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Hello, I am James and I have been reading the Tarot professionally for a few years although I have used them for spiritual support since very young. I enjoy assisting people with the divine tarot and my readings are straight to the point, kind and professional. Call me with your questions and let's see what the cards say about your situation. Or maybe you just want a general reading for your future. PIN: 4423



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Thanks for the lovely reading James was lovely to talk to you very compassionate and polite sorry I got cut of unfortunately i run out of minutes will ring again soon

From On 11/02/2021

The best!

James is my favourite psychic and is always spot on. I haven’t had a bad reading from him yet. He always gets straight to the point, no waffle and his accuracy is brilliant.

Cassie From London On 28/01/2021

Thank You!

Such a warm and genuine reading. I am curious to James' predictions...stay tuned...

B From USA On 10/12/2020

Precise, quick and totally aligned

Fabulous reader - One of the most talented and gifted readers regarding manner, information and delivery of this Very professional!

Ozzie From Australia On 26/11/2020

Warm and on point

Another Pisces who just gets it. Will be back in touch with you anon to let you know how things unfold. Love, Lx

From On 22/10/2020

Brilliant read and I am very happy!

Ran out of time before I could say thanks. Hope you get a chance to learn Reiki, James. Outstanding reader, wished I had had more time, but he got most things in that I needed to know. He is the real deal and I highly recommend him. x

From Edinburgh On 22/09/2020


Thank you for the lovely reading and chat James. Sorry we got cut off, but I appreciate your time and insight. ( The girl from the restaurant)

Lisa From Australia On 11/09/2020


Thank you James you are a true wonderful soul and a wonderful calming reader. Biggest hugs from the heart kerry xxx

From On 02/07/2020

Real and open .

James thank you . My friend you will never understand how much I needed to open my heart x if what you say comes to be then I will be at peace to do a little more easier the things I came here to do. A wish for a better world for our children is what pulls me and I've seen a whole beautiful better world. My wish is to se it and help it happen. If power drives theses technocrats they can still have it, but it has to be for the good of human kind. Peace for your heart James and cheers mate x

Kerry From Nottinghamshire On 02/07/2020

5 ⭐️

Definitely a genuine reader who does not hesitate to tell you the facts! Thank you for Another 10/l0 Reading

Donna From London On 04/06/2020

Lovely straightforward reader

James is a lovely person, very straightforward and picks things up really quickly and provides good insight and advice.

L From London On 21/05/2020

Amazing reading and he picked up on so many specifics such a future work I will be going into and confirmed many thoughts without me telling him.

From On 19/05/2020

Real him

This guy is totally amazing! He is one of the best readers that I have ever spoken to. He tuned in immediately and picked up straight away. He’s brilliant. You won’t be disappointed with him. I will be calling him again x

Marianna From Surrey On 15/05/2020


I spoke to James a couple of weeks ago about a relationship. His prediction of contact happened. He also mentioned to me about my work contacting me in a couple of weeks about working from home... and that happened today I was shocked!!

From On 15/05/2020


James is so nice and such a gifted person. He tuned into my situation so quick and was spot on. Thank you James. Big hugs from Scotland xxx

From Scotland On 15/05/2020


James predicted I would have contact this week, the person in question wouldn’t go past the weekend and it’s Sunday and guess what... he’s contacted me! Hopeful for the rest of your predictions now. Thank you so much James. Such a lovely man x

From On 03/05/2020

Incredible and Talented

He is brilliant reader, has incredible insight and very talented thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 24/04/2020

5 stars ⭐️

Thank you for such a detailed and uplifting reading, you just knew the situation and gave straight honest answers. I will be back to update you soon

Donna From London On 23/04/2020

Great Reader

He is brilliant, connects really well. Has great timing and skills. very kind and talented thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/04/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

He is really good, has great timing and skills, very talented and skilled. Thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 10/04/2020


Following on from all the previous reviews I believe James has an amazing ability to pick up your energy and predict your future I certainly designated with this gentle kind soul who wishes to guide you on your path I will certainly call again when your prediction happens God Bless take Care Helena 7/04/20 UK

From On 09/04/2020

Great is one of the top

Out of the guys him and Sean the best both are accurate and gifted.

Will From London On 07/04/2020

Impressed overall

Very nice fella and accurate on reading picked up alot and extra info like me moving abroad one day. He should get more reviews one of the best on here, has the right attitude and delivers accurately.

Will From London On 04/04/2020


Omg James predictions well at least one of them has come to pass. I’m sure the others will follow. Truly amazing and accurate. It’s like he knows you and describes your personality and what you look like. Real physic

Kamari From Kent On 02/04/2020


The nicest guy on here, just flows with information whilst making you feel good at the same time. Absolutely brilliant

N From Uk On 31/03/2020

ItS great to see his profile here as I had spoken to him Three years ago on a different site. wow wow wow he said in the last call that I’d be setting up my own business alongside my full time employment In less than 4 years and well well he was right. He mentioned that I’d get more into creative writing and to keep a journal and keep writing and I have over all these years and I can’t tell you how happy I am. At the beginning it was very blurry but now it makes sense. Other predictions like the build in my spirituality and healing journeys have come to pass. Straight to the point and accurate. Thank you. A

From On 29/03/2020

Perfect in every way

I absolutely loved my reading with James this afternoon, first time speaking to him and I did not leave our conversation disappointed! James told me things only I would know, very impressive and I will definitely be calling James again in the future! X

Clair From Berks On 27/03/2020


Dives in deep with a lot more info.

Kamari From Kent On 26/03/2020

Incredible and Talented

He is special bloke, connects really well. gave great information to me and has great skills and talent. Thanks a lot Highly recommended

Pranav From Midlands On 26/03/2020


This guy is brilliant absolutely amazing in line with the top readers and in fact gave a bit more information than most. Really lovely person

Kamari From Kent On 23/03/2020


I highly recommend James for a reading he's VERY compassionate, accurate to details and extremely professional, please get a reading from him today


very good straight forward PSYCHIC !!!

Thank you James for your love reading tonight, it was very uplifting full of spot on information and predictions. James is very caring, kind and compassionate soul. I will be back when things unfold, I am sure they will !!!:-) Much blessings and love xxx

From On 10/03/2020

wonderful intuitive and kind

James was so kind, caring, intuitive and spot on. I feel so relieved having spoken to him. Have no doubt he will help you with any concerns.

Edel From Wales On 09/03/2020


I let you know about the job and when John gets in touch X lovely kind caring man thank you do give him a ring if you need guidance

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 15/02/2020


James is amazing, I gave him no information and he just flowed and was spot on with how my situation was and gave me amazing predictions!! Will update when they come through

From On 27/01/2020

Simply one of the best !!!!

He gave me so much information that actually linked with my life. I can't believe it. Dates were not provided, however, everything he said resonated with my situation and aspirations. Wish I knew about James ages ago. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much James

Emmanuella From UK On 05/09/2019


Hello darling James thank you for the wonderful reading and you always spot on also uplifting my soul and always positivity from you as usual blown my mind again last night so people pls pls l urge you try James my angel you will never be disappointed lots of ❤️❤️ Xxx Cynthia.

Cynthia From London On 15/08/2019

Spot on

James is very professional, remembered me on my second reading, he was spot on very polite and encouraging but states the truth. His reading was spot on. Much appreciated. Tony

Tony From Wolves On 08/08/2019

Real Honesty

James hit the issues directly, professional real outcomes, he is understanding and delivered very real opinions which came true. I also feel he offered a counselling approach

Tony From West Midlands On 08/08/2019


Honesty is the best policy! Thanks for a straight forward honest on point resting! Sorry we got cut off without saying thank you and goodbye this evening. I hope you find you way to Spain and study Reiki Master.. I’m off to France to continue my spiritual journey as you said Iv planned for. God bless x

Juliet From Surrey On 21/07/2019

Great reading

Very uplifting reading from James today. Highly recommended. He tuned in very quickly and picked up on a lot of things. Make sure you get a reading off him.

L From On 23/05/2019


Such a lovely guy, genuine and honest. Thanks for the reading

B From UK On 21/05/2019

What a guy !

Absolute pleasure to speak to ! Very caring man ! Spot on with ALOT of personal information! Very accurate with situation around me now in the past and the future ! Many thanks James ! All the best H x x

H From Leicester On 13/05/2019


From On 09/05/2019

James your a love

Thank you for the spot on reading. You brought me tremendous comfort and where so easy to talk too. I appreciate your reading.

Alanna Rose From San Francisco On 25/04/2019

Best on here

Best reading I’ve had on here. He completely guessed my life goals of become a coach and writing a book ! Really impressive !

Vyara From London On 16/04/2019


Thankyou James for the beautiful reading, very honest and kind reading- my minutes ran out, I'll diffenitaly call you back soon, thank you for the reassurance really put a smile back on my face, i wish you well- Happy birthday hope you have a wonderful time ❤

Sabrina From London On 03/03/2019


Such a nice well mannered guy. Lifts you up when you feel down. Thank you James

Ki From Uk On 24/02/2019

Down to earth, compassionate and honest.. thank you.

From On 14/02/2019


Warm and friendly with lots of info that was spot on, look forward to seeing your predictions, thanks James :) x

Chantelle From Nottingham On 05/02/2019

Real Reader

Lovely, warm energy from this man who got straight to the point and described the situation and characters involved well. Answered my question without hesitation and with confidence. Would definitely call again. Many thanks Sonya

Sonya From UK On 26/01/2019

Great insight & uplifting :-)

Quick with information, There was no hesitating or long pauses, connected well and gave the same predictions as other top readers. Sorry my credit ran out but you covered everything within the time we had. James - Definitely go for the Angelic Reiki you will find it amazing, it also involves past life regression which you’ll be good at as you mentioned I’d lived before! Great reading, thank you :-)

Heidi From Kent On 13/01/2019


Thanks James for an honest and professional reading. It was really good to receive information that I could validate, without me saying a word to you in advance. Very talented reader. Take care. Simone

Simone From Uk On 06/01/2019


Such a lovely, kind and gentle man. James was straight to the point giving a very real and down to earth reading. There were many validations of accuracy with a future prediction being given. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to James in which I would not hesitate in calling him again. Thank you so much James! Wishing you a blessed 2019. God Bless.

From Australia On 03/01/2019


James your beautiful. So lovely. X

Giulie From Australia On 03/01/2019

My second reading still consistent and an amazing caring person too.God Bless wish I had more credits.Next time!

From On 13/12/2018

Sorry I got cut off today but what a great reader.Thank you.So accurate.

From On 02/12/2018


Best Tarot reading ever, James is great! straight to the point, he answered all my questions and more. Thank you so much!!!

CA From US On 28/11/2018

Very Good

Had a reading from James a couple of days ago. I thought I would leave a review as he was spot on with situation. Connected really well. You will not be disappointed. Give him a try. Thank you James x

Tara From Sussex On 26/11/2018

WOW!! Amazing!!

James is amazing, he jumped straight into my situation and was very kind and positive, I was really impressed with him, I know he will be very busy, and I’m glad I was one of the first people that talked with him first. Thank you so much for all the information and inspiring words!!

CVK From US On 23/11/2018

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