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My name is Linda and I am a psychic tarot reader with over 25 years experience. I have always loved to assist people from all backgrounds in a caring nonjudgemental way. I can focus your reading on family, relationships, career or can give you a general reading. I am very intuitive and passionate about giving the best reading possible. I am a kind reader and I never judge on a situation. I specialise in Love related issues or questions. PIN: 5360



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No connection

Nice enough lady and seemed confident but for me no connection.. vague statements made, “you’re moving into a new direction” “you’ve been stuck” it’s to generalised and when I elaborated she fitted the reading into what I said. At one point she said “you’ve not had time for relationships” when I’m in a very happy one and have been for a long time now.. after that I put the phone down... for me no connection and absolutely no proof that she had Pyschic abilties..

Sarah From Uk On 03/08/2020

Great reader

I don’t normally write a review, to me a reader is good once you see things happen. Linda, describe the situation to a T. Will let you know if the person makes contact in a weeks time! Thanks J

From On 15/03/2020

Spot on

She's one of the good ones - will be mighty busy and difficult to get soon...

Chris From London On 18/01/2020

Absolutely excellent - no other words!!!

Thank you for the in depth look at the situation and the prediction of timing for things to progress. I shall look forward to a communication Feb 9th to 12th with great interest. If you have it right - you'll be one of a handful that actually manage to nail timing. Excellent read - I'll be back.

Libran From Aus On 04/01/2020


I had a few readings with Linda - she is excellent. One of the most pleasant readers on here and so polite. Thankyou very much Linda November 2019

From On 01/11/2019


Thanks Linda, sorry money ran out. Spot on with your reading, will let you know if he coming forward as you mentioned. Thank you J

From Oz On 18/10/2019

from a regular :-)

Thank you Linda another great reading ! always spot on and consistent, she sees everything xxx

From On 02/10/2019

Magnificent and mystical lady!

Dear Linda sorry I had to cut phone call short. But still manage to talk to you for 40minutes. Feel could speak forever with. Thank you so much for such an honest reading. First thing you told me i was gifted. ( hope you will remember). Love from A

Sam From Cheshire On 23/09/2019

another amazing reading

Sorry Linda we were cut off was so annoyed but can spend hours with you . you helped me a lot blessings and love xxxx

From On 23/09/2019

very good straight forward PSYCHIC !!!

Thank you for your reading today you gave me all I needed to know in 8 minutes and lifted up my spirit. sorry we got cut off Linda is very quick to tune in doesn't ask questions and is very caring and beautiful soul !! Blessings and light

From On 09/09/2019


Sorry, the phone got cut off. I just wanted to say thank you for today's reading. You have been so reassuring and clear, positive which makes a nice change. I can't wait for the predictions to unfold. Thank you so much

Belinda From UK On 01/09/2019

very good straight forward true psychic. THE GREAT DEAL !!!!

You made my day Linda, I was feeling very low. Linda does connect very quickly without prompting and very accurate in her description of the situation and she does tune very well to people with very impressive insight !!!! I will be back when the predictions unfold and I am very positive about it. Thank you so much for lifting up my spirit and sorry we got cut off. Sending lot of blessing and love xxxx

From On 05/08/2019

Linda.. tunes in immediately. She picked up very poignant pieces of information that only I would know. She also described to a tee how I feel and how I’ve been feeling. She also picked up about my son and the outcome for him. Linda is a reassuring calming reader. Who links in quickly to the client. I really enjoyed my reading and hope Sincerely that predictions come to fruition.. thanks Linda

Anon From Uk On 05/08/2019


As a reader myself, I’m not easily impressed but this lady is brilliant. She immediately got right into the skin of the person I was asking about. She was able to describe our history and gave a great deal of validation with no info from me. She answered my question explaining why she was giving the prediction she did. I will definitely call her again and I thoroughly recommend her.

Sonya From On 18/07/2019


One the top readers here.. her predictions are similar to Sadie 3431... thank you for an excellent reading today..❤️

Mary K From London On 30/06/2019


My go to reader when I'm almost going mental cos of particular person! The depth of connection i have with my partner and is Insane. Especially with picking each other's emotions. Thank you linda for keeping me sane amidst of it all. Only you would understand cos we even laugh about how i want to cut the tie but it's impossible. Always puts a smile on my face especially today 20/5 when i had just had enough and was in tears. You will not be disappointed give her a go. Love and light. Xx

Rebecca From Australia On 20/05/2019

very good and straight forward

Thank you Linda you made my day !!!! Linda is a great deal, she will tell you everything you need to now she is very gifted and genuine. Give her a call and you will not regret !!! Blessing and love Linda xxx

From On 02/05/2019


Tuned in accurately. Lovely compassionate and caring. Gave me so much comfort and reassurance, thk you so much Linda x

Sg From Uk On 22/04/2019

Amazing Reader

Linda is a lovely lady who provided me with BRILLANTLY ACCURATE READING! She connected straight away. Thank you Linda

Anne-Marie From Cardiff On 25/03/2019

Very good

This lady knows her stuff. Brilliant reading. Thank you

Simone From Uk On 24/03/2019


Linda is extremely accurate and quickly picked up on my situation. She has a lovely manner and made me feel confident about the path ahead.

Mark From Aus On 11/02/2019


Thank you Linda for the confirmation. I will trust the thoughts and feelings more. I am very EXCITED for a big and busy 2019. Sorry we got cut off again!!!

Julie From On 27/12/2018

Thank You!!!

You have given me so much clarity on this situation, thank you for the amazing reading Linda. Sorry we got cut off.

Julie From On 26/11/2018


Wow what can l say! Linda is exceptional. I have spoken to Linda a couple of times. Linda’s readings are in-depth and interesting. Please give Linda a chance, you will never be disappointed. Thank you so much. LT

Lt From Australia On 22/11/2018

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