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Are you at a crossroad? Do you want to see things more clearly? Let's work together and unearth the positive messages that I can pick up. I work with the angel cards, energy cards and of course the tarot cards. They provide me with crystal clear messages personal to your situation. Let's begin to clear the fog today. PIN: 3033



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Very good

I do not understand the negative comments about this lady. I have had a few readings with her recently and she connected with me very well each time. She was spot on with everything going around me and made predictions that have materialised over time. 5 stars from me.

Teresa From london On 23/05/2021

Thank you for a fantastic reading today and reassuring me that everything will be ok will be phoning again 29/3/21

Susan From On 29/03/2021


Had second reading because I thought first one was good. In the first reading she told me that he loved me and was in complete denial. In this reading she told me that feelings didn't even come into it and he didn't know what he wanted as we only spoke on the phone so how could feelings come into it??? WTF! I'm so confused. The tv was on loud in the background which is so distracting and rude. What a complete opposite to last reading. But TP won't post this because they refuse to be even handed with their reviews.

Jo From Aust On 23/07/2020

Lovely detailed readings on work love and x

Thank you for our long chat again hopeful moving forward with new career. Work opportunities coming up .. maybe new love unrest in August and September x getting back in touch and finally sorting the x our so much going forward and going on hoilday with my two buddies from work . Things finally turning the corner for me hopefully I be able to feel more settled and know what I want if and when he gets in touch in August I update when these things happen highly recommend Gemma was drawn to het xx

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 16/07/2020

tv on in background

I understand some background noise is inevitable, such as unexpected visitor or something that cant be helped. But having the tv on in the background is taking the mickey to be honest, I couldnt really enjoy/ relax the reading while it was on.

anonymous From On 06/07/2020


Didn't seem interested or wanted to read for me . I hung up.

Anonymous From NI On 30/05/2020

Always consistent

Had several readings over the years with gemma always picks up on my situation and find her her reassuring.

Alistair From Cardiff On 23/05/2020

Thank You

A wonderful, honest and consistent reader, whose over years has provided me with the insight that I needed to navigate some challenging situations with predictions coming true. Thank you Gemma Rose, blessings

Eve From UK On 12/03/2020

Great Lady

Gemma was kind & understanding. She told me just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much ma'am. God Bless you xx <3 <3 <3

AJ From Stockport On 28/01/2020

Love and work

Thank you for the honest reading I wait and see what happens and looking forward to a new job at least that’s postive for me . Disspointed that my love life is a car crash once again . But do like the honesty of the reading

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 08/01/2020

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