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I am a naturally gifted psychic medium with over twenty years experience. I have read for clients all over the UK and abroad. I work with two spirit guides who assist me with both the psychic and spiritual connection. I am a compassionate very focused and sincere reader who specialises in matters such as career, business, love and relationships and general family issues. PIN: 4362



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

When engaged in a reading with me I am able to offer you insights into situations which may have been on going and as a very thorough reader I will do my best to work through issues using my psychic skills and bring you assistance to help you work towards ways of resolving situations with clear insight. I will connect also at the spiritual level to see a higher image of the situations that surround you and as a medium where appropriate will bring you further assistance along your path and channel using my spiritual ability. I will work in depth to offer you a full picture of your situation.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My main area of expertise is as a spiritual medium and I am able to link without using any tools of assistance, however I will assist you with the tarot and angel cards. I am able to work at trance level as a medium and can cover many areas of your world which you may need clarity with regarding other general issues. The energies that surround us all are constantly moving and changing as we live in a constantly changing world where very often we find ourselves in situations we just cannot see a way forward with. I am a very insightful psychic reader. My spirit guides have worked with me through many years and through many different situations focusing on lots of different issues and subjects brought to me by my clients. Before and after your reading I like to work for a few moments with a crystal to help clear energies and allow a flowing reading to take place.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities at early teens and I would often see spirit around me, knowing that there was a higher energy constantly around. I could feel and sense situations around me an tune into others emotions very naturally. In later years around my early twenties, my gift became so much more naturally apparent after a personal loss which truly turned my life upside down. Through those difficulties my psychic abilities soared and my spirit guides gradually became closer, moving me through working with the psychic energies unfolding into the higher spiritual levels as a medium.

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Great Psychic!!!

Thanks Helen soo much

LORRAINE From Darwen UK On 24/06/2018

Wow oh wow, Helen picked up on things that totally blew me away. She is straight to the point, does not waffle or give you her own opinion which is what I like.

From On 22/05/2018

gold coin and the sea?

thank you once again for a great spot on reading I have since found out that what grt guild was ref to a gold coin and the sea ,where I'm going to live is in fact the ships recksaround the isles of scilly and cornwall ,many thanks to jo you guild what it was indecateing there as been a dive on a old rack and load of old gold and silver coins have be found lots of them !all cornwall and the isles of scilly are well know sadly for ship racks ,from the past the easy ones to drive on is the isles of scilly ,I will let you knew ,

david From essex On 08/05/2018

Spot on

This lady is the real deal. She didn’t ask leading questions and promptly picked up on what I am going through. I hope to be able to reconnect with you again Helen, sending you love and light xx

Amira From London On 08/05/2018


Thank you so much for my reading I ran out of minutes but I will be calling you back just want to have some progress and I will be calling you with updates as and when they happen... Love and light xx :)

C From Midlands On 24/02/2018

Thank you xxxx

A true spirit guide xxx

Jo From North On 17/01/2018


Wow u picked up on the two guys n sed i wud meet sum1 new whos a fire sign wiv alot mre to offer than both well the next day i did!!the next day wow n guess what he is a fire sign fantastic didnt belev u but u were on point

From On 06/01/2018

This beautiful lady is amazing

Helen words can’t express your reading things what you said just gave me goosebumps your amazing. You have give me some peace in my heart thank you xx

From On 22/12/2017

Very good reading ! Straightforward and gifted

Thank you Helen for your reading today ! Spot on. Sorry we have been cut off. I will let you know about the outcome for my exam :-)

amel From london On 13/12/2017


Thank you for the insight! I appreciate what you picked on because you were spot on with what you said. I have been sad about my relationship and I have been patient. I am at my limit though and you gave me a peaceful feeling after reassuring me he is going through a transformation and will have to change. I will call back. Thanks! I highly recommend Helen

Heather From Richmond, VA USA On 07/12/2017

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