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When a loved one or friend “comes through” I am totally focused on the reading and can sometimes give relevant names, and describe the person and their personality so that there will be no doubt who that person is. I have 30 years experience in private/groups/churches. I'm also a Teacher of meditation and mindfulness. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 6270



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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am foremost a spiritualist medium. With this skill comes a vast knowledge of the spirit realm and how to channel that energy into messages for the client. I use the tarot cards briefly at the beginning of a reading and this may progress on to using a pendulum to Answer yes/no questions at the end.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have been aware of spirit since an early age although I didn’t really start using my gift until my early 30’s. I began going to the local spiritualist church and ended up giving readings and mediumship from the platform and encouraging “fledgling mediums” on their own journey by holding workshops and spiritual learning meetings at the church.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I believe my other skills to be friendly, approachable, not easily shocked and compassionate. Ive had a lot of life experiences and spirit use these experiences so that I can empathise with the client ; such as relationships and career paths. I like to think I have a sense of humour- for instance “the life of Brian” made me laugh. I’m sure it made God laugh too. I have my own personal beliefs and would never voice them to clients. I have a knowledge of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah islam etc and I find it helps when talking to a client who may not have a Christian background. I am currently learning Arabic but definitely no where near speaking/understanding much as yet!

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Bella was incredible, picked up on situations in my life immediately and was 100% accurate! Amazing and so lovely! Thank you!

Janine From London On 04/07/2022

Thank you Bella

This lady is authentic. She is accurate and authentic. Bella, I will definitely be calling you again and updating you on Florence! Thank you for your energy during the reading.

Carrie From UK On 20/06/2022

Very good

Just had reading with Bella so good it just flowed with information thanks Bella can’t wait for predictions to happen xxxx

Debs From Scotland On 26/05/2022

100 stars ⭐️

Oh my gosh. I can’t believe the things that Bella picked up about my POI. Things that no one else would know. I got goosebumps! She was able to describe his physical features! Amazing. Her accuracy was delivered with some compassion and she knows how to have a laugh. This is the second reading I’ve had with Bella and it was very consistent. Validations after validations. Cannot wait for her predictions to come to fruition. I have NO doubts that they will! Thank you so much Bella, you’re truly amazing ❤️❤️

Tara From Australia On 16/05/2022

From On 11/05/2022

She was good

She was confident and she didn't dig for info. She said with confidence my partner is manipulating and guided me through what she saw. I've just come away from an emotionally abuse relationship and needed some strength to know it wasnt me. Thank you Bella.

Sharon From Lincolnshire On 22/04/2022


Bella jumps right in and is spot on with so much detail. All of her predictions came true for my own business and the love of my life! THANK YOU BELLA & GOD BLESS

Sam From Sydney On 16/04/2022


Bella jumps right in and is spot on with so much detail. All of her predictions came true for my own business and the love of my life! THANK YOU BELLA & GOD BLESS

Sam From Sydney On 16/04/2022

Was ok

From On 15/02/2022


My second reading with Bella and she connected straight away as before. Authentic, gifted and very pleasant lady to talk to!

J From London On 10/02/2022


Just had my first reading with Bella, have to say I'm blown away by what she told me. No questions asked, she just went straight into it, even telling me I was eating too many Mars Bars, which I was doing yesterday! If I could give Bella 100 stars I would and hopefully I will talk to her again. Bella is the REAL DEAL, Nice to talk to and very powerful reading. Thank You Bella xxx

Fran From Scotland On 16/01/2022

Very detailed

One of the best readings I’ve had.. very detailed and accurate. Gave me a peace of my mind about my situation, I’ll be back soon to see if Abby thing changes. Thank you x

Tal From Yorkshire On 11/12/2021

Genuinely Gifted ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bella your a lovely reader, no fishing around straight to the point. The information flows rapidly and the accuracy is phenomenal. Thank you love you so much ❤️.

Cheshire Billie From Cheshire On 23/11/2021

Brilliant reader really good Medium!

Oh Bella u are real physic thank you so much for reading l definitely recommend you!! She is no1. For Medium too!! My Babuska u know why l call u like this :) l will be in contact again god bless xxx

Nikol From Wales On 30/09/2021

Best reader ever..

She is extremely accurate, talented, warm, and concise. I was flabbergasted with the accuracy of her reading. What a brilliant reader..I will call her again, and again. I say, probably she is the best!!

Hat From London On 22/09/2021

Genuine reader

Had to leave a review! Extremely accurate and concise . No time wasting give this lady a call. X

Sam From Cheshire On 19/07/2021


Thank you for a lovely reading this lunchtime 21/5/21 picked up on things right away, can't wait for things to start happening, 5 stars will phone again in a few months thanks

Susan From On 21/05/2021


Bella is a fast, gifted psychic with a strong spiritual connection. She was able to link in with personalities and knew outcomes without shuffling cards and gave me clear answers to a complex matter. Her manner is warm, compassionate and I left the reading feeling grateful and blessed to be connected to her. Thank you- will be returning for another reading.

Usha From London On 17/05/2021

Beautiful soul

As the song goes , Bella your simply the best , I will be back , many blessings and much love Xxxxxxx

Sandy From Uk On 10/05/2021

Not sure

I thought she was on the ball But a few things she said didn’t ring true so only time will tell ! Lovely lady tho x

H From On 06/05/2021

I’m not sure

I didn’t really get any real validations which I’m surprised about because of the positive reviews ? Very generic ! Lovely lady but I’m not sure

H From On 01/05/2021


just had an amazing reading from Bella, she is definitely a good reader :) very accurate! she's lovely as well

Deb From On 26/04/2021

Amazing ❣️

Bella is so fast and accurate, she tunes in well to your situation❤️❤️❤️ I really loved my reading with Bella

Maz From Australia On 25/04/2021


Lovely lady. Kind and approachable. Accurate relevant information . No reading of card definitions, natural psychic.

Mandy From Cheshire On 16/04/2021

Just had reading from Bella very good and lovely lady can’t wait for things to come true and happen xx

Debs From Scotland On 30/03/2021

Genuinely Gifted

Look no further than Bella. She sees all and picks it up in an instant. Information is delivered in a calm and reassuring way - brilliant.

Bob From Newcastle On 29/03/2021


She’s ok, picks up on things well enough but is very repetitive.

D From London On 25/03/2021

Genuinely gifted medium

Bella is uplifting and connected to spirit for sure. She will try to get the answer you need through these connections.

J From UK On 17/03/2021

Amazingly Connected

Bella is the real deal. Amazingly connected and a lovely woman to boot - what more do you want!

Bob From Tynemouth On 08/03/2021

The Best


Flower From Cardiff On 20/02/2021


Was feeling quite low gave Bella a ring she was very accurate brought my Auntie and late husband through from spirit. She also answered some questions that I needed to know the answers. Also some predictions for the future. Was a positive reading. Can't understand why she doesn't have more reviews because she knows what she is talking about. Will call again. Thank you. 04/02/2021

S From Mids On 04/02/2021

Amazingly gifted

Bella may have no reviews at present, but she is seriously GOOD. There are many new readers on here that i've trued with 0 reviews and it makes sense why.. but with Bella, nope do not be put off. No endless questions no shuffling over and over no gimmicks just flowing ACCURATE to a T information, honestly its crazy how accurate, reluctant to post this as I want her to stay more available so I can get through! But she deserves this review x 100. Uncanny gift and I am without a doubt going to be a regular.. thanks Bella

From Midlands On 02/02/2021

Lovely chat

Thank you Bella. Wonderful kind lady. Lots of correct details.

Jackie From Suffolk On 26/01/2021

Bella im so sorry i got cut off - hope i can catch you again... 1.50pm 21st jan

From On 21/01/2021

Excellent reader

Spot on without any prompting . Information just flows, beautifully connected reader

Selena From London On 12/01/2021

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