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I'm a tarot reader & skilled psychic who aims to find the cause of any problem or confusion you may be facing and find a solution to overcome any obstacle to find clarity and peace in your life PIN 6075



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True Psychic

Lisa, immediately tuned into my situation and gave the most accurate and enlighten information about POI. She is a true psychic. I was completely blown away for 40 minutes. Gave the best advice too. She is brilliant.

Sammy From UK On 09/07/2022


Sue From Derby On 07/07/2022

Very kind, intuitive, warm

Thanks Lisa, the conversation was exactly what I needed even when I started out with close to no clarity. Very intuitive, very empathetic, picked up my situation very well, and helped me see things in a different perspective. When I first got connected to you, my world seemed to be in a whirlwind and at the end of our conversations, the waters seemed have calm down and I could see things more clearly with your help…if that makes sense… Thank you Lisa, hope to speak to you again soon.

S From UK On 18/06/2022

Much in demand, and much admired

Dear Lisa What a pleasure it was to speak again, a while after our first reading. You are like gold dust - hope to re-connect soon.

Sarah From North Yorkshire On 05/05/2022


It was such a pleasure to speak to Lisa as we connected straightaway. Extremely intuitive, immediately understood issues and has a sharp and clever mind. Discussed very important matters and other things which I hadn't even thought of, but she was on the ball, relaxed, caring and understanding. I cannot rate her highly enough and would choose her first. A very special and kind lady - hard to beat.

Sarah From Yorkshire On 18/04/2022


Hi Lisa, I wanted to let you know one of your predictions was correct. I am just need to wait for the other two. Thank you k xx

Kat From UK On 18/03/2022

Love reading

Hi Lisa thankful for ymy ur great uplifting accurate readings and some of ythem it predictions are starting to unfold been trying to get hold of you to night but every one else keeps getting in there first hope I can get hold of you soon Marie

Marie From Uk On 28/01/2022

Lovely, warm approach

Called re situation with friebd/love interest.. really supported me in the situation and asked some helpful questions to help me think or suggestions to put a different light on things. Very enjoyable reading. Got to the energy quickly.

Clare From MERSEYSIDE On 15/01/2022


LISA is a Kind Caring Professional . She tuned intowho can alleviate your stress by giving you ALL he answers about your problem albeit love life o health and makes you laugh and feel at ease. She also tuned into a past problem which was causing a friend's anxiety and did so in great detail which made perfect sense. Please call her as she is mega accurate with emotions, feelings and the situation which worries you most. Her energy is amazing and though she makes you laugh she always returns to the problem offering a psychic solution which you may have thought of anyway so she IS in tune with the COSMOS at all times in every situation I can think of. Will call her again to let her know how things go. Worth every penny and more.

ANNA From SCOTLAND(Born In England) On 18/12/2021

Deep connection

What a wonderful and compassionate and intuitive reader. She connects well with me and my guru to pass on timeless, sacred and poignant words of wisdom. Thank you Lisa.

Angela From Sandbach On 16/07/2021

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