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I am a medium demonstrator at the spiritual church (SNU - Spiritualists' National Union) I have previously worked on the radio and have given many private readings as well as telephone readings which is mostly what I do presently. I have over 40 years experience in providing psychic readings. PIN: 6550



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I have a good telephone manner with the ability to put people at ease and to assist with their situation and provide to the best of my abilities relevant readings. I get great satisfaction from giving readings and don't consider this as work, more of a way of life. Reading over the telephone with distant and local people who get pleasure from my readings and then recommend me to their friends and family as well as coming back to me for further readings is very satisfying.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I use Clair sentence (vibration through the voice), 'Clairvoyance' Tarot and Angel cards to carry out my readings. I have the ability to put callers at ease and offer successful readings and advice through my abilities. I have many years of experience in this area both telephone and personal readings.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My family dates back to 1604 at the farm where they still live. My father was the youngest of 7 children and I am the youngest of 7 sons. From the age of 5 I saw spirit children in the orchard of the farm. My grandmother was the first to notice that the dreams I spoke of as a child came uncannily true. I believe my origins help me in my work as a psychic. I have worked as a psychic most of the my life and gain experience every day.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am full of life and bounce and enjoy the flow of the seasons. My birth sign Aries is regarded as a ‘fire’ sign which gives me a ‘warm’ temperament and can sometimes manifest as fiery although I consider myself to be pretty mellow in nature. People born under Aries tend to be quite spiritual and follow a psychic path which I myself follow.I have many years of experience which gives me the ability to continue on this path.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Mark...

Very friendly

Mark is very friendly and his reading hit the spot of who you are.

Angela From Cheshire, UK On 22/08/2020

Excellent on both occasions

I spoke to Mark twice on the same issue and the predictions were the same. This is a difficult area for me, but Mark was uplifting and provided me with comfort and confidence. He didn't waffle and when he passed his message he ended the call politely instead of waffling. My previous review hasn't been published.

Michelle From Liverpool On 30/07/2020

Awesome reading

This man knows his stuff !he is kind and calming and delivers an exceptional reading. Thank you

Pri From On 23/04/2020


Mark accurately predicted I would meet a man who drove a 4by4 in the 1st week of June- and I did!

michelle From UK On 13/04/2020


What a lovely man! Mark gave me a lot of info about various things. Very interesting indeed. He gave me some predictions and lots of detail related to these. Let’s see if the predictions manifest. I enjoyed the reading and found it very uplifting. Thanks Mark

Karen From Uk On 07/03/2020


Mark gave so much hope and understood the challenges i was facing. Hoping all comes through and look forward to speaking again. Thanks B

B From Oxfordshire On 15/02/2020

Did not listen

I asked about my relationship zone and he started talking about my early childhood. If you can't listen then how can you help?

John From Manchester On 26/01/2020

Mrs J

Mark was just wonderful and gave me so much hope

From On 17/01/2020

Fantastic Reader

Had a great reading, Mark is a truly lovely man and a pleasure to have a reading with. Hoping the things you predicted come to pass and would definitely speak to you again. Thank you

C From UK On 29/12/2019

Very good

Wasn’t sure at first didn’t think anyone would be able to help me but surprisingly this was the best thing I done. What a great reading can tell your genuine and positive,thanks and sorry minutes ran out

Charlie From London On 02/12/2019

Great guide

Thank you for the reading, it was very insightful and it helped me a lot. God bless!

Stan From Melbourne On 24/11/2019


Agree with a review below, he does waffle but listen carefully you'll be amazed! Astonished by his revelations. Will Def be calling again. Blessings.

From On 21/11/2019

Brilliant and spot on

They haven’t posted my last glowing review of you, where you were spot on in the here and now. Delighted to confirm the following as you predicted... got a new car, and was successful at interview (despite a big and expert candidate pool) and got the promotion. And a hugely substantial pay rise to go with it (much more than I anticipated) which I guess ties in with your prediction of finances improving. Just the love prediction to come to fruition. Any time between now and end of year you said... so fingers crossed you are as bang on with that as everything else that has materialised. Thank you my dear man, and I will get another reading no doubt In the future if you are not impossible to get a hold of by then. God bless xx

Yvonne From Scotland On 25/10/2019

A genuine spiritual gift & kind soul

Thank you so much Mark for my reading today. It helped me a lot. As usual got cut off before I could express my gratitude. Your insights & predictions were really uplifting & motivating. There was a ring of truth about them so I believe your ability to pick up on psychic energies & make predictions is genuine. You paid me a very meaningful spiritual compliment which was very surprising & lovely. Bless you & your work!

Caroline From Weston-super-Mare On 25/10/2019


Nice man. He had a way of speaking that I quite liked. He was very encouraging about me achieving my goals and ambitions. He picked up on my situation very well. I was stunned when he immediately told me that there were two men in my life, with both I'm very confused about at the moment and it was true! He told me that the first man who ghosted me, for 8 months would come back and give me the apology, explanation and the closure I wanted by this year November. He told me in the meantime, the second man, who is very reserved and serious whom, I'm currently attracted to will ask me out soon. Will wait and see if these predictions will come true.

AV From Wales On 20/10/2019

Hi Mark. Sorry I had ran out of time. Thank you however for your reading. Much ❤

From On 10/10/2019

a true psyhic

he does waffle for sure BUT he certainly picks up clear specifics and one of his predictions came through! will use him again !

From On 07/10/2019

Good reading

He was calm went straight to the reading no questions asked spot on on predictions of my current situation i look forward to future predictions

From On 06/10/2019

Really good

A bit like the review below. It felt at first all over the place but stick with it. He picked up specifics and names of people. He knew how many children I had and what sex they are. In addition he picked up on my reason for calling and gave me the same predictions that the top readers have given. He is different but sometimes different is great. Also encouraged me to look into my Pyshic self and develop those skills.. he picked that up almost immediately. A good man and a great reader. Give him a try you’ll be impressed

Jay From Uk On 04/10/2019


At first I thought he was just waffling but as we went through the reading I was pleasantly surprised. He actually picked up on my future business plans which I haven't revealed to anyone yet!

A From Brum On 24/09/2019

Amazing man

Mark was very precise and honest and could obviously see everything very clearly. He picked up on so much. Such a strong connection. Hes a blessing. Thank you Mark

Vanessa From Surrey On 24/09/2019

WAOOU very gifted psychic :-)

I am so pleased to have a chance to talk to Mark and get his psychic insights and wisdom, such a gifted person and beautiful soul !!!! I am honoured to be your first review Mark and will be back soon. Sorry we were cut off, many blessings, love and light xx

From On 21/09/2019


Such a lovely man and very gifted. Thank you Mark

From On 21/09/2019

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