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From a young age I knew I was Clairvoyant however I didn't develop my gift until I was 30 & started attending spiritualist churches. I read the tarot, crystals and I am also a medium; I have been employed to help with ghost hunts also. The tarot does assist in times of worry but you always have your own free will. PIN: 4206



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Kat was a very nice speak with and accurate reading. Picked up on the my situation and was very insightful. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to going to the theatre and see how your predictions will pan out with the relation ship you picked up. In gratitude.

Han From London On 28/07/2021

Very inciteful

She picked up a lot around me which didn't make sense to her but she was happy to carry on. That sets her apart, because it's hard to go on talking when you don't know what you're on about. But she did make sense to me and my tangled mind. She was kind and supportive with it. And right.

Tracey From Worcester On 12/07/2021

Thank you darling. Great information

Giulie From On 09/07/2021

Fantastic reading!

I’m a clairvoyant medium myself and just needed some clarification on things in my own life and was drawn to Kat. I had a few questions in my head that I had put out to sprint and told kat I was interested in a general reading and we could delve in from there. She picked up on everything I had sent thoughts out on and we were able to drill in a little bit from there.

Gemma From England On 01/06/2021

Honest reading

Good connection, accurate details, a satisfying reading

Varshini From Blackpool On 01/05/2021

Rude then hung up on me.

Nothing made sense so I asked Kat to verify that she could pick up something about me to prove some sort of connection she said umm and hung up but not before wasting 16 minutes of my money,

Sue From Vic On 24/02/2021

She’s rude, defensive and doesn’t listen

Doesn’t let you get a word in edgeways. When you don’t relate to something she says, she says her readings are very accurate and maybe you just can’t see it yet or you don’t understand it. She won’t answer direct questions, apparently she’s always right and doesn’t realise you are the paying customer. Reading was a waste of time and general and she wouldn’t admit that she couldn’t connect.

Carol From Australia On 20/01/2021

Not very good

Very vague reading with nothing of substance in it. Said she saw 2 people pushed apart by something but there was no elaboration on that. It was just a statement. I would be changing jobs. I won’t be. Asked if I was thinking of moving house and when I said no, she just moved on to something else. Said there would be a sudden turn of events that would be positive but couldn’t add any detail. Quite poor in my opinion.

Sally From Manchester On 15/01/2021

Always amazing

Kat is an absolutely brilliant reader and as a reader myself, I can confidently go to Kat and know I will receive a read that is straight to the point, accurate, no sugar coating and with a lot of detail and clarity. You do not need to tell Kat background info as she tunes in very quickly and with detail. I often go to Kat as her predictions have unfolded, and I like her method of no sugar coating, no time wasting, straight to the point, says it as it is. Compassionate and understanding. Thank you

D From Australia On 01/01/2021

Very Good

I had a very good, clear, detailed reading from Kat helped me get a situation in better perspective definitely worth speaking to.

From On 20/11/2020

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