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I have been very sensitive to the spirit world for as long as I can remember, with 25+ years experience providing Tarot Readings to friends, family and clients. I call upon my spirit guides and my deep knowledge of the blessed Tarot to bring you understanding and clarity.I have recently completed a Diploma in Tarot Reading. PIN: 5335



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My mission is to bring you insight and personal growth using my knowledge of the Tarot both spiritual and academic. If you are looking for a unique and deeply spiritual reading, blessed with compassion, clarity and a non judgmental approach, please call me. PIN: 5335

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I have recently completed a Diploma in Tarot Reading. Although intuition and spiritual development are both vital components in bringing you an accurate Reading, it is also of key importance to understand the symbolism and deeper meanings of the cards laid out for you.


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Get off the phone I can't get hold of you anymore, my Saturday night treat has been blown out the window you're just too good and a very very good bad influence

Katherine From Scotland On 04/08/2021

Shockingly accurate

He is the real deal, he picks up main source of each situation Wow thank you Cougar nan Lang what a lovely man. I will be in touch for some updates xxx

C From Suffolk On 04/08/2021

Oh my God this guy is so so good in what he does ,m still shocked thinking oh how could he have known that , some personal stuff about me .thanks alot Cougar u are definitely in the top league of the best readers on here

phiwo From manchester On 25/07/2021

My new bestie

He’s the one. I found my new spiritual advisor and I’m never letting go!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much CNL! You’re a gift from this infinite source we share, and I am grateful to have been connected. Let’s plan to stay connected now!!!

JC From LA On 24/07/2021

What a fantastic amazing person

I called cougar a couple of weeks ago for a catch up call after a few months, my entire situation had changed and he picked up in this immediately, gave me some predictions that have already unfolded, cougar is definitely my go to reader, he deserves flags flying from a pushchair

Katherine From Scotland On 18/07/2021

What a guy

Cou - what can I say, you need more reviews, I haven’t had a clear more detail orientated, truthful reading that has resonated a long time, this man definitely is gifted it’s like he was in my POI mind

Barbara From Australia On 16/07/2021


I use a lot of psychic readings around different websites on the internet and on here. I got bits and pieces from many readers which I then summarised and figured out a picture. But to my utter surprise Cougar is the only reader who gave me ALL the information I had summarised from so many readings over a course of about two months! This is powerful! I could have actually come to Cougar for help and not spend a lot of money on 50 different psychic websites. He gave me everything in just 5-10 minutes but the I continues conversation for more than an hour! He was spot on with reading and gave me smart advice to better navigate my life. He is such a deep reader which I’d say, Samantha and Cougar are two best readers on this website. He can delve deeper into a situation SO quickly and dig out information. Everything that I found out in 2 months he just gave me in 10 minutes! Such strong and outstanding psychic ability I’d say. Can’t wait to speak to him again.

Anuradha From UK On 14/07/2021

Couldn’t get back on sad :(

Hey this is Ermintrude! I can’t believe the way it cut out and out reading was so so so accurate. I have found my lifetime reader. You are amazing Cougar nan Lang and I will definitely be back! Your my fav. Great connection and from the start! Truly gifted and genuine. I hope you get this message as your ACE!

Mich From London U.K. On 04/07/2021

Reading with Cougar

Exceptional reading with Cougar - details with no waffle - straight to the point. Really easy to understand and down to earth. Hoping the predictions will unfold. Thank you.

Jon From Leeds UK On 04/07/2021

Thank you

Thank you for the thoughtful reviews, both positive and constructive. I am learning new things about my craft everyday. Like all the Professional Readers on TP I aim to give the best Service and value.I cannot say that my Reading will always be accurate, but they will always come from the Heart.

Cougar nan Lang From UK On 02/07/2021

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