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I am a open and reliable reader that specialises in the following spiritual areas, Clairvoyance, Psychic Playing Cards, Dream Interpretation/Psychology of Dreams, Dragon (Findhorn) Cards, Angel Cards, Psychic Link With Cats/Dogs. Call me for a warming and uplifting reading today. PIN: 3855



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Just a blessing

Really appreciate reading for me I count myself lucky i found Francesca and the support she has given really a great psychic just wish she was on more which is why I gave 4 stars

Bev From South Cambridge On 13/02/2022

Lovely day but

It's a lovely lady .. bless her she picking up thoughts well but specific question you can't ask much .. she mentioned some words will see if that makes any sense to me later on thank you love and light

Katerina From Wales On 25/07/2021

Her readings dont make sense at all , she gives one word and u will be left trying to put the puzzle together

From On 17/05/2021


I've had many readings with Francesca over a couple a months. She says she doesnt do relationship readings cause she feels she takes longer to pick things up and that still doesn't stop me from getting readings from her. One thing for sure is a lot of her predictions are happening. Nothing on regards to relationships "yet" & I say yet cause I know they will come to pass. She kept mentioning teeth in my reading and bang, I had a tooth ache a few days later. Following week she mentioned teeth again & told me he'd be seeing someone like a dr & this time I thought its because I liked my poi's teeth but no, I had another tooth ache the next day & when I peeked at his work calendar he had a dentist appointment. She told me a friend of mine wasn't happy, a few weeks later I found out that indeed a friend of mine was going thru a hard patch. She mentioned a window and asked if I planned on getting something done to my car, guess what a few weeks later I got a chip on my windscreen & now that needs replacing. She mentions random names, take note of them cause you'll either hear from them or of them later. They'll always cross your path. Without me telling her my poi's name she picked his initials. She knew I wanted to move house & knew that something was blocking me. She picked up my home links, me wanting to start a business, got the initials of my work place, she even zoomed into my lounge & told me I had a tear on my leather sofa. Knew I had been angry a few days ago but got over it quickly & that was true. She's picked a few things about my poi and I know she's right cause everything she sees always comes to past. I've always enjoyed my many readings with her. She's old school but such an amazing Psychic. She does wonder off topic but thats never bothered me cause there are few life gems in those topics too if you care to listen. You've got to have patience with her & let her readings flow naturally cause she always knows why you've called without you even telling her. She's definitely one of my favourite on here. Make sure you have a pen & paper to jot down names that might not resonate with you then but will in the near future.

CM From UK On 04/02/2021

Disappointed with her

Two weeks ago said something completely different.. First yes then next no. When confronted she said it wasn't her. Next time be honest if you can't pick anything up

Craig From Disappointed land On 03/01/2021

Uncanny Ability

Francesca is hands down the best reader I have ever come across. The information she picks up just flows, sometimes I don't recognize a name or a prediction she has but then a few days later it all makes sense. I have been using Francesca for years, predictions come true time and time again.. It pains me to write this review as it will be even harder to get through to her now.

From On 17/12/2020

Wow! Just incredible

She knew straight away what the reading was about, without me saying a word. She also know it was concerning two specific people and their initials. Francesca tuned in to well it was spooky. She also know where they were from and all the details around me and them. Waiting for predictions and will update here. So good, don't miss out on the opportunity to get a reading with her if you get it.

S From London On 16/11/2020

Why has this woman got great reviews?!

Hung on for 15 minutes just to get a bizarre series of words and names slung at me that bore no sense of reconciliation with me.

Amy From Uk On 19/10/2020

! Great !!

Shes good but omg she goes off the topic slightly then back on and so fourth!!! So annoying! Otherwise shes wonderfully.

From On 03/10/2020


I had the most amazing reading with Francesca a few days ago, she was correct with initials and location, was even able to confirm my late horse with a description and mother’s dogs name! Her predictions are already starting to happen and I can’t wait for the rest to unfold. thank you x

From South East On 26/08/2020

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