However , I was deeply sad that her prediction did not come to fruition .

Tina From Uk On 07/06/2020

Julia is such a lovely, passionate and gifted Physic . You can tell she takes her ability seriously and delivers such in depth information especially about my POI. I always feel so much better after a good chat with her . Julia keep up the great work I am really staying optimistic about your predictions . Renee X

From London On 06/06/2020

10/10 - 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Julia you will always be my go to reader, you are the best psychic here and always give me straight honest and detailed answers and you know my questions before I ask! Predictions are always correct and I look forward to updating you soon!

Donna From London On 04/06/2020

Simply amazing

Julia is lovely. Provided me with so much information and so many validations. Thankyou so much xxx

Jaz From On 03/06/2020

Oh wow

Thank you for this uplifting reading and everything you did for me today, Julia I hope my questions did not drain you as I just could not go away from the phone You have been very patient and kind

Megan From England On 21/05/2020

Pure Love

You are beyond anything i could have imagined. What an. amazing soul you. are.....Love Mysticsam

From On 07/05/2020

Predictions came to pass

Hey Julia It’s Kimberly. Hope you remember me We spoke together 2 months ago I wanted to let you know that your predictions have already happened You are absolutely my to go reader now. Light and blessings x

From Birmingham On 26/04/2020

Thanks Julia

I feel so released after speaking to her. She was able to see beyond the everyday life and give me a bigger picture of what was going on with my love life 5 stars for this amazing reader!

Elaine From On 25/04/2020

Love her

I had a reading with Julia in December. Some of the things she said has happened, and some haven’t. Things can be delayed which I understand but still have some predictions until the end of the year so I will continue to hope they carry on coming true as she said! Lovely lady really easy to speak to, love her the little metaphors and she is so kind and funny!

From On 15/04/2020

5 stars

Everything she said about my situation makes such perfect sense! Looking forward on the predictions she made for me xoxo, Pam

From On 03/04/2020

A Beautiful and Compassionate Reader

She is the best on this site. She has great empathy, and very down to earth and compassionate, when dealing with her readings. She has great sense of timings and skills. Very Sweet and kind hearted. Has great insight of the world inside and outside and gives spiritual messages too. Its a pleasure to always speak to you Thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 03/04/2020

It just happened!!!

Julia is amazing I spoke to her 3 days ago and she said that I will hear from this guy in 3 days. Today he has just messaged me Keep in mind I had not heard from this guy for more than a month! Cant wait to talk to her again

From London On 26/03/2020


Best reader ever, I got cut off but will be back ASAP

Donna From On 17/03/2020

Drum roll pleaaseeeeeeee she’s fab!

I don’t know why my review hasn’t been posted and I’ve realised other reader’s have? Was it because it was mixed with Spanish too? Bear in mind so many people from different backgrounds use this site and my review is based on my experience with Julia and she deserves to read it? It should be posted as my connection with her was on another level así que por favor post my amazing review for this woman because es increíble and she loves Romeo Santos’ music just I like do...a que si Julia? Te quiero y besos!!!!!!

From On 12/03/2020


Julia was lovely and seemed to connect and gave me real hope with a very detailed prediction however none of this came true which has not left me much faith at all

alex From UK On 12/03/2020


So Beautiful is this very special evolved soul. Super psychic gift. x

Chris From London On 17/02/2020

5 is not enough :) she is my Angel

Just want to sayLove you my sis :) haha Julia speak to u soon! Thank u so much!!!

Nikola From Wales On 14/02/2020


Such a lovely lady..very honest and it just flowed.I hope I can get back through to you!She knew things without telling her

Lindsay From Cumbria On 12/02/2020

Don’t ever go away!

My darling, I wish I could have you all for myself to talk to you everytime I cant see the light Thank you for all the clarity and and information you gave me I am very grateful I got you on the phone Xxx

Rebecca From On 11/02/2020

Good News

Julia I am finally back with some good news He has made contact with me and we have agreed to meet I hope your other predictions will come true as well I will leave another review for you once they do sending you love, Fahima

From On 09/02/2020

Predictions came to pass

Hi Thanks for reading and predictions did come to pass within 4 days he did make contact like you had Said. We spoke after that so that I explained to you and waiting for the next predictions to Unfold .. love and light

Carol From Scotland On 06/02/2020

Shame we got cut off you are amazing !!!!!!!!!! xxx

This is my second reading with Julia very hard to get through to her. As expected full of validations and exciting predictions ( realistic ones !!). Very cheerful, kind and fun to talk to alongside in depth information and healing blessings and love

From On 06/02/2020


You are phenomenal Julia, always a pleasure speaking to you.

Helanah From Yrk On 31/01/2020


I had a reading with Julia last week she was really good and very nice lady to speak with Thanks Julia 22.01.20

From On 24/01/2020

Previous review not posted

My review hasn’t been posted but Julia is amazing!!!!! I spoke to her just before Christmas and things are starting to happen as she said! I’m dying to get though to her again! She is unreal, and so so lovely she made me laugh so much and was so kind and positive!! My favourite reader on here x

From On 22/01/2020

Wow wow wow!

A couple of hours later and my mind is still blown by the reading. I actually love this reader and would 100% employ her. Trusted psychics thank you for your amazing find! Blessed

Jennifer paterson From Eastbourne On 18/01/2020


Finally had a reading with Julia. Well what can I say? Great connection, validations and predictions that are realistic too. Julia is well worth the wait to have a reading with.

Helen From UK On 13/01/2020

Best teader

Hi Julia, I have not been able to contact you lately but just wanted you to know everything has happened apart from you know who! You are The best reader on trusted psychics and your predictions always happen! I will keep on trying to get hold of you When your online

Donna From London On 06/01/2020


I’m sorry Julia I got cut off it’s the 29 December please don’t think I hang up on you ! Julia is my angel she has helped me through some really difficult times! I would not have been able to come through the other side without her! Love you girl! X

Olympia From London On 29/12/2019


Predictions came to light as she said

Kamari From Kent On 25/12/2019


All predictions came to pass thank you

Kamari From Kent On 24/12/2019

Brilliant Reader

Had my second reading today with Julia and she has been absolutely amazing one more time I really needed assurance and she has become my favorite psychic to go to

Katie From Manchester On 20/12/2019

Súper increíble!! Laughed so much on the phone, “we will be schooling and teaching these hombres #maturity & thrill”. Thank you so much preciosa! FYI love the voice change when you get serious. Un beso!

From On 19/12/2019


From On 19/12/2019


I have just came off the phone with her This lady has sure got some answers that will turn your world around

From On 18/12/2019


What a excellent, brilliant reader, she told something would before Christmas, it came true within 3 weeks. Thank you, can't wait to speak to again. 10 Stars for this brilliant gifted lady

Joyce From London On 16/12/2019

Literally the best!

I had the most amazing reading with Julia. I called about a relationship and she literally explained my situation to a t, she said things in the exact same way he did word for word. She’s made many amazing predictions I’m positive will happen! She was so lovely and made me laugh. Thank you so so much!

From On 15/12/2019


So sorry we got cut off, rubbish mobile reception. Thank you so much for a short but very detailed reading. I hope your predictions come through regarding contact over festive season. I will be back xx

From On 15/12/2019

The best

No other psychic has seen right through me like she has done I hope one day fate can meet us both

Lynda From USA On 13/12/2019

Prediction came true

Julia he has just messaged me You will laugh with this, but I am writing the review before replying back to him Thank you for all your help!!!

HANNAH From Uk On 11/12/2019

Hopefully it happens

Had a amazing reading just really hoping it all happens

From On 08/12/2019


Thank you Julia for reading for me. You are just lovely and a great psychic . Big hugs and many thanks xxxx

From Scotland On 05/12/2019

My Angel :)

My Sweetheart l love you and u know :) l am so sorry my minute gone after 53:00 min if l can l speak to u more and more again u help me to open wide my eyes thank u thank u so much! God bless u gifted lady love & light

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 29/11/2019


Sorry we got cut off this morning but you are an excellent reader with timeframes, kathy

From On 24/11/2019


As a reader this lady astonished me with accuracy! She relayed one for word a conversation I had with someone, I have used hundreds of physics and she is the real deal.

From On 24/11/2019

One in a million

Thankyouuu sweetheart for such a deep insight of our lives. You’re surely a genuine, real and great deal ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aa From England On 19/11/2019

5stars aren’t enough!!!! Great and detailed reading. Spot on!!! Thank you Julia!! Amida

From On 19/11/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is superbly talented, gives a great reading everytime beautiful personality superb and kind hearted

PRANAV From Midlands On 17/11/2019

Relationship reading

Julia, I have to thank you so much for your patience with me on the phone I am writing here to tell you that me and my partner are finally back together If it wasn’t for you, the last 2 months would have been impossible to deal with Everybody that needs some insight and clarity with the person of your heart, call Julia She knows how to be very genuine and bring the peace to your heart

Shannon From USA On 15/11/2019


I have just got off the phone with Julia and this was my first reading with her I got through to her by chance, and now that I see her profile I understand how hard it is to get catch her on the phone I am even more exited on the predictions she has made for me and cant wait for them to get unfolded

Brianne From On 14/11/2019

Best Reader

10 Stars ⭐️Julia is simply the best and will always be my go to reader! Thank you for your insight and guidance and support!

Donna From London On 13/11/2019

Great Reader

She is brilliant, hits the nail on the head everytime super skilled

PRANAV From Midlands On 12/11/2019

She is brilliant, hits the nail on the head everytime super skilled

PRANAV From Midlands On 12/11/2019

Top Reader

Julia is definitely worth the wait She made me feel so good about the choices I had made lately as everything she said about my future is what I was truly hoping for I hope that when I come for to update you on the predictions, it will be easier to get through you haha xo

Angie From On 07/11/2019


Unbelievable reading from a lovely and very talented lady. Thank you

Mandy From Cheshire On 04/11/2019


Julia is a wonderful lady to speak with, full of empathy, so kind, warm and charming. She is a really good reader. Thankyou Julia November 4th 2019

From On 04/11/2019

5 stars!!!

Not only has she given me an absolutely amazing reading but she also made me laugh all the time She sounds so genuine and is surrounded by a very positive vibe Thanks Julia, blessings

Tyler From On 03/11/2019


She is super girl, very talented and skilled. good sense of humour, always pleasure to speak with you.... thank you so much

Pranav From Midlands On 31/10/2019

The best I have spoken to

The reading was so accurate and filled with details from the first couple of minutes It all caught me by surprise. I only had 17 min and I could not top off She did not waste any min!! Was even speaking fast so she could help Everything was spot on Thank you Julia Will return again as soon as I receive my payment xx

From Usa On 31/10/2019


Julia, I got cut off before I had the chance to say goodbye and thank you for being so good to me today I really needed your reading and your kind words. I have never felt connected to any psychic as much as I did with her today

Sarah From England On 23/10/2019

I got lucky today

I had tried to reach her on the phone for weeks, and lately I had given up, since she was always so busy Today I got her on the phone by coincidence and I believe that it was meant to be on the end. I have to say I have been amazed. Spot on with the situation between me and my partner I am looking forward to the future and your wonderful predictions Thank you for sharing your gift Julia

M From Uk On 19/10/2019

Spot on

When you started reading Julia, I felt released as lately I had started wondering if everything I was holding on to was just wishful thinking. I know I can trust her as she could have not possibly known those things about my past. I will call again when I have the good news

From On 16/10/2019

Wow.. The best.

Julia is the best on this site. I have had readings by the majority on here and Julia is by far the best. She is very gentle in her approach and goes out of her way to get you the outcome to your queries which all resonate. Julia, thank you very much for giving me closure. I cannot wait for the predictions to unfold. I can not thank you enough. I am sorry we got cut off. I was unable to say thank you. You are the best! Rupal.

Rupal From England On 10/10/2019

Good readings

Had a reading with her three months back, and she picked up on my situation well. She said I will get accepted into the university doing the dream postgrad course I wanted and I did! Spoke to her again today to ask about a man who ghosted me. She predicts he will be in touch with me in January to explain himself. Let's see if it will come true.

AV From Wales On 07/10/2019

Truly gifted

Much more than just a reading! Not only she gave me insight and clarity over my future, but she told me a lot of information over my past which made a lot of sense and helped me see the full picture of what had been happening Oh thank you Julia, I feel much more positive now about my life Will update you on the predictions...

Angela From On 06/10/2019

It happened!

Julia I am very happy to let you know that today afternoon I was called by the company I had the interview and they told me I got the job I got very exited and I really wanted to call you right after but you were very busy so I am writing it here and now everybody else can know what an amazing reader you are Thaank you a lot

Stephanie From London On 04/10/2019

Predictions came true !!

I was put through to Julia who connected to my situation very accurately, she also gave me insight that no one could possibly know, and predicted how events would unfold. She was correct in all three predictions... Amazingly talented, kind, reader. I will be calling again.

Melissa From Australia On 04/10/2019

Out of this world.

I had the pleasure of doing a reading a few days ago and I was astonished as to the accuracy of my reading. Julia gave me insight and clarity on my situation. No other reader was able to pick up the intensity as to my situation except for Julia, she is the best, absolutely amazing.

charlene From London On 27/09/2019

Fantastic Reader. So talented ,just the way she reads for me makes me happy

Rene From On 24/09/2019

One of the best

Gorgeous soul and brilliant reader. Clarified things I already knew for my future. She makes you feel welcome and has great compassion. Readers like this are few. Thanks you xxx

From uk On 20/09/2019

Always the best

Smart, insightful and beautiful soul. Every reading I have is a real pleasure. Love her x

J From Uk On 11/09/2019


Just brilliant thank you xx

Anon From Midlands On 08/09/2019


She is brilliant, her readings have hidden meanings, and deep and meaningful. she is superb, and funny and kind. love speaking to her, extremely talented and skilled thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/09/2019

Blown Away!

if you’re looking for an amazingly gifted psychic who is also a warm, beautiful soul look no further than Julia. She was spot on with everything she picked up on and I absolutely loved chatting to her!

Carla From UK On 02/09/2019

Simply one of the best !!!!

Such a lovely woman. Made me feel so energetic during the reading and provided me with so much predictions for this year and the future. Simply one of the best readers on this site. Thank you so much Julia

Emmanuella From UK On 30/08/2019

Such a cool and chilled out reader! mind blowing

She is so cute, great laugh and readings really deep with hidden message in them . great talent thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 29/08/2019

The Best of the Bestest !

Love speaking to Julia She gives great messages hidden and meaningful, but leave a great impact you know how much i love speaking to you you are the best thhanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 27/08/2019

Very Detailed

I spoke yesterday with Julia and was moved in tears by her reading. Such an empath! She makes up for a great listener and a great talker as well. I will come back very soon Cant go long without a hug from you! Thank you Julia

Zara From On 27/08/2019

My Angel :)

Julia l am so sorry Darling it cut off oh l wish l could stay more sending u big hug and kiss.. My best reader..will be in touch again love & light

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 26/08/2019

Lovely Kind Lady

I considered her to be honest, kind, and reassuring. Thank you

Sarah From On 26/08/2019


Some time has passed by since I spoke with Julia and only now I can understand how impossible it was for her to know and answer my questions. Incredible accuracy. Her understanding on psychology made the reading 100 times better than any I have had. Thank you Julia Cant wait to talk to you again.

Keira From London On 25/08/2019

Amazing Lady

Julia is one amazing reader! On point with the situation mind blowing! I will let you know when perditions happened! Thank you so much..

From Australia On 22/08/2019

Favorite psychic and much more

I was so glad you were back online today Julia. After I saw you off for a couple of days, I sort of lost my hope that things would happen the way you said they would. And I started feeling all down again. Then one of the things you had predicted for me, happened. I finally got to call her today, and she reassured me that the other things would happen as well. Cant wait for life to be that kind to me... I know you have and I am very thankful for that.

M From USA On 16/08/2019


Thank you for helping everyone who calls you! Thank for your patience, kindness, clarity. You are a gift to so many of as who is asking for help. Young lady all your hard work and time has paid off. Beautiful Julia it was an honour speaking to you. Leanne xx

Leanne From Southern part or the world. On 26/07/2019

Thank you Julia for an uplifting reading... it’s the girl that pronounced your name wrong haha... loved your honesty and sense of humour.... Her predictions are similar to top readers (Sadie, Nora, heather, Charlie, Neil and more) .... No fairytale or sugarcoating! Will surely comment and call you back! Thank you!

From On 24/07/2019

The goldfinch

I have had 4 readings with Julia. I rang her today to let her know that one of her predictions had come true. I had spoken to her in tears the last time, having had a very difficult few years and had felt that my life was joyless and out of my control. One of the things we spoke of was my son, we’ve been waiting for a sen school place for years and my local education authority had made so many mistakes that I just never could see getting what we needed. She said that within 1 day I would get the news I needed. Which happened, after all my hard work I got the news that I needed and Julia said it would happen. Today I had spoken to her again. I had come off the phone from a particular savage reading from another on this site. Which made be feel terrible. I saw she was free and got through. She reminded me firstly of all the things that had come true but also her depth of understanding makes me know she knows me and validates this my her continual acknowledgement of me and my wishes. She is the real deal and I can’t stress enough to only stick with readers that you trust but most importantly stay consistent and are looking to give you the most inspirational, creative and intellectual outcome for your life. Julia does not sugarcoat life, she always gives you a way to look at it through different lenses. Amazing

Joe From Uk On 24/07/2019


Thank you so much Julia. You are very understanding and most important did NOT JUDGE my situation. Most would have thought otherwise. I honestly loved speaking to you because I felt like a student who learnt something new about herself and life. I feel relieved and I will apply the method you thought me today. You are awesome. :)

J From On 14/07/2019

Always accurate

Julia has given me a few readings and she is always correct and accurate, the detail is astounding and she is so lovely to speak too. If you want a real reading with no sugar coating, Julia is spot on every time. Predictions happen when she says they will and I always look forward to seeing everything unfold.

Donna From London On 10/07/2019

My motivation is back

Finally! I cant believe I see her logged in almost every day, and I have only manage to speak to her right now. Absolutely amazing! It felt like she was going through my pain, but the clarity and the visions were so clear, they had to be hers. It was so nice to know I have not lost myself, Julia Will get back on track and keep you updated.

Fiona From Uk On 07/07/2019

The best!!

I had the best reading!! She is spot on and very detailed, you can ask her almost anything and she will give you the answer. She has a nice soak as well

From On 01/07/2019

Beautiful lady

Darling l am so sorry l couldn't stay longer and it was very important question l know but I will be back to you again!! I really wish u are my neighbour and l u are close to me

From On 01/07/2019

Brilliant Advice !

She is superb reader, brilliant, talented, funny and incredibly gifted. she is the real deal. super cute and makes lot of sense Thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 30/06/2019


Julia, is absolutely inspirational. I asked her to give me some inspiration for my future. I cannot literally describe in words how she told me how my life would be. Only someone with true insight would be able to express to me my deepest wishes and express them so clearly. She’s is fabulously intelligent and a beautiful soul. Love spending time with her. X

Joe From Uk On 27/06/2019

The best

Julie is absolutely amazing !! She picked up every detail without asking any questions. I have spoken to Julia a couple of times and she always remembers every detail !, Julie you truly are gifted but also such a warm lovely person .once again thank you so much x

Psychotherapist From On 26/06/2019


I got to her today by chance. Thank you for all the insights Julia. I feel very shocked for to write a longer review. It just all hit me all at once and unexpected. I am forever grateful.

From USA On 25/06/2019


Words cannot describe how incredibly talented this reader is. Pure talent and gift on show.

Mark From Aus On 21/06/2019


You are a star Julia. I hope you have any idea, how much you have changed my life with your beautiful gift. Such an intense reading! Everything makes sense now, and i feel like I can finally rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Valerie From On 12/06/2019

I love her soul

Thank you for the beautiful reading, waiting for Tuesday and Friday next week and I will update on predictions. Love xoxo

Raz From Australia On 12/06/2019

Could not get enough of her

I had been waiting for days for to reach her on the phone, and yes, my intuition had told me right, that she was going to be a game changer for all the psychics I had called. Straight to the subject! Even asked me if I wanted her to explain why had some things happened. Will call again, for sure. Even if again, I have to wait for days before getting you on the phone. Thanks Julia, you are absolutely amazing!

From London On 06/06/2019

Thank you

She is amazing and the sweetest soul you'll come across. Blessings and light to you. Can't wait for predictions to unfold. Thank you x

Belinda From UK On 04/06/2019

Very good

Very gifted reader. No cold reading, picked up detail without prompting!! The real deal!!

M From Aus On 31/05/2019

She's good and i mean real good

Thanks julia. Ur reading was accurate and one of ur timing is so correct. Will wait to see other predictions come true

From On 23/05/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is cool gives detailed and intricate reading.. she is superb.. love her laugh very gifted with good sense of humour thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 22/05/2019

A very gifted and compassionate lady!

Sorry Julia, my comment came late. I left so happy after our conversation together, that only now, I thought again on giving you a review as a thank you for your incredible patience and caring on me. Not only you have assured me on things over the future, that were not letting me concentrate on the present, but you have been a great example of the kind human that I want to be! If you have not called her already, you are mising out. Hugs!

Lorein From Australia On 15/05/2019

She deserve more stars

Was very accurate, lots of details said things only I know her predictions always come true

Rhea From London On 13/05/2019

My one and only psychic from now on!

Was very accurate, lots of details and I could feel she genuinly cared about me, as she was going through the reading. You have just became my to-go psychic. My conversation with her was far beyond than just a reading.

Evelyn From On 06/05/2019

She deserve more then 5 star

Oh sweetheart lovely to chat with u are so lovely and positive person!she is brilliant highly recommended!! cant wait for Sunday to be married :) Haha love & light

From On 03/05/2019

Such a beautiful soul...

I have been trying to reach you for a couple of days now... I wanted you to know that Greg did make contact, just like you said he would! I cannot explain the fulfillment that I felt when I got the phone call, because I knew that that, was only one of the beautiful things you had predicted for me. I will still try to get hold of you, as I want to thank you on the phone. Sending you love...

Amber From USA On 27/04/2019

You have done it again..!!!!

Another unbelievable reading with Julia... Totally blown away. She told me facts that no other reader has.. patiently waiting fir predictions to unfold.. thank you Julia..❤️

Marry K From London On 19/04/2019


got through to Julia by chance however I got to see what a lovely lady Julia is. great reading and she knew so much that we laughed about it. really enjoyed it but we got cut off, however will come back sometime. Thanks from the lady with the funny laugh who is getting an apology !!!! x

From scotland On 12/04/2019


Very accurate. Listen to you and is very kind. Straight to the point and is very descriptive explaining. She's very spot on with accuracy. Able to see things which gives clarity. 10 out 10. Can't fault her. Unfortunately we got cut off. I'll definitely call her again. Highly recommended. One of the best

Francis From UK On 07/04/2019

10 out of 10..!!!

Best reading ever.. picked up on my situation so accurately it was unbelievable.. Julia is no.1 so far.. followed by Marcella, then Native Spirit, Isabella Rose, Ayla, Andrea... some of the highly rated readers could not pick on my situation the way they did.. I’m so happy to have spoken to these readers. I’m now going to take a break n wait for the production to unfold. Thank you Julia..❤️

Marry K From London On 05/04/2019


Perfect reader. my partner and I hadn't been in contact for three weeks, Julia said I would hear within 8 days and he would initiate a fight, totally happened. We connect really well and she puts so much effort in your reading and answers all questions. Cream of the crop. I shall be back in two weeks to update you on my three LEO men (You know who i am from this). Blessing to you.

bec From oz On 17/03/2019

Puts her soul in the reading

I am the lady who is waiting for contact and meeting up the guy in April in India. I am sorry my phone got cut before I could thank you for your patience with me. You are simply superb. I hope all you have predicted for me comes true xxx

N From UK On 11/03/2019


Julia is amazing! Spot on and lots of details. I will contact you soon . Thanks again

From USA On 11/03/2019

Sorry my phone got cut off I couldn’t thank you enough. You have been extremely patient with my questions even though I repeatedly asked same things. Best reader on this site. If he meets me in April & comes back in 2 weeks I will leave another review for you. Love & Light

Lady with kids in background From UK On 11/03/2019


The real deal!! Uncanny psychic ability, one of the best on the site.

Mark From On 05/03/2019

Wow, great reader

Julia is a wonderful reader, her descriptions of me were perfect, and my man, also perfect. The situation she explained, and was absolutely spot on. Precise and very professional. Thank you Julia.

Kylie From On 03/03/2019


I needed this Julia, I needed your words a lot. My heart kept telling me he'll come back. My dreams had been telling me, he'll come back. Now you told me so as well. I am very grateful having the time with you today. I will leave another comment once it unfolds.

Henrietta From Liverpool On 28/02/2019


Very insightful and informative - reminds me of Nora on here, reads very similarly, loved her x

Jules From London On 16/02/2019

Thank you for the inspiration!

I have wanted to give direction to my life for some time now. But I always was very overwhealmed. This conversation has done me so well.You were right. The universe wont work on my benefit, unless I am willing to leave the toxity behind. Lesson learned. Love,Eliza!

Eliza From York On 06/02/2019

Real...very real!

Amazing! Incisive and lovely. She works hard to help you understand your situation...very accurately too! x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 05/02/2019


I talked with Julia for the first time today, she has a very calming voice and she helped me understand something very important that was bothering me for years. I have called many other tarot readers and none had the esoteric and psychological background she had. I really suggest her for a different approach.

Merkur From England On 17/01/2019

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