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Having been a Psychic Tarot and Oracle Card Reader for many years I now specialise in 'General' and 'Love and Relationships' Readings. My Spirit Guides assist me by providing images, words, or by sending shivers down my back to confirm that what I am saying to my Clients is correct. Initially I use my many beloved Decks, mixed in with a sprinkling of astronomy, as a tool and then with the help of my Spirit Guides I gain insight into present and future feelings and events. PIN: 5556



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Initally I use my many Beloved Decks, mixed in with a sprinkling of astronomy, as a tool and then with the help of my Spirit Guides I gain insight into present and future feelings and events. The information I give will always be for the greater good centered on the areas the Client is seeking clarity upon.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My Spiritual Journey started at the tender age of 13 when I was gifted a deck of Tarot Cards. During a 15 year timeframe following personal trauma I undertook several courses and, after developing myself spiritually, since 2013 I have regularly 'Read' for both Clients and Friends at: Psychic Evenings, in their own homes, plus during Charity Events and Fayres. The feedback I have obtained has now spurred me on to share my 'Gift' further.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Over more recent months I have assisted Clients via the use of Candle Magik. To be more effective this his to always coincide with the Moon Phases, which I can advise on. I also have a knowledge of the body's energy zones, which may be blocked. My aim is always to uplift my Client making my Readings a very special experience.

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No words

I had my first reading with you today and top up twice as everything you pick up was spot on... just amazing! I will wait till the big blow out and contact... with my poker face! You are truly amazing and gifted. Thank you so much for helping me today. Xx

Celia From Uk On 19/02/2021


I barely spoke and she picked up on my situation so so accurately. Amazing reader

Ara From London On 23/11/2020

Spectacular Reading

I had a Reading with Miss Teak last night and I couldn't help but Top Up my minutes as she was soo On point with everything, she brought clarity to my situation, she knew exactly the energies around my loved ones and the way she would describe me and everyone is like she met us and she knows , she wasn't even asking questions, she knew what she was doing

Nico From United Kingdom On 26/10/2020

My Thanks To You!

You are a Caring Reader so I am updating you with my Good News ! - I did like you said for a couple of weeks and... he finally rang me today! What you told me was what had actually happened! You are truly amazing! You must continue to help people! - We need YOU!!

Maggie From Basildon On 10/10/2020

Came True

This amazing lady has helped me so much. She predicted that i would fly in October, I didn't believe her at the time but OMG so I am travelling soon. Thank you for your guidance and the Psychic WACKS towards him. They always work and he always calls !!!

From On 17/09/2020

Such A Star!

Miss Teak he came back with his tail between his legs just like you said he would. And in the time frame you said too. Thanks a million for helping me through our rough patch! You are legend!

Suzy From Oz land On 28/08/2020

Candle Magic Is Working

Miss T you are helping me so much! I value our conversations as you are really helping me through these bad times. I cant wait to speak to you again as everything you say is coming TRUE!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! You really do have an amazing Gift! Speak soon I hope!! Your Man from Welsh Wales

Domonic From Deepest Wales On 21/08/2020


I had a reading with her and predictions happended after a few hours. It was his sister. Thank you. Excellent connection with her spirit guides and interpretation of tarot cards.

Leena From ipswich On 15/08/2020


everything you said in my last reading happend I found out the truth I was right was just clouded I will call again everything unfolded

From On 07/07/2020


Had reading with this lady a good few weeks ago found her professional polite understanding will call again

Ursula From Basildon On 19/06/2020

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