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I am psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient and medium with over 15 years of experience. I connect with my spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. I can offer detailed and insightful readings that offer callers clarity and peace of mind in a straightforward way. I specialise in all areas like work and relationships, and I use my spiritual gift and spirit guides to connect naturally with people by sensing their energy. PIN: 6320



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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my gift when I was a young adult. My grandmother would come through in my dreams and show me things that would later come true. I have a passion for healing and learning and am very open minded and understanding, and I develop my gift everyday by working with a wide range of diverse people in my daily life.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I have trained and worked as a life coach, and I use positive, motivational communication to assist callers to feel calmer about the issues facing them so they can feel more at ease.

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True connection

These things are always quite personal but for me the connection was amazing. Her insight was astounding and really helped me calm down about a difficult situation. I would recommend her.

Maria From London On 10/08/2021


Thankyou Daphne insightful reading .

JB From England On 01/08/2021


Asks you questions and gives own opinions a d judgements

Nina From London On 23/07/2021

Awfully rude!

This lady used to be such a nice reader to talk to. However, more recently she just has an attitude as soon as you get on the phone to her. She deflects her personal issues onto the caller and is patronising and condescending. Such a shame, not sure what’s with the attitude but hope she gets it together as we are paying customers paying for a service.

J From London On 20/07/2021


Straight away she said 'Nottingham ' which is where I was born. Picked up on my POI and clarified things about my situation.

Linda From London On 11/07/2021

Very good reader

Thanks for the reading. Very Thoughtful calm and connected. Described POi correctly and gave good advice and picked up strongly

Caroline From Uk On 05/07/2021


Thankyou for your guidance hazel

Hazel From Midlands On 03/07/2021

His came back

He came back a few days after I spoke to you .. as you predicted.. Thankyou brilliant I’ll be getting another reading to see what’s next..

Mari From Australia On 02/07/2021

Very Caring

Ive talked to Daphine a few times,she was very caring ,calming and told me not what I wanted to here but needed to hear, I didnt have to say much at all it was amazing

Vern From Canada,australia On 21/06/2021


From the moment I spoke to Daphne she tuned in straight away to my desperate situation and calmed me down and sent me healing. She assured me I would get the job and it was the right move. Well guess what I DID get the JOB. She even picked up on my late Mother and knew as much about her as I did! I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance and will definitely be in touch again. So hope you read this and will know I had a successful outcome. Thank you from my heart and soul and believing in me! God Bless you. xx

Janice From West Yorkshire On 27/05/2021

Thank you

Wow, I'm shocked she tuned in very quickly and picked up on how I have been feeling recently - told me about the man in question. Couldn't tell me if we would get back together or not just said the chance would be there.... Fingers crossed

Jasmin From West Midlands On 11/05/2021

Wouldn’t go to again

She kept asking me questions, rather than picking up anything or without my telling her. She was aggressive in her manner and tone. She was up in mountains she said and couldn’t hear me. Very bad connection, very bad telephone line and bad reader.

Sara From U.K. On 13/04/2021


So pleased I was able to speak to Daphne , picked up on my situation with little information and described my POI exactly , given me hope things will sort out

Sue From Uk On 06/04/2021

Good connection

I had spoken to Daphne before and she works with silently connecting with her guides. She had answers to my initial questions/concerns so I am happy about the reading :-) After all, I was phoning her about advice, not to tell me what I wanted to hear..

Annette From Spain On 11/03/2021

Healing energy

She tuned in very clearly, and everything she said rang true to me. I even felt quite comforted after the call. Thanks for the positive caring attitude, I really needed it.

Christine From Essex On 23/02/2021

A really excellent, genuine reader

I’ve tried to leave a review in the past, but It didn’t show up for some reason. I find this reader very accurate and trustworthy, she worked really hard to tune into everything I asked about, and I felt much better for it. She doesn’t say superficial, silly things, and I feel relaxed talking to her. I will come back to Daphne. So I hope this review shows up because she deserves good feedback and is a very genuine psychic.

From On 20/02/2021

Not for me

From On 18/02/2021


Just said words, painted a picture that was real and also had looooong pauses

OG From LDN On 10/02/2021

Kind of rude

I understand that there won't always be a connection with the person reading for you, & knew she wasn't picking anything up with me. It felt like she was stabbing in the dark, and when I tried to give her some facts about a situation, she snapped at me for disagreeing with what she had come with. I know my situation, I have lived it. Being psychic does not make you right about everything every time. I had to end the call after a few seconds.

Doesn't matter From London On 08/02/2021


Feeling more confident about my life. Kind lady, she helped me a lot and I really enjoyed my reading.

Jodi From Brighton On 16/01/2021

Very vague

Asked too many questions. Felt like she was just making assumptions.

Char From Dublin On 05/01/2021

Awesome Reading!!!

I've tried to leave a review for Daphne but it doesn't seem to come up. Anyways, she is an amazing psychic who tunes into my questions relatively quickly and is able to explain in detail what comes up. Everything she says resonates and it's just like a flow of information pouring out ☺️. She's very honest and that's why I call her (no sugarcoating). I've been given some predictions which I am looking forward too and will update my review. Thanks Daphne

Emmanuella From UK On 18/12/2020

Not for me

Asked for a general reading and whilst she picked up immediately on the situation in my love life, all she did was tell me what my POI was thinking and how they are struggling. All very interesting but I asked for a reading about me, not a psychanalysis of someone else. She clearly feels that she is a psychologist which is a shame because this is really not what I wanted.

sarah From UK On 17/12/2020

Lovely reading

Daphne was so genuine in how she tuned into me and the man I love. Very, very reassuring.

From On 11/12/2020

A very empathic and clear reading

Everything Daphne said was clear and made total sense. I felt very comfortable talking to her.

From On 27/11/2020

Love talking to Daphne

She picks up everything straight away and is very trustworthy. Will be back for more, she is definitely my go to.

Sarah From Leicester On 24/11/2020

Amazing confirmation

This reader surprised me by quoting the exact same words my boyfriend used. It really helped, because now I can trust that what he’s saying to me is true.

Emma From London On 21/11/2020

A super kind reader

She was so patient and supportive. Made me feel so much better. Thank you

From On 19/11/2020

very disappointed

first if all i love trusted psychics and am a long time clientell very shicked and disapointed this lady asked my date of birth i said iam over 18 then she hung up herself huge missteak

rose From uk On 14/11/2020


I asked her about work she told me I would get work but when I asked her if I would find a good long term job that I was happy in or just a job to get me by she told me she couldn’t answer or help me and hung up on me It doesn’t take a physic to tell you you’ll get a job eventually if you keep looking indefinitely

Sacha-lee From Australia On 14/11/2020


Daphne tuned into my situation well and picked up many things and explains things clearly. She is also very pleasant.

Zoe From UK On 12/11/2020


Pls publish my review. This woman is racist. As soon as she hears a foreign nane, she ends the call. A reader should not be biased & judgmental. She is not worthy to be here on this platform.

Anonymous From Uk On 12/10/2020


Found, this reader, unhelpful rude, Ended call

Miss Belinda J Carroll From East Kilbride On 09/10/2020


No compassion very dismissive when asked how to look at my situation in a positive light...Going through a hard time and offered no to little ray of light during this isolation society.Got defensive when asked to clarify psychic projections. Picked up on a few things that's why rang back but overall attitude towards isolation was cold hearted, makes me doubt her predictions.

From On 08/10/2020

Brilliant reader

Absolutely love talking with Daphne she is always spot on! One of the best readings I’ve ever had on here, really enjoyed my reading, lovely compassionate lady! I would recommend to all my friends, can’t wait to speak again soon! Thanks so much Daphne you always make me feel so much better and positive ❤️❤️

Jodie From Birmingham On 07/10/2020

Asking to many questions will not phone her again

From On 06/10/2020

Good Psychic BUT...

Good psychic but as the title says, i felt attacked. If as was not given time to talk but cut in a very harsh and patronising way. I am a Heyoka Empath, just this tone of voice was hurting me. And i am a Spiritual Teacher and coach. If i would talk to people like that, i would never help them to heal. We need to make others feel we understand and not being judgmental nor are they being told off by the headmaster. Always you love and compassion in any given situation. I was not there to critisize the guy i was asking about because this is the timeline he is resonating on. I just wanted to make sense of it logically as i feel most of the time. If you could be more gentle and compassionate wld be great. There is no good or bad only perception and we are all here to learn and grow. A little kindness goes a long way. Hope you find that place.

Zara From Manchester On 05/10/2020

Truly Gifted

Precise, to the point and compassionate. Thank you for shining light on the truth, I can move forward with clarity and love.

O From Australia On 22/08/2020

On point Accurate

She was really able to tune and and pick up the exact energy, one of the most accurate psychics i've come across, I did not have to tell her much for her to pick up information. Detailed and to the point, she was also super lovely giving me advice i really needed right now in life. Thank you so much!!!

Srey From Boston On 14/08/2020


Wow what a amazing soul. Absolutely amazing psychic. I would highly recommend daphne she is the best on here. ❤️

Julia From Berkshire On 13/07/2020

Not impressed

Rang to ask about my relationship and about the POI. I rang so I can get answers instead she is asking me for the answers? Not psychic very vague was totally of. Nit psychic in my opinion.

From On 11/07/2020

Very good

Just had reading with daphne such lovely lady knows her stuff give her try xx

Debs From Scotland On 18/05/2020


Woaaahhh this lady is unreal. she described what I looked like without telling her a thing! She tunes in so well and is so calm with a lovely tone. and straight to the point without rushing or asking questions. I will definitely call back when things unfold with the guy we spoke about :) xxx

From On 06/05/2020


Works with just DOB that’s all she needs, lovely reading, very confident and patient. ⭐️ Thank you

Noname From Nowhere On 04/05/2020


amazing reader, picked up easierly, brilliant honest reader. love her to bits

Singlegirl From Australia On 04/05/2020

She’s spot on with the current emotional state of myself and my poi. Future predictions not so much.

From On 26/04/2020

Amazing woman

I couldn't have picked such an amazing psychic today. Daphne was spot on about everything. Able to tune into me and my ex's energy. She knew so much about how I got hurt, how I leant my ex money. It was really heart lifting to be able to talk to someone who knew and felt my hurt It was like talking to a close friend. She was non judgemental and very encouraging. Thank you Daphne for such an honest reading and lifting me up just when my energy was so low. I needed it and left me feeling so much better. Please do try her. You won't be disappointed at all. Her connection is quick and on point x

CM From UK On 24/04/2020

Great reading!

Picked up details & patiently went through issues and have good guidance

J From London On 24/04/2020

Thank you

Thanks for a lovely reading. Sorry we were cut off. Great to connect with a likeminded soul. I look forward to seeing my reading unfold. Bless you, love & light

Nikki From London On 20/04/2020

Extraordinary gift

Daphne asked little questions and her insights into the situation is very precise. Not only does she provide an accurate view on what is going on both sides but offers a deep understanding too. Awesome reader!

Steph From france On 20/04/2020


This lovely lady is a superb reader. She gave excellent validation and described my current situation and person involved in great detail. She had remarkable insight into us both and for that reason I felt her prediction to be based on real psychic ability. Highly, highly recommended. Thank you very much Daphne.

S.M. From Oxfordshire On 19/04/2020


Picked up immediately why I’d phoned . Has given me hope that my gut feeling about my current situation will work out as long as I remain patient . Thank you

Sue From Gloucestershire On 13/04/2020


She was so accurate about my situation. She is amazing. My battery died in the middle of my reading so I will definitely be calling back. Thank you.

N From London On 11/04/2020


Wow really connects well. No prompting. Just name DOB and dives straight in.

Kamari From Bromley On 06/04/2020

Fantastic reading

My mins cut off and so gutted could of spoken to her for hours! My relationship situation is very complex and she literally got everything to a t. Even things he’d told me word for word. Gave good realistic predictions but also asked if would be ok to give a bit of advice women to to women and I love that it just showed how much she genuinely wanted to help on a personal level and psychic level too. She has a clear connection with spirit. Really great reading she will be very busy soon x

From On 02/04/2020

Very good

I have a lot of readings and can pretty much tell when someone is cold reading (genuine or not). This lady was lovely and picked up on the situation without prompting. Give her a go and leave a review. She has the potential to be busy

Tash From Manchester On 30/03/2020

Deep, insightful reading

Intelligent, deep, understanding, mature, no sugar-coating. I loved the reading :)

Aleks From UK On 27/03/2020


Had a wonderful reading with Daphne. She was so lovely and picked up on my situation. She was able to pick up on duration, my emotions and others emotions so well. I would definitely recommend.

Emmanuella From UK On 26/03/2020

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