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Hi my name is Summer and I have many years experience as a Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader. Having worked in the USA, Africa and UK, I have assisted people from all walks of life. I have a sincere desire to assist others in all matters, for love, money or relationships. Let me provide you with answers to your questions and enable you to deal with personal problems and disappointments. PIN: 3578



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

As we all know, life can be very difficult at times but with my insight from spirit it can provide you with so many answers. My clairvoyant ability to ‘see’ insights will give you insight to assist you on your path. If you’re looking for deep answers, the information I receive from spirit during a psychic reading is informative and insightful.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I have found that spirit will not just give you a simple answer to your question but rather will try to guide and show you how you can make positive changes. I believe a reading should be about receiving answers and encouraging a person to empower themselves. This is the type of information that I typically receive.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

Spirit wants you to succeed. Spirit wants to see you follow the natural flow of life. Spirit wants you to be and become all that you can be. Spirit wants to see you develop to your full potential, learn your life lessons and achieve your desires.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

This is why spirit will not only answer a question, but will also give a person the information and insight that can assist them to live their life to its fullest expression.

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I've had couple of readings with Summer. Naturally gifted but her presentation and delivery were a little nonchalent and I felt indifferent at times. The phone connection on second read wasnt good and I didnt feel she was present nor connecting with the reading.

Maxine From London On 02/10/2020

Thank you Summer for your reading, I feel much better and can see the positives of my current relationship, even though sometimes they may not be forever

Julie From London On 11/09/2020

so uplifting

summer made me feel uplifted just by hearing her voice. The things she said were right an i look forward to seeing how things unfold. Thank you.x

Jo From wales On 26/08/2020

Lovely lady

Very lovely lady who picked up on my love life without me even saying that's why I had called. She was spot on with pretty much everything and her predictions were in line with nearly all the other readers I've spoken to. Sorry we got cut off and thank you again Summer. X x x

Joanna From Uk On 15/06/2020


Would call again thank you x

London From London On 10/06/2020

Lovely reading

Very lovely lady, thank you Summer. Summer was on point on many things with very little information shared, and she had also provided very good insights. I was quiet as I was amazed at the accuracy. Sorry we got cut off, I do hope to connect again. Thanks for the wonderful reading.

From On 27/05/2020

General Reading

Thanks so much for your support and guidance. You have always been spot on with your predictions.

Rita From London On 20/05/2020


Didn't think it would happen but it did within the time you said. Thank you

A From Brum On 16/05/2020

So nice and gifted lady

Thank you summer for the reading this morning, as usual spot on. Also I needed you to know the travel you predicted last year did happened when you said it would be. You are an amazing gift person.stay well big hugs xxxx

From Scotland On 09/05/2020

I'm not sure why my review didn't show before but this lady is amazing and she is very warming and honest. She has such a lovely persona. Really good reader and her predictions do come true. I will be back to update. Live and light, for bless.xx

From Uk On 01/05/2020

general reading

Summer is the best , she is always spot on. All predictions happened.

Rit From ESSEX On 18/04/2020

Changed her reading half way through so didn’t get any sort of clarity

N From Uk On 17/03/2020


She is so true we only spoke for a short time my credit finished. She is amazing and picked up things which was very true and told me some good stuff I can’t wait to see happen I will call u again soon :) xx

Sofia From Uk On 15/03/2020

Not good

Even though it was good news , it was such a bad style reading. Spent way too much time chatting

From On 03/03/2020

Positive reader

This lady is really positive and lovely to speak to I hope my predictions she gave comes true I deserve the happiness from everyone

Tee From London On 03/03/2020

Thankyou Summer 3578 xxx

From Australia On 08/02/2020

general reading

Thanks so much for a good connection . You have always been spot on . Thanks so much for always been supportive and giving me accurate reading always. All predictions have come through.

Rit From ESSEX On 04/02/2020


Enjoyed the reading thankyou lovely lady

Avril From Carluke Scotland On 27/01/2020

Reading 27/01/2020

I have just had a reading from this lovely lady and i look forward to good news bless my twins are my world thankyou bless xx

Avril McTurk From Carluke Scotland On 27/01/2020

Kind and really listened

Summer really listens and is amazingly positive. Was really good talking to her thanks!

Sharon From London On 29/12/2019

Prediction unfolding

Thanks so much for your support and guidance. What u predicted 3 months ago has started happen

Rit From London On 16/11/2019


Summer is such a lovely woman to speak too. Her energy uplifted my mood. She was able to provide me with more than I asked for in my reading. I look forward to what the future holds for me.

Emmanuella From UK On 14/11/2019


Had a lovely reading with Sumner...She was very put my mind at ease as experiencing a situation that was troubling me. She was very clear on what she saw and assured me that it will be fine and to do what I need to do to move forward from my dilemma. She is very easy to talk to and very understanding. I enjoyed my reading and felt so much better after speaking with her. Thank you Summer xxx

Diane From Stafford On 12/10/2019

Great person to speak to but predictions didn’t happen unfortunately (was opposite to other readers who are normally quite accurate) however nice woman....

From U.S.A On 27/07/2019


Great connection .

Rit From London On 05/07/2019

Thank you

Thank you forever.

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 17/05/2019

Excellent reader

Enjoyed a reading with Summer this afternoon and I can only say she is brilliant! Accurate, warm, straight forward and lots of fun. Felt reassured and far more confident about situations. A very lovely and talented lady.

Sarah From Cheshire On 15/05/2019

Amazing Reader!

Wow she’s spot on about the guys in my life! Predicted events and hope they’ll come true. Lovely lady, compassionate and gifted. Thank you so much. Beautiful reading! I feel better now after talking to you! Will definitely call you back. Best Wishes God Bless xx 9/3/2019

Isabel From London On 09/03/2019

General reading

You told me to hang on . Thanks so much. It happened just as you said

Rita From London On 02/03/2019


Accurate and quick. Lovely woman!

James From South London On 25/02/2019

Very good indeed

As before, so this time, Summer gave me very helpful and valid info which has reignited the motivation that I had lost. I shall wait for the developments to ensue - thanks very much for your insights - they are very helpful.

Lyn From Aus On 09/02/2019

Such a lovely women , gave me predictions home they unfold xx

P From LDN On 08/02/2019


Thank you for the positive reading, looking forward to things starting to pan out. Will updated when predictions come true.

From On 02/12/2018

Summer was so clear and positive with my reading just waiting for my predictions and I believe this will happen sooner rather than later so good will call again in new year

Elaine From London On 29/11/2018

Thank you

Sorry i got cut off, my minutes ran out. You put my mind at ease. Thank you. Looking forward to see what you have said unfold. Thank you for listening and making me understand calmly. You are a lovely understanding person. God bless xx

Jas From London On 10/10/2018

She’s good

I had a reading with Summer in May 2018 and what she said has just started to come to fruition. Her dates were a bit off but psychics very rarely get them right.

From On 04/10/2018

Really great reader

straight forward, compassionate will not waste your time, fully recommend her :-) Thank you Summer for healing reading Blessings and light

A From On 07/09/2018


Thanks so much . Prediction came through. Thanks

Ri From Essex On 28/07/2018

Comforting reading.

Summer was great. Really freindly & honest Reaaured me & got everything right. Feel so much better & at ease. Highly recommended. Thanks Summer xxx

Sarah jane. From Scotland On 18/07/2018


5 star . Waiting for prediction which I believe will happen. You were quite spot on and confirmed what other readers said too

Annonimous From Essex On 03/07/2018


So amazing and kind but honest.

J From On 27/06/2018

Dreams come true

Lovely reading Great connection. Thank you

Ange From Southwest uk On 05/06/2018


Absolute CHU TIYA xxx

John From Australia On 03/06/2018

good connection

Accurately picked up current and future situation as described by others.

Lynda From o/s On 02/06/2018

Beautiful mind

Hello Summer, this is a note to you more than a review. I absolutely enjoyed our chat and honestly speaking, you speak such a load of th truth that not many people tell. I really appreciate all that we’ve spoken today and hope that my new man comes through real soon and I can put my past behind my back because it’s a past for a reason. May God bless you with even more insight. But preferably give you a mystical magic potion to give me next time to forget about my gravitation towards my thoughts going back to my past. God bless and speak to you soon. Big hugs hun

Karen From London On 29/05/2018


Found this lady to be warm and full of love . If what you have told me comes to light I will be back . My African sister . X

Bridget From Surrey On 10/05/2018

Fab guidance regarding my love life

Very in touch with matters of the heart. Great guidance with my love life.

Faye From Little Brington On 02/05/2018

predictions came through

just had a quick read with Summer - second one and told her her prediction came through for me - work related -- she also picked up some new predictions - so thanks again - all positive - blessings XX

June From UK On 15/04/2018

prediction came true

just to add that thanks Summer - you were right - prediction came through near your timing X

june From uk On 15/04/2018

Beautiful Summer

Summer you will always be beautiful in every way thank you for soothing my soul.You picked up on my situation instantly without me saying anything and guided me so lovingly and gently. I feel able to move forward and accept the gifts offered to me without guilt.Thank you for your warmth and love xx

Sarah From England On 03/04/2018

Worth A Try

Alright reader, got a few points right, just getting used to the lines so she may be a little less confident, but she was a good reader. My advice is don`t hold back, tell the caller everything and don`t ask any questions. What you pick up is good enough, trust. Love & Light!

Tina From Southampton On 26/03/2018

tuned in

Tuned in right away with no prompting and gave a prediction - have to see if comes through in 10 days - will put another review if so - thanks Summer x

June From Uk On 25/03/2018

Good Reader

She is really Good! Most definitely will be calling again

London From London On 24/03/2018

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