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I have over 20 years experience and a multi gifted psychic who has a rare ability to look into past lives and Karmic Blockages. I am very fast with delivering information and can answer questions within seconds using no tools. If you prefer I read 7 different card packs. My readings are very educational and insightful as I looks into the deeper levels of spirituality, the meaning of life and the lessons we are here to learn. PIN: 5282



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I also have experience in Life Coaching, Counselling, Energy Healing and Clearing, Stress Management, Interprets Dreams, Love and Relationships, Finding your Soul Mate, Career and finances, Psychic Medium and Pet Psychic. You can expect to have a compassionate, non judgemental but straight to the point reading. I do not sugar coat. Everything happens for a reason its not by chance our paths have crossed.


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Hi Mystic Rose I am so pleased I called you. I feel much better about my relationship. You have given me great advice and psychic insight.

Layla From On 10/09/2020

Wonderful and honest

Why my reviews never get posted ? She deserves good reviews; she is honest and has a heart of gold . She cares for people and sees accurately ! The bad reviews are people who will thank her in a few months

Kayla From On 10/09/2020

Very good

She says it like it is and sees it . I appreciate the candor and the accuracy

Kayla From On 08/09/2020


Mystic Rose asked me no questions and got to the bottom of the situation immediately - amazing! She fully understood everything and gave me some sound advice. In line with everything other top readers had said, I am so glad I phoned her, she is great, has a natural ability and sensed my complicated soul mate connection without any additional information. Definitely be calling her again.

From On 02/09/2020

Honest, insightful reading from a kind reader

Really empathetic lovely reader - was direct with no sugar coating but clearly a kind reader. Sometimes honesty is needed to burn away illusions that need to go to get one back on a higher path. She provided accurate information about things she could pick up, and answered questions about soul connections and spiritual journeys. I will definitely recommend readings with her. Almost everything she said was positive, and for the not so positive stuff, I wanted to know - as that is the real reason for these readings for me - mitigating and preparing for anything not so great coming up - cos the good stuff just requires waiting.....

L From Shropshire On 27/08/2020

The Best!

Thanks again you are brilliant. Sorry the phone cut off I will call again soon.

Joey From On 25/08/2020


Really bad reader ! Told me my partner had someone else which is not true !!!

Stoney From London On 20/08/2020


thank you you was wonderfully phone lines had problem was cut off.

barbara From Australia On 17/08/2020

Great reader

Bad reviews are clearly sour grapes from people who didn't hear what they wanted. I found her excellent

Leanne From On 08/08/2020

I am so glad I called.

Thanks to Mystic Rose I found out my partner was cheating!! He admitted it and I have now kicked him to the curb. I feel so much better. She delivered the information in such a kind way. Rose is such a lovely lady I will call again.

From On 11/07/2020

Don’t call her

Really bad reader ! Told me my partner had someone else which is not true !!!

Anna From Stockton On 01/07/2020


I wish to say this lady is amazing . I m not sure why the bad reviews : she is sincere , honest and tells you what she sees : if one doesn’t like that ... well she is not for you . But I needed guidance anc that’s what I received. She picked up on details that left me surprised . She is very confident and will tell you things that will make sense later so take notes.

From On 28/06/2020


She is fabulous ! Waiting for predictions Thanks and Bless

Keiley From Uk On 25/06/2020

Absolutely Brilliant

I am so pleased I found Mystic Rose she has really helped me in making the right career choices. I am looking forward to another reading with her.

Monica From On 20/06/2020

Simply the Best!

Thanks again for your help sorry the phone cut off I will be back soon. Mystic Rose gave me great advice and psychic insight with which career path to take.

Maryan From Sulfolk On 17/06/2020

Spot on!

Mystic Rose is a very nice lady. She is fast and accurate and her predictions always come true.

From On 16/06/2020

Very kind lady.

Spoke to Rose today regarding a messy relationship and she helped so much. Sorry we got cut off, my phone is terrible!

From On 13/06/2020

Do call her!!

Mystic Rose is the most kindest sweetest souls. If you just want to be told what you want to here then she is not the reader for you. I love her honesty.

Rachel From Essex On 02/06/2020

No stars

Seriously not good.. at one point she said I would move away.. I said due to my son’s health that would never be possible as his needs were met where we live Now.. she wouldn’t have it... rubbish, vague and arrogant.. many many good readers on here, some outstanding, Sadie, Julia, to name a few.. do not waste your money..

Sally From Uk On 31/05/2020

Don’t call

She doesn’t really give you your answers your seeking but instead talks about you and repeats what you say, pick another psychic.

Simran From London On 25/05/2020


Mystic rose is wonderful . Not only is she spot on, she delivers fast the answers . No sugar coating . But she is right . Brought me to see the situation when I truly needed it . Thank you

Keily From Scotland On 12/05/2020

Not Good

I would leave no stars if I could. Rose was judgemental and not nice she asked to many questions and had no answers. Enough to put you off the phone lines altogether.

From On 20/03/2020


I love Mystic Rose she is an amazing reader. She is very compassionate and honest. If you need your ego stroked or want to be told what you want to hear. Then she is not the right reader for you! Keep being you Rose I love your reading style.

Shaun From London On 14/03/2020

Work and love

I had two readings with mystic rose but not felt a good connection she repeated what I said after I said them so unsure just not right reader for me

Fiona From Yorkshire On 11/03/2020

No star, she said she didn't see me and my ex connection and that he likes me as a friend . At that point it was pretty clear her reading was off cause I know for sure how he feels about me

From On 07/03/2020

Very vague and not connected

From On 16/02/2020

Mind Blowing

This women is amazingly talented. I have never in over 30 years of having readings, had a reading like this. It was educational on deep spiritual matters and I learnt a lot. Also she is very fast, accurate, straight talking and kind. Thank you Mystic Rose I will speak to you soon.

Dan From London On 19/01/2020


Mystic Rose, you are a truly beautiful soul. Everything you spoke about was spot on & so enlightening. From the bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough. Amanda

Amanda From NSW On 05/01/2020

Thankyou Mystic Rose

From Australia On 28/11/2019

Very accurate

Great detail and understanding of the situation. Very quick and concise information

Jasmine From London On 17/11/2019

Love Her!

Absolutely awesome! She knows exactly what’s going on! She sees through to what people are trying to do, the games and manipulation. Very good! Gotta love her! Thanks a million.

Sue From Australia On 08/11/2019


Direct and kind, empathetic and above all spot on! Thank you

Eva From On 30/09/2019


When she said there is no attraction between the pair of us, I knew instantly she had no connection to myself. I think she should have been honest and said she hasn't connected to myself. I hope this Gets posted.

From On 28/09/2019


It was great speaking to you I will be back to update you soon. You were spot on with everything!

Nicola From London On 26/09/2019

BEST most PROFOUND reader !

I’ve had a fair few readings over past 10 years however without a doubt this has been the deepest, most accurate and helpful reading by far!! The most amazing reading - almost speechless with her talent, generosity and talent at delivering the information. If you get the chance - I totally recommend this wonderful soul /reader!

FB From Australia On 22/09/2019


Mystic Rose is a one hit wonder! Do not miss this amazing gem. Thank you so much for your help x

Jan From Australia On 16/09/2019


Thank you, you made my whole day better with your reading.

pie From uk On 08/09/2019


Spot on and very good straight to the point , she picked up on my relationship situation and was able to tell me where it was going ... I am happy with the reading and advise I got from you , honestly give her a call you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Rose

Carina From London On 09/08/2019

General reading

She uses no tools, which is ok. Some of the things she said were general and applicable to most people. She sounds like a nice person though.

Janelle From USA On 05/08/2019

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