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I began seeing auras and having intuitive dreams as a small child. My maternal grandmother also started appearing to me in dreams and giving me advice and warnings from the other side, she had passed over before I was born. My family are a part of the travelling community and for generations my female relatives have been using tarot readings to guide and assist people. I use my Tarot deck to pick up the spiritual energy from my callers while they ask their questions. PIN: 6034



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My mother taught me to channel my gifts into tarot cards so I could make sense of what was being shown to me from the other side. For the last 20 years I have been giving insight and readings using my tarot deck which is a family heirloom and was first used by my great grandmother. When you call me for clarity, you can expect a compassionate non judgemental tarot reading. I can ask the other side for answers to any specific questions you may have regarding love or work for example or we can just do a general in depth reading to give you insight into your future. I am intuitive and caring and extremely dedicated to what I do. You will experience a professional and calming reading from me.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I use my Tarot deck to pick up the spiritual energy from my callers while they ask their questions. I then ask my spirit guide (my grandmother) to help me interpret what messages the cards have for my caller.


CALL 0904 007 0663

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was four years old when my gifts became apparent and to begin with I found them very confusing. As my mother and grandmother taught me to use the tarot deck to make sense of what I was seeing and hearing I became more concise with my readings. The spirit world is often quite esoteric with its messages and it has taken me many years to learn how to interpret correctly what i'm shown by the cards. I have been to many spiritual retreats and I meditate daily to strengthen my connection to the spirit world.

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Got so much clarity after speaking to u, nothing but excellent and so genuine. Connected with me well, no judgement on me or the person whatsoever. Gave some time frames, more than that gave me answers. Felt like I was talking to a friend.

Sanya From Australia On 14/09/2020


Thank you for a fantastic call. This reader connected with me instantly and was so precise in everything she told me. A really enjoyable reading. Friendly and easy to talk to.

Emma From Aberdeen On 25/08/2020

Angel in disguise

Absolute super star

Johanna From Essex On 21/08/2020

One of the predictions happened

Hi evageline i wanted to leave a second review as one of the predictions came true u said you see a contract and i had a phone call from different company and its all happened so quick and they called me to come in on monday as you predicted thank you i will ring back when you are on again

Den From London On 17/08/2020


Sorry ran out of credit thank you you were really right with everything x

From On 03/08/2020

Bloody Good!

This was my first time speaking with Evangeline and I know it will not be the last, she is clear, concise and she definitely connected with my POI, and reason for calling, what I love about her is that she is honest, if she can’t see something she will not tell you otherwise, she is completely honest and authentic, additionally she is very easy to talk to, I’ve found that sometimes the reader and the clients energy sometimes just don't mix well, but immediately I felt a good connection with her, she is honestly amazing and certainly one of my few faves, thanks Evangeline, loved speaking with you, and I 100% recommend a reading. Melissa x

From On 02/08/2020


Thank you Evie for a marvellous reading, you confirmed everything I'm feeling about my situation, no messing about and straight to the point. I appreciate your time today. Xxx

Carrie From Perth On 09/07/2020

Prediction came in

You predicted contact today and even gave the rough time.. just to let you no you was fabulously spot on.. Thank you Evangeline xx

From On 05/07/2020

Very good

I enjoyed talking to Evangeline, she was honest and was able to see what was going on right now. As she got that 100% correct I have faith in her predictions. She doesn't suger coat and will give you a real reality reading so you know what to expect. She is very keen to ensure if she can see their is no future with someone she rather save you the heart break down the line and tell you now. She tells you the truth and then its up to you to decide how to make your own decision. There was some things I didn't like hearing, but i heard them directly from my mans I knew she was authentic and correct. I extended my time with her as much as some of the things was painful to hear....4 times...but out of the 4 ...i have hope on 1 prediction coming true. Will come back and let you know. I will defo be calling her again. I have been on this line for about 1 year and felt u have used many callers and she deserved my time and review. Keep doing what you do, never dis service anyone based on what you think they may want to hear, we pay good money to hear the truth...even if at the time it its comfortable, we reflect and think about it after the call.

Kulvinder From Leeds On 04/07/2020

a real psychic

Evie is probably one of the few real psychics I've encountered, she reads a situation straight away without any information and is amazing how accurate she is. Also, she has such a kind heart and gentle voice and is so genuine. I can't say thank you enough and will definitely be calling back soon!

olivia From uk On 03/07/2020

5 Stars and more

Evie is so lovely, was like speaking to a close friend. Got my situation spot on without any input from me. Highly recommend. She told me what my gut instinct/intuition was telling me. She doesn’t keep you on the call any longer than needed. x

From Aberdeen On 01/07/2020


Evangeline was an absolute breath of fresh air. Very accurate and honest. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a true reader to talk to

Nikki From Llanhilleth On 29/06/2020


Fairly standard.

Paul From London On 23/06/2020

Great Reader

Evie picked up on my situation straight away and was really positive and confirmed what other readers had said but with even more detail! I look forward to her predictions coming in and will update once they do! Thank you xx

Joanne From London On 13/06/2020

Good reading but

I have put a review several times but never posted had a few readings but do her predictions come true I am losing faith and doubting

Mand From Uk On 09/06/2020


Just had my second reading with Evie and once again she was spot on about things. she never sugar coats and only tells you what she sees. Not only did she validate my intuition, she gave tips on how to move forward. Thanks so much Evie and I'll keep you updated on things. Kelly x

Kelly From Scotland On 07/06/2020

Once again thank you

Spot on as always. Take care of yourself too

From UK On 06/04/2020


Once again a pleasure, talk soon, amazing insights on both sides, love you forever xx

H From Wolves On 25/01/2020

Sweet person

As a Top reader myself of 30 years I thought I’d call this sweet sounding young lady myself. Thank you for an honest reading in line with my colleagues that read also. Move of home shortly marriage to long term partner happy contentment and about time after 21 years of dating! Lol.. thanks Evie keep up your honesty it’s needed I respect the way you read. I hope you continue your spiritual pathway for many years in truth love and light Juliet

From On 23/01/2020

Fabulous angel

Thank you so much you gave me clarity and really connected you told me exactly the truth and good things come to those who wait ! Ahahahah I’m waiting I will let you know how it turns out !

Carina From London On 16/01/2020

Very good

Had reading other day was spot on my daughter was amazed with her reading thank you x

Debs From Scotland On 15/01/2020


What a wonderful reader, picked up on everything without saying anything - worth at least 10 stars

Tina From On 13/01/2020

Genuine and lovely reader

Patience til Easter. I will be thrilled to get contact over Festive Season and further next year. Many thanks.

DCR From CT On 08/12/2019

Magnificent reader on here, when I come back my voice will be on point. I’ll be taking some lemon, ginger & hot water in the meantime. Thank you!!!!

From On 08/12/2019


Thank you, i think your amazing, spot on, excellent communications when dealing with difficult messages. thank you so much

Harminder From W On 28/11/2019

Really good!

Surprise does not have more reviews

From London On 20/11/2019


Felt good connection to Evi-lovely lady and answered my questions about POI- hoping her predictions come true. I know I will call her again - superb reader!!

S From Midlands On 04/10/2019


Amazing reading!

From On 01/10/2019


She is superb reader, connects beautiful, readings are fast and full of information. She is skilled and talented thanks

Pranav From Midlands On 30/09/2019


Thank you

From On 25/09/2019

Superb Reader!

She is elegant and classy, and gives great detailed reading. She is lovely too speak too and brisk reading . give loads of information thanks really skilled and talented

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/09/2019

One of the Best

I have spoken to Evangeline on a number of occasions and have always found her to be very supportive and encouraging which I find is what you need when you are feeling low. As she predicted, a major event has come to pass in my life and I couldn't be more excited. I would definitely recommend Evangeline to anyone looking or a reading as she tells it like it is and doesn't sugarcoat anything. Truly Amazing. Thank you Evangeline xx

Col From UK On 14/09/2019

Super cool and talented!

She is super cool, and really empathetic and kind, gives a great reading every time. She has all the skills, and always gives a solid reading Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 07/09/2019


She's amazing, picks up so quickly and is spot on. Thank you sweetie, love talking to you xx

Hann From London On 31/08/2019

My go to reader

Brilliant as always, she tells it like it is and is quick to connect. Thanks Evangeline xx

Ann From London On 23/08/2019

Fantastic reading

Fab reading she so lovely and very honest. Hoping my situation will turn out positive

Gillian From Cheshire On 05/08/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is talented and gifted, love speaking to her, funny and cute

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/08/2019

To the point no questions

Evangeline was spot on in her reading of my relationship issues. She didn't ask lots of leading questions and gave useful advice and predictions . Evangeline is my new go to psychic for relationships

lucy From essex On 03/08/2019

Everyone needs an Evangeline

This woman is tremendous - in 9 minutes she restored my faith, direction, confidence and mojo. I was feeling a bit crushed through the general rigours of life - and lost sight of the great stuff that I could still make happen and improve my world. Her insights were bang on.

Warren From Cambs On 16/07/2019


Had reading with Evangeline very very good spot on nice talk to give her try you won’t be disappointed xx

Debs From Scotland On 12/07/2019


Just had a reading with Evangeline and she asked no questions just started telling me what was going on and was spot on with everything. Her predictions and things she picked up on were the same as my go to person on here Sadie! Would definitely recommend a reading with Evangeline! X

J From London On 11/07/2019


I was put through to Evangeline and I felt her reading matched top readers, her predictions were the same as other top readers Sadie, mystic may, etc.... I just hope my predictions come fruition.... I will definitely comment back if they do happen! Thank you Evangeline! X

T From London On 07/07/2019

I have just come off the phone after a reading which give me such insight into my future. Amazing xxx

Ruth From West Midlands On 05/07/2019


I couldn't get through to a recommended reader so I scrolled through to connect with the next available Reader! The reading lasted 20 minutes and she picked up my uncertainty within the areas I asked for. She connected spiritually and with great sincerity. Often we need to dig deep as we know the answers but that's easier said than done.

Maxine From Kent On 23/06/2019

Thank you.

Two words say it all.. Bloody Brilliant! X

Evie From Scotland On 22/06/2019

My new go to

Love this lass felt like talking to a friend ! Really really accurate on 2 people from the past described them to a T such an honest ready £ No fairy tale bull ! Thank you so much ! My new go to ! Xxxxxx

Hannah From On 19/06/2019


Wow, what an awesome lady. Have just had a very positive reading and am so glad it was Evangeline who I got through to. Am now feeling hopeful about my future and what is to come after feeling very down for quite a while and I have you to thank for putting me in a more optimistic frame of mind. Thank you very much and take care xx

C From UK On 04/06/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is amazing reader. picks really well highly gifted and sharp. thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 26/05/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is amazing, connects really well... very gifted and smart.. thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 23/05/2019

Thank you

Thank you

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 23/05/2019


Really lovely genuine lady who gave a really in-depth and lengthy reading, thoroughly enjoyed, would recommend!

Ben Rothery From York UK On 14/05/2019

Lovely Reader

Is understanding and picks up straight away. Gives hope and reassurance. A good reading. Waiting for prediction to come true in June.

Anna From London On 11/05/2019

Lovely reader

Evangeline was honest, accurate and friendly . I’d definitely recommend her!

Selena From London On 26/04/2019

Really good

Top class reader

From On 06/04/2019

Thank you

Thank you for the reading, the clarity and the honesty. I look forward to your predictions coming in. Speak soon

Claire From Scotland On 30/03/2019



DIANA From SOUTHPORT On 16/03/2019


Evangeline was so spot on and great reading thank you so much xx

Juliana From Ni On 02/03/2019


she is wonder woman, very talented n super cool loved speaking to you.. u got everything so right and picked really well and gave a clear and concise picture to me thanks a lot

Pranav From Midlands On 31/01/2019

Very intuitive

I felt like I was talking to a friend! Such a lovely person and Very easy to talk to. 100% honest! And knew my situation very well! Looking forward to the predictions. God bless x

Nish From London On 13/01/2019

Great reader

Had a few readings with Evangeline, some of her predictions have come true and waiting on others, she is fast becoming one of my go to readers. Very intuitive and spot on.

H From London On 12/01/2019

Just phenominal - amazing!!

Thank you so much evei, you tapped right in and managed to give a clear picture of how things stand and how they will develop - love the wait and be patient.. story of my life. But you had great insight into everything and I look forward to things developing and a lovely future with the man of my dreams (and his!1)10 stars!!!! magic lady..

Libran From Aus On 10/01/2019

Clear reading

Evangelines reading was very clear and concise and picked up on two points that I had not mentioned and could have no way of knowing i was speechless. Still in shock!!

Eileen Barber From Luton South On 17/12/2018

Excellent reader

Wow this lady is the real deal! She was so good that I couldn't believe it. I would certainly recommend her. One of the best readers on this site.

Marianna From Surrey On 26/11/2018

Excellent reader

Wow this lady is the real deal! She was so good that I couldn't believe it. I would certainly recommend her. One of the best readers on this site.

Marianna From Surrey On 26/11/2018

Thank you

Thank you for your reading you seemed to what my partner was like it all made sense you nailed it on the head I really hope you are right with the future things you said I will let you know thank you so much

From On 20/10/2018

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