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I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My valued callers can expect a detailed non-judgmental reading where I will use my tarot cards in conjunction with my psychic ability. I use the Celtic cross spread which is my favourite one because I believe that in order to understand a callers situation properly it is necessary to see what has happened in the past as well as what is happening in the present and what will happen in the future. I will also pass on any messages I receive from loved ones who have passed and are now in the spirit world.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My main area of expertise is Tarot card reading and I specialise in love and career matters, or a general reading that gives the caller the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. I prefer to be direct when I do my readings and say exactly what I see in the cards.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I became aware of my spiritual abilities at a very young age because I was able to predict the outcome of so many situations going on around me. I started to consider that I could have some kind of spiritual gift. I also had visions of my Grandfather who died before I was born and I was able to relay messages from him to my mother. Over the years I have found that by learning the tarot cards and by doing readings for others that my abilities have gone from strength to strength. I have used my intuition to guide my loved ones which has often been very rewarding for me.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I also have a diploma in Psychic Counselling which complements my spiritual abilities perfectly in the sense of gaining a much deeper level of understanding when doing a reading. I also have a very good knowledge on all of the different signs of the zodiac, therefore when doing a love and relationship reading I can understand why some signs are compatible together and the reason why some may have difficulties.

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Thankyou Katie but you were generalising and struggled gave a general opinion .

F From England On 06/07/2021


Very snappy tone, sounds like shes having a go at you and judging. The info she gave seemed ok but definitely not amazing.

B From We Yorks On 06/07/2021

Let's see...

Offered me a reading that was totally contrary and opposite to 3 other top psychics - let's see who is right...

Chris From London On 23/06/2021

She’s really good!

I found Katie to be accurate and very empathetic. It’s the 3rd time I’ve spoken to her and in between her predictions came true. She even described the looks and clothes of the people in question.! I think she’s the real deal.

Nina From London On 13/04/2021

My Gran

Thanks Kate for your reading today. Your reading was amazing and thanks so much for letting me reach out to my Gran. Sorry I got cut off, I ran out of time lol Xxx

Jennifer From Scotland On 13/04/2021

Unfair reviews!

When I began to have readings with Katie, I sincerely wasn’t sure about my readings. However, I feel that she has improved greatly and feel a complete connection to her now, obviously associated with how attuned she has become through her work. I feel a genuine connection to her and have no doubt about her skills and kind advice she provides. I have also found reviews for her to be completely unfair and outrageous. Her ‘cough’ (reviewed by some readers) is a genuine channeling of spirit which she cannot control and helps her connect further. I feel that people genuinely interested in spiritual connections should understand that readers who are connected on a high level cannot pretend away their reactions to spirit when it comes in! Really unfair reviews, in my opinion, and an attack on individuality and empathy. Do better, people, and listen to what this kind soul is telling you with an open heart and mind. I find her now to be more accurate than ever before. Keep doing what you do, Katie! You just keep on getting better over time!

Darshna From London On 11/04/2021


If you are looking for an honest reading, no unicorns or rainbows - Katie is your lady! I admire how open and honest she was with me! I hate beating around the bush. Great reading, thank you!! X

R From West Mids On 02/04/2021

Thank you

Thank you Katie, i know I was up set and to went through a reading. This lady picked up on things I would know. I also felt she was tuned into my situation as it is very complicated. Thank you k xx

Kath From Uk On 22/03/2021

Spot on

Great, picks up your surroundings

Ss From London On 17/03/2021


I spoke to her in January... I heard a lot of noise and sensed she wasn't paying attention to what I was saying. Gave me generic advice and couldn't connect to my situation. Won't reach out again.

Anuradha From England On 03/03/2021

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