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I am a very experienced tarot card reader with 10 years plus experience. I offer love and relationship tarot but am also gifted with general readings as well with no judgement. I specialise in love and relationships and offer you spiritual insight in what the universe is telling me. I use tarot cards and the pendulum to give you most insightful readings I can possibly give. PIN: 3722



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Simply the best!

Joe is my go to reader. Everything he has predicted over 2 years has always happened.

Charlotte From London On 15/09/2020

AmaZing reader been trying to get hold of you via phone line when I seen u on.. but always says ur unavailable. Hope to see u on messenger soon... as could do with a catch up. X

Reehila Rashid From Uk On 29/08/2020


Had reading with Joe spot one with POI, will let you know if your predictions manifest..thank you

J From Oz On 25/08/2020

Amazing reader but sooo hard to get hold of so just shows. Think one and only reader where so many ppl see n say his predictions are accurate. He had my situation to fine detail

From On 25/08/2020

Amazing but very to the point.

just incredible but very to point. was very true it all unfolded....

Kirsty From Leeds On 24/08/2020

Accurate isn’t the word for you. So so on air with detail. Can see ur predictions are never wrong so I wait n hopefully see soon what u say. Keep looking out for u

Reehila Rashid From Uk On 24/08/2020


My review hasn’t been posted! Joes predictions always happen, even when I had no hope he never changed his readings and was adamant of what he’d said all along and he was right every time! His predictions have all happened and continue to happen. I always have such a laugh talking to Joe! I’ll still invite you to the hen do when that happens

From On 18/08/2020

Amazing amazing reader... very detailed and honest! Explains things and reassures you. But doesn’t sugar coat... very funny and down to earth. Spot on.. connects really really well. Always look out for u online, keep up the good work ur amazing!

Ree From Uk On 17/08/2020

I am also a psychic on here.....

What a reader, accurate and down a the little nitty gritty he was spot on you no you are a good reader when other readers ring you for advice and guidance . Joe you are amazing please don't change.

From one reader to another From Reader On 13/08/2020

Just pure

very easy to talk to and understanding. Very good reading and incredibly accurate only a true psychic could have known them things from times to location.

Phillip From . On 13/08/2020

what a super star

Just incredible he predicted I would go on holiday I did. he said I would meet someone, I did. told me I would get married... well he proposed yesterday one more and it be full house.

Andrea From Portugal On 13/08/2020


Joe completely knew my situation and the exact circumstances. Im amazed by the accuracy. He said something really exciting is going to happen and has given me so much to look forward to. Thanks Joe :)

K From Essex On 11/08/2020

Top top reader

Always on point ! Spoken to joe for the last year and a bit and he’s always been spot on ! Feels like talking to a friend he’s so friendly ! Definitely the one to go to ! Thanks joe x x

Hannah From Shepshed On 11/08/2020

When hope was lost

When hope was lost Joe got me though it. step by step. He was bang on about everything. Of course there were some things that at the time just did not add up. they soon came to pass. great tarot reader psychic and councillor what a legend.....

Alan From Ipswich On 05/08/2020

Breath of fresh air

Lovely guy very funny and straight to the point. Picked up on things previously stated. Look forward to all this positivity coming my way. Would love to call him at the end of the year when things he has predicted come to light.

Fiona From Westmidlands On 05/08/2020

pure brilliance

Excellent reader. very accurate and to the point.

Lou From Newcastle On 04/08/2020

so accurate

To the point and very easy to talk to. two out of 4 things have already happened.

Anna From Bristol On 04/08/2020

I absolutely love joe!

Hes the only person on here who I've felt drawn too, I can talk to him like a close friend, he makes me smile and puts my mind at ease when I'm feeling upset and down. Hes an absolutely amazing guy in general and a brilliant psychic.. joe I will be back to give you updates soon! You wont be hearing the last from me. Xxx

From On 16/07/2020

Bloody amazing!!!

Ive been calling Joe for a while everytime I needed some answers and he is fantastic! His predictions always have always happened and I mean ALWAYS. Timeframes are spot on too. He is also a great guy to talk to and very direct which I like, no sugarcoating from him. If you want the truth Joe is your guy. Thanks so much Joe and I will be calling again! ❤️

Monika From London On 14/07/2020

Joe is my rock

I just wanted to say Joe has been my rock over the past year, he has always been correct in his predications, bearing in mind Joe can not control the events of the world such as Covid and can only give you what he sees at the time! Delays are possible, however what he says always materialises, he’s my go to and has and will always be amazing! You’re my rock Joe! Xxx

V From Manchester On 13/07/2020

Very to the point

Absolutely no idea how he dose it but very to the point and spot on...

Maz From On 12/07/2020

Spot on

I rang Joe to get some insight on how the my ex was feeling about me. Whilst still early days Joe predicted I would meet up with him which I did.

From On 25/06/2020

Nothing came true

Convincing reading had 4 with him but nothing came true

Donna From Uk On 22/06/2020

Fabulous so genuine

Fab reading thanks joe Gutted minutes ran out , I shall keep you posted x

Jacqui From Liverpool On 22/06/2020


Never write reviews but he was breath taking and just said it like it is. Just comes straight to him his predictions. I have had a lot of psychics and most definitely the best

rebecca From Uk On 19/06/2020

the bomb

joe is the bomb gets stuck straight in no messing or asking questions. he tells YOU the score. if you want sugar fairy day dreams go else where. if you want the truth, joe is your guy

ann From uk On 16/06/2020


Omg ...i have bern in contact with Joe several times .. connects very quickly on .defo worth a call

J From NI On 13/06/2020

Lovely guy but sadly nothing he predicted has ever come to pass.

From On 11/06/2020


Hi Joe it's Kim! You are a joy to talk to you tell it like you see it but like a lovely friend bless you for your continued patience hope to speak again soon x

Kim From Bradford On 03/06/2020

Awesome as usual - predictions

I love speaking with Jo. All of his predictions have come true over the last few months, and to the timings he gives too. Thank you Jo for everything. X

Claire From Wales On 02/06/2020

Not enough stars to rate Joe, he is with out any shadow of doubt the best psychic I have ever spoken to, asks no questions just gets on with it, Joe I can't rate you high enough, I wouldn't have got through this without you, thank you's not enough xxxxx

Margaret From no fixed abode On 26/05/2020


I'm so sorry Joe, I ran out of funds and out a wrong digit in to add on and got cut off, by then you were sadly busy. I loved speaking to this gentleman, he was spot on about a situation with a man. I finally got the contact I've been waiting for x Thank you xx

Carrie Parkes From Kent On 26/05/2020

Said some things that I I could relate to, some things that were hopeful, and some other things that were unfortunately wide off the mark as I already had facts so I'm not sure. He also was very quick to offer his opinion which frankly, I wasn't asking for and don't need. Will come back and leave better review if any of his predictions unfold.

From On 26/05/2020


He is a good reader, excellent even... He picked up my situation almost instantly and is down to earth guy... Cant wait to call him back with updates

Clio From On 25/05/2020


One of joes predictions about my work has happened, I highly highly doubted it as it seemed so unbelievable but it has!

From On 18/05/2020


One of joes predictions has happened in the time frame he said. Thank you Joe hopeful for the rest to happen now x

From On 11/05/2020

Spot on!

I have had 2 readings with Joe & actively sought him out for the second time because he had been so spot on with the first, hardly needing to ask any questions at all. The second reading was totally consistent with the first, giving me confidence that everything will work out as predicted. Thanks Joe, I will update you!

Denise From Kent On 11/05/2020


Right on the spot and doesn't waste my time and money at all. Try her and see how amazing she is. Thank you and i will keep intouch

Billie From . On 08/05/2020

What a guy

So accurate! Thank you. I will be calling you again joe.

Jack From Kent On 08/05/2020

The bomb!

Always have a great reading. Been taking for a year , a lot things came into fruition. Great advice and very quick to tune in! Lovely to speak with!

Ali From Birmingham On 08/05/2020

5 star or more

Joe, you are truly amazing! I could honestly sit and listen to you for hours. We have talked over the past two years but not so much recently. Today felt like you read my soul. so accurate and gave me me so much to look forward to. Thank you!

Hillary From Glasgow On 08/05/2020

Just great

thank you so much you always give every bit of detail.

Kesha From London On 08/05/2020

waiting for it to all happen!

Hi Joe got cut off before I could say thanks. I will let you know about predictions you gave me and if they happen before xmas will ring you again soon.xx

m From London On 06/05/2020

Simply the best ..

Joe is my favourite reader. He has my situation spot on and predictions in the past have happened.

Charlotte From London On 04/05/2020

He is absolutely brilliant

Thank you Joe for all the help and guidance, you were spot on with your predictions. Big hugs xxxx

From Scotland On 30/04/2020

Just amazing!!

God he is good! His timings have been quite accurate and he seems to read my man like a book – I’m blown away by some of the things that he has said that have come to pass. I highly recommend. he is very lovely and very gifted.

Sal From Uk On 26/04/2020


I have working with joe now  for a number of years, his delivery and empathetic nature is wonderful and it works exceptionally well for me. Joe connects and talks with my guides and has become my reader of choice due to his nature and no-nonsense delivery; I find some readers can be a ‘little flaky’. Joe is to the point and ‘says it as it is’ and provides concise answers and information. Thank you for all of your support and guidance (as I know I’m a bit of a pain!) It has helped me hugely over the years and I massively appreciate it!

Adam From . On 26/04/2020

Brilliant can't fault you, top marks Joe, spot on up to present now we need to move to the next bit of the saga that is my life, hurry up and log back on

From On 25/04/2020


My previous review hasn’t been posted so hopefully this will!!! Joe is amazing I’ve spoken to him a few times he just knows what’s going on, and remembers me! He never changes his reading or predictions very confident in them. He’s so funny as well it’s like talking to my mate! From the banker girl with the VERY stubborn bloke lol! Thanks Joe x

From On 25/04/2020

Spot on

I’ve spoken to Joe several times over the past few months , he’s consistent, and I feel we’ve connected well . He saw something but wasn’t 100% sure what it was , asked me to phone him back a week later which I did , he then told me , it was what he’d thought and something would be happening but later than expected , so we will see , he has always picked up on my POI, as well . Give him a try

Sue From Glos UK On 20/04/2020

The best!

Literally love Joe he’s amazing! Picks up really well on the situation and he’s so funny. Remember when I’ve spoke to him before! Stuff he’s predicted in the past has come true too in the time scale too. He just says it how it is doesn’t beat around the bush which is great but he’s also so positive as well! From the bank lady with the stubborn man lol! Thank you Joe x

From On 20/04/2020


Two readings with Joe. Spot on. Predictions happened earlier than predicted so I was overjoyed about that.

Sks From Surrey On 19/04/2020

Nice guy but not sure about connection

From On 18/04/2020


Hello Joe sorry I was having problems topping up. Thank you so much. I called to speak to someone else and got you I am happy that happened. Your validations are amazing. Love from Scotland xxxx

From On 07/04/2020


great reading with Joe, gave many of tips about Spain, as thinking moving there. Also gave me lots of practical advice about my brother who is involved in a religious cult, best ways to deal with the situation.,as I've been in a very difficult stressful ongoing crisis for many years.Will put into action Joe's advice.. Thanks Joe for giving me hope. will speak soon.. .

From On 07/04/2020

The best!

Joe is fantastic!! He connects so well and knows exactly what is going on and he is upfront too which I love, an honest reader but also extremely positive. Have few predictions for next few weeks will update if happen which I’m confident will!

From On 04/04/2020

Not your average Joe

Thanks Joe for your clear answers and reassurances. Sounds very positive for me once we get out of this lockdown situation. I thought I'd lost the phone connection but heard you just as I hung up sorry. All the best to you ✨

From On 31/03/2020

Prediction came to pass

Well well? This beautiful soul is the bomb, He’s always concise in delivering the reading with great passion and makes you understand this what he see’s and he never changes what he see for you. I love him to bits. Go joe go joe go joe

S From Bedford On 31/03/2020

Lovely guy

I had a great reading. Gave me some hope about my situation. Sad I ran out of credit :(. xx

Jacqueline From Liverpool On 22/03/2020


Amazing reader and very genuine. Picked up on my situation straight away with no questions asked. Thank you for bringing so much needed light in to my life

. From Birmingham On 20/03/2020


That was awesome - Thank you Joe - Loved your accent too, reading was excellent :) xx

Claire From Wales On 17/03/2020

Prediction came true

predictions about work happened as you said !!!! Love is hopefully unfoling the same way. Joe is an amzing psychic he knows it all ....sees the full picture so his reading are accurate and consistent every time and have already one prediction came true within the time frame he said Joe is very kind, caring and gentle soul much bellsing and love xxx

From On 24/02/2020

very good straight forward psychic

Second reading with Joe, he sees a lot of things very accurate and tunes in quickly, kind and gentle soul, I understand why he is always busy :-) Much blessings and light Joe :-) xxxxx

From On 29/01/2020

So sorry I had to hang up.

Jo, you were spot on with everything I am so sorry I had to hang up but my partner came home. You may remember that my situation straight away was very much the same as what you was thinking about the beginnings of your relationship, then started to talk about communication bringing us closer and his ex's family moving away, more distance. Thank you and I will call back another time.

Lita From Nottingham On 25/01/2020


Wow I literally gave no information and he got my situation spot on! He was such a laugh as well and so lovely, so gutted my minutes ran out. Gave predictions for the next few weeks coming which I’m sure will happen so I will update. Thank you joe!!

From On 23/01/2020


This guy does not mess about.

James From London On 13/01/2020

Gorgeous soul!

Absolutely spot on from the first sentence highly recommended

Jennifer Paterson From Eastbourne On 11/01/2020


Just had a reading with Joe... firstly he was the only reader that I didn’t need to tell him what was wrong first - he picked up on it immediately. Made me laugh when I’ve been crying a lot lately. So intuitive and clever and Joe ... it was Beyoncé

Sue From England On 30/12/2019

Prediction came true

Hi Joe so sorry for the late review. Joe is an excellent reader. No questions asked. And straight into the reading. He gave me 2 predictions. He saw money coming in for me. And he even told me where it will come from. Well he was spot on. His prediction came true. Thank you so much joe. I'm still Waiting for one more love prediction to unfold. I'm confident it will. He is a very good reader. His bless xx

From Berkshire On 20/12/2019


So exciting - contact between Xmas and NY and things moving forward from then - at long last! Thank you Joe for tuning in so quickly and picking up key details. I needed to her this tonight to get going. Appreciate the chat and will get back as soon as contact comes through. New one may complicate but will see.

DCR From CT On 18/12/2019

On point

In tune. Accurate . Positive. Straight to the point and relaxing to listen to . X

Max From Kent On 09/12/2019


Joe is absolutely amazing. He was spot on with everything and I didn’t even have to say a word. Thank you so much as this was needed

From On 26/11/2019

Lovely gorgeous reader so in tune.

From On 11/11/2019

Tunes in well

Felt a good connection with Joe - just have to see if things pan out as he saw -

L From UK On 04/11/2019

Great Reader

Superb reader, great friendly way of explaining things, and judges things well and comes with great stuff thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 14/10/2019


Had a wonderful reading off joe, he was lovely and so easy to talk to! Very positive , Can not wait for another one xxx

Nikita From Manchester On 04/09/2019


first reading, very impressed by accuracy, doesn't ask questions is very gentle and kind ! his predictions are similar to top readers here. Will be back for sure Many thanks Joe with blessings and love

From On 31/08/2019


This guy is the real deal. He was very good at listening and I even said I was told ABC about my current situation and he said no I don’t get that here.. he was very straight to the point and I do hope I get the contact I need. Thanks dan

Dan From United Kingdom On 28/08/2019

5 Stars

Had a really positive and amazing reading with Joe., I look forward to seeing it all unfold

Donna From London On 07/08/2019

Amazing !

Just had a reading with Joe what a guy fantastic gifted reader down to earth straight to the point, he was spot on with everything he said no confusion like with some other readers I will definitely be calling again thanks joe my minds at rest X

Jennifer From Wolverhampton On 30/07/2019

SO accurate

Joe is a fantastic reader. He was spot on with the info and it just flowed. He is definitely up there with the top readers and should have more reviews. One of the best for me. God bless x

Charlotte From London On 29/07/2019


Joe explains everything very clearly and very accurate. Honest and to the point. Thank you

D From Swindon On 18/07/2019

At last

At last, a reader who doesn't talk about my ex coming back!! Thank you Joe, lovely guy, great reader x

Jackie From On 29/06/2019

No words.

What can I say, this guy is awesome call him if you want an honest down to earth reading.

C From On 20/06/2019

See closer sad but true.!

You right he come for closure on me and him.which hurt but no it true. Thanks Jo.your a good reader thank you again I'll try mover forward .Sharon

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 18/06/2019

Friendly down to earth

Thank for the reading ran out of mins lots of detail doesn’t waste time asking lots of questions and explain the reading will be back to let you know the outcome of this reading

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 15/06/2019

Quality Reader

There's something about Joe's style of honesty that really opened my ears about not wanting to know what i wanted to hear but what is coming in for me and accepting that. Really inspiring reading that left me excited for my future! Highly recommended and will definitely be in touch again. xxxxx

Ruppy From uk On 09/06/2019

Hey Joe. I did try and top up but it chucked me off. Gutted. So sorry tried again but someone had snapped you up. Great Reading again albeit short and sweet. It's always great to talk to you, straight talking I love that. I will call again soon. Love and light to you as always. T x

Tara From Sussex On 04/06/2019


He is great man extremely gifted and compassionate... sure knows his job and extremely skilled .. thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 26/05/2019

What a great guy!

Spoke to joe a a few times now and have to say I am always pleasantly surprised at the honesty he gives. You are made to feel as if he knows you personally. You are almost welcomed and he is one of the few that dont pressure you to share, share, share every 5 minutes. He delivers his readings with compassion and love. Depending on the spirit he connects to, sometimes humour. I always hang up with a smile on my face and a positive glow from his amazing energy.

Immy From London On 07/05/2019

Very accurate.

To the point and very accurate, very good listener and knows how to talk. Thanks joe

Debbie From USA On 06/05/2019


didn't have to say anything, he gave me the reading and it was pretty spot on. being a reader I know a real reader and Joe certainly is. Thanks Joe for the hinters on France etc. x

From scotland On 28/04/2019


Jo u are amazing friendly and a delight to speak too...cant wait to see what happens in the weeks to come...will call again soon ...thank you so much....s

SN From Manchester On 24/04/2019


Just had a reading with this great guy he’s so funny and down to earth says it exactly like it is , loads of validations and everything he said was spot on , will update you when things come to pass thankyou xx

From On 10/04/2019

Very good

Just spoke to joe , he is absolutely amazing . Spot on with what he has told me about the person I asked about. Will be calling him again very soon .Thanks again joe

Bart From Midlands On 08/04/2019

Straight to the point but not straight.

What a guy, down to earth and tells it like it is. I was nervous about a guy reading but joe is very easy to talk to and very understanding. Spot on everything he said came to pass. Thank you

Lisa From Manchester On 30/01/2019

Thank you

My first reading with Joe. Amazing! Tells it like it is! Thank you so much. Hope we speak again. Highly recommended.

Joanne From Swansea On 23/01/2019


Joe picked up of my situation straight away without any prompting. He was very clear in delivering his reading that had a natural flow. Joe, came across as lovely soul, who is calming. It was like talking to someone you had known for years. Would Higly Recommend Joe

Anne-Marie From Cardiff On 21/01/2019

Life and love

You pick up on me what mess my life is but you are ac.thank you Jo .

Sharon jones From Stoke on Trent On 17/01/2019

Short but sweet :-)

My minuets ran out but had lots of information within the 7min call. Picked up what other top readers have and was fast with information and predictions. I’ll call you back when beauty has met the beast haha. Thanks joe x

H From London On 11/01/2019

What a reader

Very good to talk to was on the ball. Got the situation right first time absolutely no way anyone would have got that.

Leeanna From London On 15/11/2018

can’t wait for your prediction to happen

hi joe. here’s your invite for my wedding :) look forward for your prediction to come to pass. thanks a lot for your connection, advice and positive reading. xx

joy From london On 02/10/2018


No fishing for info, just gave it to me in one. Very good to talk to and gives fantastic direction. Thank you

Paula From Ni On 24/09/2018

Very Talented n Gifted!

Its really special to speak to you , you are incredible psychic and very talented.. always an honour



Joe is always a breath of sunshine. Spot on and so supportive always. Always reminds me of where my energies need to be placed right now so that everything will fall into place!

B From USA On 03/09/2018

Great Guy

I'm so sorry Joe - I meant to mute as my son was talking to me - and I pressed hang up by mistake and now you're with someone else!!! Great reading very helpful and insightful !!! Very good - I highly recommend you to anyone ...

Sara From SW On 30/08/2018

Fantastic (late review)

Had a reading was very accurate, full of joy and hope good with advice and did not judge my situation at all. “How’s this going to go “ He told me exactly how and what to do and it unfolded in exactly the same way. He had absolutely no way of knowing anything (first time I had called) I said very little. Thanks joe

Paula From Ireland On 14/08/2018

Excellent Reading

Thank-you very much for the reading that I had yesterday. You told the truth as it is and I thank-you for alerting me to a not so nice situation and am grateful that I am in the light with the situation that I was extremely confused about and I will continue with my education and will give you an update as to the progress on my education and other aspects of my life which I wish not to state public. Thank-you very much for an amazing reading on the 12th July 2018 Joe, your a star!

Charlene From London On 13/07/2018

Great reading indeed!

Thanks Joe for the enlightening reading. You validated some of what others have said and then added in a few good pieces that will be very helpful in dealing with things as they arise. Much appreciated and look forward to it all coming together.

Lynda From P On 31/05/2018

Thanks Joe

Wow Joe! You are a wonderful reader! You put in %200 you tell it as it is! Thank you for your tolerance and humour and guidance. Many thanks Leanne

From On 20/05/2018


Great reading! Spot on the situation and people involved. I will come back when predictions unfold.

From On 11/05/2018

Absolutely spot on

Couldn’t get though to guy so I called joe absolutely spot on, so kind and thoughtful, really helped me with my issues and I am now back with my ex and things could not be better. Three of four predictions have come true but will hang on in there. Thank you so much joe. God bless

Carol From Uk On 02/05/2018

Very honest.

Brilliant reader, so much information and such a pleasure to talk to. Very accurate to the point and honest. 3 days after it all took off and i got everything I wanted. Thank you so much

Ann From Uk On 28/04/2018

Thank You! <3

Joe was really lovely to speak to and straight to the point with lots of information! He asked a few questions but that was just to connect with the right energies. He picked up the situation so accurately! He has given me so much hope for my future and will definitely update if/when my special someone comes back as predicted! He has a witty and dry sense of humour and put my mind at rest. He wont give you times and dates (no reader should) I am hoping that it is sooner rather than later. Thank you so much Joe!

Stacey From Australia On 26/04/2018

Update - prediction happened in 4 days!

I spoke to Joe about 4 days ago, mentioned reconsidering a family holiday, that I wasn’t booked on. Today a relative called me because somebody pulled out, no cost to me either! I’m absolutely astounded by your accuracy. You was very confident in what you told me and you had every reason to be. I’m waiting on the other predictions to come true. Wow Joe!

Simone From Uk On 22/04/2018


Thanks Joe...really great connection to the cards~☆blessings star

Beverley From Lytham nr Blackpool UK On 21/04/2018

Very nice and accurate

Very pleasant to talk with, accurate and no fishing of information. Will come back if predictions materialize

M From UK On 20/04/2018

Very good

Very gifted, honest and respectful. Excellent reader!

Simone From On 18/04/2018

Very good

Very good reading and he is a very good reader and tells the truth and as good as some others on this sight, he will be very busy soon, thanks for such a good reading

A from wales From Wales On 18/04/2018

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