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I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502



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The best

Spoke to Heather today and she was so lovely. Very reassuring of the situation I'm in & picked up accurately what's happening, where no one else did. Even asked do I have a son and I'd never mentioned him, and described him perfectly. Is always so calm, with a beautiful happy vibe that leaves me feeling uplifted. Thank you Heather, I really needed your light today. X

Mia From Australia On 21/04/2022

Please post

Heather is a lovely lady but tells you what do you want to hear

D From Surrey On 06/03/2022

Changed tact/ what she was saying when it didn’t fit. I’m not a hundred percent that she’s actually psychic. Maybe she is? But the keyword is ‘maybe.’ It’s up to the reader to leave the caller in no doubt because of the specific ness and accuracy of the info they provide. She didn’t do that.,

From On 26/01/2022

Not for me

I asked for a reading not counselling!

. From . On 24/01/2022

Said some things that didn’t resonate. Then when I explained why she changed what she said to make it fit. No thank u

From On 15/01/2022

Beautiful Reader

Where do I begin? What a lovely reader who is so in tune with the energy around me. I have called Heather every week for a couple of months. She's always been very accurate with her readings and picks up on so many things. Cannot recommend her enough. Fabulous

PM From West Midlands On 29/11/2021

Lovely reading

Just to thank you for your insight, listening ear and helping me see things from a different perspective in a very strange situation with 2 other people.

Clare From MERSEYSIDE On 15/10/2021

Prediction was correct!

Thank you Heather you predicted correctly that we would get together .. and we did ! Hopefully the next meeting you predicted too will happen ....lovely lady to talk to as well.

Manda From Sussex On 22/08/2021


First Heather told me I was going to have a long term relationship with my boyfriend, then she later on a second reading told me my boyfriend had cheated on me. I checked this with several other readers and they said this was incorrect information and he had NOT done this at all. All these readers gave me exact details about my boyfriend which Heather did not. So she managed to mess with my mind by what she said based on pulling a certain tarot card rather than connecting to spirits like the other readers did.

Chloe From Scotland On 25/06/2021


Predictions happened like u said

Victoria From Truro On 13/04/2021

Spot on

Spot on predictions happened on the correct day

Vic From Truro On 13/04/2021

Good but

She’s good and does connect but she tries to lead the reading and it’s hard to get what you want answered

H From Midlands On 12/04/2021

Your Prediction were correct

Please post this. Thank you Heather, your predictions of me passing my exams with good marks was spot on. Thank you for helping with my negativity and anxiety. Will call you soon xx

Kath From Uk On 26/03/2021

Highly efficient

Had my second reading with Heather today. She connected to my situation very quick and told me things that she was not suppose to know! I am floored! Can't wait for her predictions to come to pass. I'll definitely reach out again.

Anuradha From England On 02/03/2021

Prediction did not come to pass

This probably won’t get posted, but I hope it does. Unfortunately, prediction did not come to pass. But nice lady to talk to.

Nila From London On 23/02/2021

Good but time scales out

Some great insights yets got dates wrong on numerous occasions which is building false sense of hope. Also very vague at times.

Jim From Leeds On 23/01/2021

Amazing person

Great reading ,very accurate,l really enjoyed, my reading made me feel better I will be using her again ,Thank you

Mac From Kent On 27/11/2020

Really hard work to get answers

You have to keep on and on for a reply. Not cositant at all

Geraldine From York On 23/11/2020


spot on loads of detail. 5 stars

Teresa From North LONDON On 20/11/2020


I know I have been a pain with Heather (I LOVE YOU) some how you lift me up I will try not to phone you next week but if this does or doesn't happen on Saturday I will have to phone you anyway x

Stephanie From Hertfordshire On 06/11/2020

Lovely lady but,,

Changed her story several times during the readings. Thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt and see what happens, alas her predictions did not only not come true, but turned out to be the complete opposite of what she said in all cases. Please post this for honesty and fairness

N From Ireland On 26/10/2020

Happy lady

I love Heather she is so happy and cheerful it’s contagious. I was having a very bad day and she made me feel happier - great reading.

Sue From Derbyshire On 11/10/2020


I've spoken to Heather so many times! Amazing as always! Thank you. X x x

Jo From UK On 14/09/2020


Heather I've spoken to you so many times I'm sure you're sick of me!!! But you're always amazing and pick up details and give me hope. I've never had an inconsistent reading from you. Thank you so much. You're very very good. X x x x

Jo From UK On 06/09/2020

A real life angle

She was spot on with everything. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Lily From London On 31/08/2020

Prediction happened

She predicted I would get a call from my person of interest in May and sure enough he contacted me in May. Will definitely call again.

Fiona From E Yorks On 27/08/2020


I asked Heather about my career and she predicted that i will get my dream job by end of August. Keeping finger crossed. The reason I have given 5 stars already is because she was able to see colour of my car and describe my wife. A natural psychic.

Pankaj From UK On 14/08/2020

Not sure?

Have had a few readings with Heather but recently her predictions of contact just aren’t happening in the time frame which she says. Most of my readings have been consistent, but sometimes slight information changes, not sure what to believe anymore unfortunately

From On 12/08/2020

Incredible as usual!

I've spoken to Heather so many times and the story never changes!! She is consistent and accurate and is a truly gifted psychic. I always feel better when I have spoken to Heather. She is 100% 1 of the best readers on here. Sorry I got cut off and thank you as always.

Joanna From Sussex On 09/08/2020


Thank you for the Reading! so much information in Such a short span of time. Question answer, question answer, boom boom boom. Loved it! I’m sorry I have run out of credits. I will give you an update about the predictions. All the best.

Anna From PL On 07/07/2020

The best

Heather is my favourite reader! I've spoken to her numerous times and she is always consistent! I really think she is the real deal! Absolutely 1 of the greatest psychic s if not the greatest on here!

Joanna From Uk On 07/07/2020

Predictions happened twice

Despite reading some negative reviews, i want to personally thank Heather for her readings and predictions. 2 out of 3 have happened a couple of days before the predicted date. As we all know timings can be off slightly but they happened within in the time span predicted. So thank very much Heather. The last of the predictions is for January 21, so will update you. Thank you again, you are a diamond. Love and light to you.

Jas From London On 02/07/2020


Hi we just got cut off run out of credit you are amazing im speechles i will be back in touch finally found my reader thank u !

Fulden From Slough On 11/06/2020

Den sorry i run out of credit !

Omg i am speechles what an amazing soul ! I am shaking she knew everything i didnt need to tell her anything im never trying anybody else so sorry you was amazing girl we just talked 2 min ago thank you ! X

From On 11/06/2020

2nd time of leaving a review. Have also left a review on another reader which was better so let’s see which one goes up!!!!!. Heather spent the whole time fishing and silences, got a real sense she didn’t know what to say so obviously not reading off the cards like I thought she would.

Jen From Derby On 11/06/2020

Mind blowing!

I find Heather absolutely mind blowing! I've spoken to her 3 times about the same thing (but not explained before hand) and she's always been consistent in what she says and she has been right!!! She picks up random words but they are key words! The word 'tent' is so relevant to my situation and completely blew my mind when she said it!!! Very very good psychic! 1 of the absolute best on here! Thank you again Heather! Love and light! X x x

Joanna From Sussex On 11/06/2020


confirmed many things for me absolutely spot on

darryl From australia On 09/06/2020

Straight to the point!

Heather gave me straight to the point answers and time frames! Sorry it got cut off! Thank you again!

Yasmin From London On 03/06/2020

Good reader

Heather is a good reader, very straightforward. One prediction was right but the timing was off. I don’t doubt the things that this lady told me though, so I wouldn’t hold timeframes against her. Thank you

From On 27/05/2020

France new job reconnecting

Thank you amazing what heather pick up was so strange she picked up on France which is where he loves to visit . And has a boat . Let you know if I go back to my old job or find a new job. Highly recommend her was suprized by how much France came up over and over again glad I got in touch will let you know how it pans out

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 24/05/2020

Prediction happened

Heather was spot on with her prediction of contact. I got it on the day she said. I got the apology and the explanation as she said! Shocked!

From On 10/05/2020

Lovely reader, stuck with her predictions but it’s been 5 months and still no prediction materialised

From On 26/04/2020

Fantastic correct predictions

Spoken to heather a few times and she always remembers me. Lovely, lovely lady. So positive and reassuring. Love her. Her predictions have come through in the past too in the time frames given.

From On 22/04/2020


Chose Heather as i wanted a straightforward reading. I think she didn't expect my topic to not be about love. My cat escaped and she thinks she will be fine and likes to hide and I'll see her in 2 hours time. Fingers crossed will update.

Kim From Aus On 18/04/2020

100% SPOT ON

I had a reading with Heather a few weeks ago and I was honestly astounded as to the accuracy of her readings including exposing a woman on face-book who was pretending to be a man who I used to work with. person. I just couldn't believe it as I never even asked her about it, I was shocked to say the least. Heather saw it, knew it and explained who the person was and why she was doing it. Amazing clarity to say the least. If anybody needs clarity you have definitely come to the right best. The darkness cannot be hidden if you come to Heather she is amazing. A Gem!

Charlene From London On 24/03/2020

I've had a few readings with Heather and her predicted dates keep changing. Not sure what to hold on to any more. Over all she's such and amazing psychic and was able to see my past and how I presently felt. Or Maybe its harder to predict my future.

From On 07/03/2020

Awesome Reader

Great reader she has been right many times and I have gone to Heather mostly she is always helpful and kind and puts me as ease...she is right in her readings thank you kindly.

Will From London On 01/03/2020

Amazing as ever

Had a few readings with heather she is so good and very confident with her timings

From On 22/02/2020


Had reading with heather very good picked up situation spot on with my life would highly recommend xx

Debs From Scotland On 18/02/2020

Mind blowing!

This lady blew my mind! I rang her in absolute dire straits and she was such a comfort. She described my lover and could see him in the cards, she told me what I was hoping to hear but I know she was genuine. Everything she said was spot on, even knowing when I met him! (The sun was in Leo) I pray her ultimate prediction will come true. I wait with baited breath for him to come back soon! Would definitely call Heather again. X x x

Joanna From Sussex On 08/02/2020

Very kind

Thank you so much for all your reassurance. It’s been tough and you have always been great. Despite my doubts, you are always very confident in the your reading and the past your predictions have unfolded.

Mimi From London On 30/01/2020

The Most INCREDIBLE reading I have EVER had!!!!!

Wow, Heather is a real psychic. She knew what I looked like, the type of clothing, articles and jewellery that I wear and not only of myself but also of my person of interest. I had a premonition and without me mentioning it and saying anything at all on the subject she picked up on what my premonition was and the specific details of it, wow that was completely incredible!! Heather is incredible. Gave me what I needed to move forward. The best psychic reading I have ever had. Thank you Heather. God bless your psychic gift, pendulum and your cards. Look no further, I highly recommend. Much love and blessings xoxo

C From Northern England On 17/12/2019


Her predictions were right both times with months and times of months she is amazing the best had on here....very honest and reliable.

Will From On 29/10/2019


Heather is the only person whose timings was so accurate. I'm wishing that future predictions come to pass ASAP. Lots of love heather. M

Mz From London On 17/10/2019


Amazing lady so accurate and compassionate thank you

From Cheshire On 11/10/2019

Very good

She predicted I would get the job I applied for even told me the day would contact me. It unfolded within a week. Just awaiting the second prediction to come true. Keep up the good work.

Elle From England On 11/10/2019


Not really up for being read the cards as if reading a script. I would read my own tarot and not be spending money on a reader, lovely lady but did little to reassure me

From On 04/10/2019

The Real Deal

I really like this lady. Very good at what she does. Not sure how exactly she does it but I’m very pleased she does.

David From Surrey UK On 29/09/2019

Love this lady

Insightful and gave same predictions as mystic may including the timing. Hope it all pans out. X

A From Brum On 17/09/2019

Spot on every time

Heather is lovely and she is a true Psychic as well as friend. I did recieve the message at the time you said. Also an apology as you predicted. Call Heather she won't let you done honestly Love and light xxx Call you soon

T From London On 01/09/2019

100% Accurate

She said my cat would return within the hour or possibly at 8.00 pm and he walked through the door at eight 0 clock.

Penelope From London On 22/08/2019


Lovely lady, thorough reading and no time wasting. No need to ask her to stop and choose a pile which becomes tedious. Insightful and funny. Thank you. X

A From Birmingham On 19/08/2019

nice person

nice person to talk too.1st reading came true ...then what she said didnt happen when she said

jacqueline From uk On 16/08/2019

Prediction happened

Hi Heather , I just want to say thank you for your reading last week. You predicted contact with me ex yesterday (which I initially doubted as we have not spoken in a while), but, just as you said , he contacted me. I’m stunned! Thank you again Heather . X

Chris From Yorkshire On 15/08/2019


Her readings are consistant and she is really good, one of the best on here I doubted her before and was wrong she is decent and clear.

Wil From London On 12/08/2019


She predicted I would meet someone in July. I did today 26thjuly today. Others have said other months.

Jacqueline From Uk On 27/07/2019

100% spot on

I had a reading with heather on the 14 July 2019 and I was blown away as to the accuracy of her reading. Everything that I queried she was able to assist and advise me with and I just wanted to thank-you Heather for your professionalism and advice, your amazing and a beautiful light when the darkness was present. Charlene

charlene From London On 15/07/2019

Baking and chatting about love

It was so nice to chat to you yesterday .. you connect with the conversation so fast.. I would have live to chat longer but had to do something ,. Looking forward to call you soon and chat about baking sweets and savoury stuff. Specially Quiche .. thanks for the reading. Gifted for sure

Hana From Australia On 23/06/2019


Thanks for the reading today sorry got cut off but u were spot on with the time we had look forward to your predictions coming true xx

Debs xx From Scotland On 05/06/2019

Shocking and speechless

My darling Heather thank you for wonderful reading today you literally put my mind at rest regarding a move and spot on the same building and the blue front door the rest l blown your mind away my angel you will here from me on the 4th June with the good news pls pls try angel Heather l promise you will never be disappointed luv & light Cynthia xxx

Cynthia From London On 30/05/2019


From On 21/05/2019

Excellent Reader.

Thank you.

Flora From New York On 12/05/2019

Lovely Lady

I have just had a reading with Heather, what a lovely lady. She said that where I would be moving to was painted yellow and I said I didn't think so. I have just had a look on google and where I am moving to has......... yellow brickwork!

Lynne From Kent On 06/05/2019


I had a reading with Heather just before I was going on a trip but I was feeling nervous. Heather was so nice and calm and things came true in my trip as she predicted. I will call her again, she has a very calm and nice manner.

S From Anonymous On 13/04/2019

Just Beautiful

Heather, is really lovely. awesome reading, many thanks, will let you know how Monday goes. Blessings x

From On 12/04/2019

Positive Reading

I have just had a reading with Heather. What a lovely lady, very helpful and has put my mind at rest. Will book another reading in the future with Heather.

Lynne From Kent On 29/03/2019


Very positive reading, did really well in understanding situation, and was extremely sound and calm ... very empathetic and talented thank you

PRANAV From Midlands On 20/03/2019

Fab reading

Had a lovely reading with heather. The information she gave me was spot on. Heather I felt was honest and accurate. I certainly will contact heather again.

Wende From Cardiff On 13/03/2019

Lovely Lady

You were truly kind & lovely in your reading with me and I hope things turn positive here

Lilac From London On 13/03/2019

Lovely lady

Lovely reading. I found it too good to be true. She predicted something for me so I will have to wait and see. Thanks Heather x

From On 06/03/2019


This lady is very accurate and told me things that I didn’t mention that were right. Her readings have been consistent as well.

From On 03/03/2019


Heather, you were fab! thank you.... you were very accurate, kind and lovely.

eve From northamptonshire On 01/03/2019


Nice lady, caring reader, gave insight. Thank you

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 13/02/2019

First time reading amazing. Will defiantly call bacj

From On 30/01/2019

Fantastic reader so precise.


Karen From Oz On 13/01/2019

Love and Happiness

Heather seemed to be confident with her predictions i just hope it comes true

Alejandro From England On 30/12/2018

Good, will come back with more stars if things happen

Hi heather, well blow me down,on the way to work on the 5th day after my reading, a huge black bird was on the grass at entrance of the work site. As i walked towatd it it stared at me and didnt move as i got closer, and walked side of me.. i was so happy, first bird i have seen in months there.then on the 7th guess who turned up my place of work!! .. totaly unexpected, i sent the christmas card as we spoke about as he feels door was closed, and although he wanted to reach out after all these months of nothing at all he didnt know how with out rejection as he not able to cope with it from me, he didnt get to see or speak with me as i was in meetings, but he told one of the receptionist for me to email him.and he is able to come aee me tomorrow ? (Sat) i emailed and i will wait to see when he replies, you said take simple,steady and slow he will tell me by new year jan/feb everything, he will open up about all he gone through he wants try again but scared of rejection at moment i amflabbegasted. Thank you Will be back heather to let you know in new year of things have materialised. Merry christmas abd happy new year

MC From Uk On 08/12/2018

Good, will come back with more stars if things happen

Beautiful reading, knew things about my situ without saying anything, confirmed few things for me that others have said. Very positive and although Heather didnt say it, i know free will can stop things, but free will only last so long before universe steps in to take action. So never doubt it going to happen it will,and within divine timing. I cant wait.i will continue to grow, be positive, and help my mind find the balance and power over negative thinking. I will up my stars when things start to shift, or i get that bird on the fence that tells me. Love and light

MC From Uk On 04/12/2018

Amazingly accurate information from this reader. She got things which were so relevant. Hoping to see that things come true that she predicted.

linda From manchester On 30/11/2018

Indepth & to the point

i enjoy my calls with heather as she gives me the truthful answers i am looking for, not sugar coated or beating around the bush.

Aiden From Notts On 15/10/2018


Accurate reading! thanks

MJ From London On 15/10/2018

Very good

Very good reading u wont be disapointed x

B From Ireland On 15/10/2018

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