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I have been very sensitive to the spirit world for as long as I can remember, with 25+ years experience providing Tarot Readings to friends, family and clients. I call upon my spirit guides and my deep knowledge of the blessed Tarot to bring you understanding and clarity.I have recently completed a Diploma in Tarot Reading. PIN: 5335



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My mission is to bring you insight and personal growth using my knowledge of the Tarot both spiritual and academic. If you are looking for a unique and deeply spiritual reading, blessed with compassion, clarity and a non judgmental approach, please call me. PIN: 5335

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I have recently completed a Diploma in Tarot Reading. Although intuition and spiritual development are both vital components in bringing you an accurate Reading, it is also of key importance to understand the symbolism and deeper meanings of the cards laid out for you.


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Great Reader

This reader is so good, picks up on stuff, and is now one of my favourite readers up there with Colin and Mark. He is 100% genuine when he reads for you.

Carolyn From UK On 04/04/2021

Very highly recommend reader.

Very direct and he didn't waste my time on on rubbish straight to the point. I had a reading today 29/3/2021. Thank you for the insightful information you provided to me and the predictions about personal life and the pacific project. I will call again in the future. Very highly recommend reader.

Sia From Australia On 29/03/2021

Interesting Reader

Cougar is not your average reader, he works hard to fully interpret the cards and give accurate information/validation. I asked for a general reading and he came up with some genuine insights that surprised me and reflected family members and ex. He reads with humour and friendliness. I would definitely speak to him again. Also he is the only reader on here that I have seen responding to a review, 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ for that.

Summerday From Suffolk On 26/03/2021

Best Bloke on here

Use to prefer female Readers to be fair, but having spoken to Cougar nan twice, both Readings very different, so I was really sceptical like, but half way through the Reading he said, ‘You Know I’ve Read for you before right? Really surprised he remembered me, but he remembered everything! He said my situation had changed and it had! The Bloke is spot on and a bit scary cos there’s no way he could of known the stuff about me that he did.

M From London NW3 On 21/03/2021


I have spoke to cougar a few times, HE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST, So accurate and so truthful he is a gem, he is so easy to talk to and just flows with information, tells you the good and bad but all is delivered with such warmth and true feeling, he is a one off, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME

Katherine From Scotland On 21/03/2021


Sometimes Readings very close together can cause Confusion. Sorry we didn’t contact the last time. Love and Light x

Cougar nan Lang From On 18/03/2021


Had 2 readings... both completely different. All guess work... this review is not going to be up I bet

J From Midlands On 05/03/2021

Amazing reading!!

My reading was so accurate with great advice. Thank you!

Julie From London On 23/01/2021

Prediction happened!

This guy right here is on another level..... he picked up on situations that are happening around me without any hints or prompting. He also gave me a few predictions that I was adamant he was wrong about.... law and behold the unexpected happened and in the time frame he gave me! I was shocked and thought of him straight away as I was convinced it wouldn’t happen and it did! You’re amazing and looking forward to the rest to unfold. Thank you Cougar from a fellow air gang xx

Lulu From London On 02/01/2021

Like Talking to my Best Friend

Cougar is so friendly, putting me at your ease straight away. No hard knocks or shocks to the system. Everything was explained calmly and in a straight forward, clear and concise manner. No vague predictions, no coaching and no time wasting. As a bonus, he is fun and entertaining but still genuinely cares about the situation, He left me feeling reassured about the decisions I had made and the choices I had facing me. I like the way he gets genuinely frustrated with the cards when he cannot see the situation, he try’s his best, is 100 percent genuine, and never puts a spin on the situation or wastes your time. Cougar is my go to reader, a real talent and an inspiration to other Readers.

N. From London E5 On 25/11/2020

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