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I have over 20 years experience using cards and intuition reading for family and friends. I offer a calming, non-judgemental reading. I use my intuition, tarot cards and gel cards to offer all types of readings in all areas that are important for my client. I first became aware of my gift at the age of 11 when I saw my grand mother whom passed before I was born, whom was very spiritual then guided me to trust my intuition and my judgement to provide concise readings. PIN: 6414



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Not sure

Started well but drifted very quickly. Picked up on my POI straight away but then started psycho analysing someone else that I have absolutely no interest in hearing about. The reading just then focused on that person so I ended the call. Callers want readers to get to the point, answers questions and stick to topic , not try to be a psychiatrist. Especially in relation to someone you don’t want to know about.

Sarah From UK On 19/07/2021

Didn’t pick anything up

Nice lady, but I really don’t think she picked anything up at all.

Lunar From Lincoln On 05/07/2021


Connected with my unusual situation straight away. Only a true psychic could reveal details this lady revealed. Exceptional reading. Thank you.

Jon From Leeds UK On 04/07/2021

Oh My!

I was put through randomly to her and I didn't have much credit so I kept waiting. But oh my!! She started saying things that happened in my life already and I was gobsmacked! Her reading is SO systematic and flowed so so well I regret not having enough credit this time and I promised her I'd call her back when I have more credit. LOVED IT! Thanks Aqua.

Anuradha From UK On 16/05/2021


I was very impressed by my reading via messenger yesterday. Aquamarine saw my difficult love situation and got my POI immediately. Saw age, star sign and told me she was unhappily married. I hadn’t said anything and gave her no information. She just knew. Very positive and lovely reader. Thank you

Sara From Uk On 21/03/2021

Very good

This lady is very good picked up my situation loads of details and validations. I do not understand why so many negative comments. I would definitely call her again 5 stars

From On 21/02/2021

Not for me

Too much guesswork, statements made up,don’t give up your day job love!!

To From Uk On 17/12/2020


The negative reviews below are unfair. She connected with my situation and disclosed facts that could not be made up. They were very specific to the POI without any clues from me.

M From Oz On 14/12/2020


Way way way too vague. Not even statements but a couple of ‘psychic’ questions that would apply to most people and be read into to fit many situations. Not at all helpful. Had no choice but to save minutes and end call.

From On 14/11/2020


Why so many positive reviews? That’s not what I experienced. Really vague questions - not even statements but questions - that could be read into to fit practically anyone and mean almost anything. I do hope you publish this and that the reason she’s so critical acclaimed is simply because you don’t save the less then glowing reviews.

M From South coast On 11/11/2020

Seems as if there was no connection, came across As guesswork and vague statements that could apply to anyone and be used to fish for more information. Please publish.

From On 03/11/2020

Tried leaving review b4 but got deleted , so will try again. First thing she said after shuffling the cards “r u experiencing a lot of challenges?” Second thing she said “whose this person around u that u like?” Maybe many callers would have been ok with those comments and proceeded to give her feedback? However - in my opinion- those comments r too vague and could be made to fit most people and many situations. Thus I felt I needed to end the call and find a different reader. Please please publish this time.

From On 02/11/2020

Not what I expected

Not what I expected given the many glowing reviews she had. Very broad statements that could apply to anyone and came across as fishing for clues and information. I wouldn’t call again.

From On 01/11/2020


She didn’t really pick up situation, then asked questions, and wouldn’t listen when I said she was not connecting to what I was asking about.

SM From England On 30/10/2020

Far far far too vague. Not for me. As a paying customer I expect far more individual - client based specific detail for my money. I don’t expect nor want any cryptic- ness and to have to think about nor make fit what was said in order for it to make any sense.

From On 27/10/2020

Don’t know

After she shuffled the cards the first thing she said was “r u experiencing a lot of challenges?” Second thing she said “whose this person around you that you like?” She has a lot of positive reviews so I am certain there are a lot of callers who would have been happy with those comments. However personally I want something more customised - specific and finite and detailed towards me than that and feel as if those comments could have been read into to mean almost anything and relate to most people.

C From England On 24/10/2020


Connected immediately I was holding back waiting to see what came up Aquamarine nailed it with the first few sentences. Time ran out my apologies I tried to return but missed you, again Thankyou x

Twin flame in limbo From Australia On 29/09/2020

Very accurate for me. Connected well with my current et situation. Predicted some future stuff too so let’s wait and see. Very good work x

Ree From Uk On 20/08/2020

Strong and honest read

Thank you so much Aquamarine to show me my shadow side when I kept bringing up my ex. You are right I need to change my energy and let go of my anger to resolve this conflict that is hurting both. Thank you for being his champion and for saying it as it is. You picked him so well too! You are a blessing XX

Steph From Paris - France On 18/08/2020

Brilliant I love her great reading x

Lorna From Cumbernauld On 07/08/2020

No connection

No connection, and was trying to convince me that what she was saying was true. Definitely wasn’t, ended the reading 5 minutes in. Disaspointed

Anon From Uk On 31/05/2020

Work romance

Was not expecting the x was still keen as I wanted a fresh start. And also new job but will. Let you know about the new house move at Christmas. , I let you know if these things materialise as they unfold thank you Fiona

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 27/04/2020

Honest, accurate and empathetic reading

Aquamarine gave me a lovely honest reading that was surprisingly accurate. She explained the meaning of the cards, and I felt that she was being completely honest and taking the good with the bad. I do not like being told what readers feel you want to hear. I was really expressed with her warmth and compassion, and her connection the powers that be. The content was quite specific to the situation I am in, and he predictions do resonate. I stayed in the reading until the system cut me off - despite me indicating I wanted to continue - as I would have preferred to end the reading by thanking Aquamarine for her time and energy. I tend to get readings from a variety of psychics in clusters, including readings in person and on other sides. This was one of the best readings I’ve had and I highly recommend her gift and skills. Thank you.

L From Shropshire On 26/04/2020

Lovely Lady

I had a very nice reading with Aquamarine. She was very caring and gave me some insight into my situation as well as some hope. Thank you xxx

From On 12/04/2020

no fluff, straight to the point, lots of details- genuine, brilliant!

From On 19/01/2020


Knew exactly what I felt and what I've been going through. Provided insight and clarity. Needs more reviews.

From On 10/01/2020

Aquamarine Thankyou ver quick very good reader so quick no time wasted! Xxx

From Australia On 31/12/2019


Lovely reading

T From Aust On 18/10/2019


This woman is so spot on and accurate well worth every penny!!! could have spoken for hours on end and almost did....and still left wanting more.

Natasha Fenton From Cardiff On 24/09/2019

She gave clear answers even to the questions I was unsure that I would get an answer to. Well Pleased :) sorry the call was cut off

From UK On 22/09/2019

Beautiful lady !

Thank you for ur readings.. good psychic connected very well no messing around straight to point! Love&light from Nikola

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 29/06/2019

Very good reading

Aquamarine was spot on with my relationship situation. She’s also very personable and easy to talk to. I’d highly recommend. Angelica x

Angelica From London On 22/04/2019

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