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My main passion for reading is healing. I enjoy being a support for others on their journey looking for insight. I also enjoy playing a part in people's growth and evolution by sharing the messages from the spiritual realm, their Angels and Guides to assist them to move forward in life and overcome the challenges they may be faced with. PIN: 4364



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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

A lightworker, true psychic, shadow worker, white witch, clairvoyant, transformational coach..etc We all need to find ways to transform our pain into power, our confusion into mindfulness, our pessimism into purpose and peace and sometimes we just need confirmation we are on the right path. Whether your need is advice, counsel, a mentorship, peace, clarity, a safe space for your healing or just a heart that may understand without judgment or bias, I hope to be working with you soon, conquering your fears and assisting you achieve your goals. My main priorities are to assist you get past fear, stigma and any conditioning that may prevent you from living your best, most confident life. I combine divination, with intuitive healing and action based approaches to assist you to be more thorough in the decisions you have to make.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I can remember at the tender age of 5, everyone treated me differently. My mum said when I was a baby a man walked up to us and said that child is special and will do wonders in this world. The “special child” grew up to see this manifest in her life. When the mean friends/ bullies did something wrong towards to me, they will always run back and apologies profusely for what they had done. Even for things I wasn’t aware of. This goes to show I am always protected in the spirit realm without even knowing. There was something bigger yet to be discovered. Throughout my teens and adult years, I could feel, taste, see and say things before they happened. Initially didn’t understand what was going on but my Guides and Spiritual Father opened my eyes to see these were gift. I have so many stories of being visited by Angels, Grand Mother and other ancestors whom I never met personally but each time I see an old picture of them, I could recognize them that I had met them in dreams, in the street or even visited me in my home as a stranger. They were all sending me messages and protecting me. I became more aware in my adult years when a love interest tried to cast a spell/ voodoo on me but bounced back on him. He looked at me and said “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE”. I then started having dreams and revelations of what he had done and realized what had happened. Since then, I have evolved and become more aware of my “special gifts” and embraced it. I have been giving readings for several years and comes to me as second nature.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I’m a typical Libra. I possess a cool, calm and a swift humour that makes me a fantastic company to be around – there is never a dull moment, well at least that’s what people say. I’m also very understanding and healing of the group. Like a typical Libra I love the balance of love in all aspects of life. Not in the way of somersaulting on a beam or walking a tightrope, but in keeping everything in their realm on a fair, harmonious and even keel. I cannot stand chaos so always keen to organise my surroundings and this gives me the DNA and natural passion and desire to assist people. People say I am idealistic perfectionists and invest most of my energy in keeping my environment and other lives lovely, tidy and orderly. An astrological Marie Kondo! Or other times known as an Earth Angel.

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You won't be disappointed

Didn't believe most of the things she said at the time. Actually hunged up within the first 6 minutes. BUT OH MY I'M SHOCKED! EVERYTHING SHE SAID IS COMING TO PASS..Wish I had listened to everything she wanted to say at the time. Since then I have tried reaching her but she is always bussy. Hope to catch her soon to continue where I left off. And sorry I didn't believe you. Hope I get to speak to you soon Libra. love & light.

Sandra From On 19/02/2021


Just love Libra's way of being able to answer all questions and delve deeper for helpful guidance. Fabulous reading.. Thanks Libra. Mina x

From On 19/02/2021

Very Good and Genuine

Absolutely amazing uplifting, spot on. Libra just tunes straght in and is amazingly te. I was completely blown away and predictions so far are coming true

Mark From Preston On 18/02/2021

Wow just wow

Just had reading sorry got cut off couldn’t get too up to work will try you again finish where we left off x definitely give libra a call just brilliant xx

Debs From Scotland On 02/02/2021


Very good I must say and definitely in line with other true physics. Gives description of people in concern and describes future predictions and gives full account of what’s going on in my life which is true. Very lovely humerus lady too.

Kamari From Kent On 29/01/2021

Spot on

great reading, warm friendly and nice lady, she was connected from the start and got everything right, i didnt need to give any information. Look forward to speaking again, when those things come to pass.

T From London On 29/01/2021

Thank you

One word...AMAZING!!

Mina From Australia On 22/01/2021

Nice last but

Seems like a lovely lady, however nothing she said resonated to me and when she said that pretty much my life was very good and all seemed smooth. I had to challenge her and say that we didn’t have a connection...

Customer From Uk On 11/01/2021

Vague and waffley

“ I feel as though u have a victory coming up” “your at a cross roads and your kinda confused wondering what to do.” There’s no usefulness in that kind of ‘reading’ and it could apply to anything and anyone. In less than a minute I put phone down. What’s the point in continuing a call like that? Make sure u publish this please.

Not pleased From Honest town On 19/12/2020


Hit the nail on the head and gave accurate validations. Genuine gifted lady, thank you x

Anna From Birmingham On 02/12/2020

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