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My bloodline runs all the way back to the earliest days of the Tarot cards. So it seemed inevitable that I would start to read them when I was very young. I have been reading professionally since the turn of the century. I also use Angel cards and sometimes the runes as well. I give caring,compassionate, advice in readings that are non judgemental and confidential. I can advise you on problems concerning love,work,general finances,home and family. PIN: 3030



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I give caring, compassionate,confidential and insightful advice. Everything is confidential and non judgemental.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in love readings but am willing to help in other areas too such as work, general finances, home and family. I use the Druid craft Tarot. I can also use Angel cards where appropriate and the Runes.


CALL 0904 007 0663

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have been reading Tarot since my early teens. The more I read the stronger my psychic powers become.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Sympathetic Empathy and Practical Advice are other skills that I use to compliment my work when reading the cards.

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Not for me

Have read with Cerdiwen several times about the same situation and reading has changed every time - please publish for balance

From On 04/09/2020

Lovely reader

Thank you Ceridwen for a very nice and accurate reading.

From On 28/08/2020


Excellent reading! Spot on and detailed!

From USA On 23/07/2020


She is very accurate and gives you a detailed reading. I'm surprised she doesn't have more reviews. She goes to the point and doesn't try to waste time asking you questions or trying to be your friend as others. Maybe that's why. I'm blown away by her accuracy

From On 22/07/2020

Always a good read

Near two years ago Ceridwen gave a read that was def not sugarcoated, and the insight and predictions she spoke of all came forward. Exactly. Now near two years on in the situation it is as Ceridwen predicted it would be. Another read presents the situation as it is happening right now, as was predicted two years back, and now with predictions of hope. Ceridwen offers insights that are accurate with much clarity, detailed and no need to give information, for she sees clearly and deeply. Honestly, a wonderful gifted woman. Thank you.

D From Australia On 11/06/2020


She was tuned into my situation and said basically what I was thinking so thank you and looking forward to your predicans

Rosie From Londen On 02/06/2020

Soothing !

Very easy to talk to and got straight into the reading without fishing for info, straight to the point without the fluff which I appreciated as I was low on minutes! Thank you x

From On 16/04/2020

Made me feel at ease

Really enjoyed my reading she was spot on with details.i look forward to the next 3months ahead.

Leighbless From London On 13/04/2020


Called in the early hours and spoke to C, she has such a lovely calm reading style and asked absolutely no questions at all, although I was sceptical to start she really is good, and read as she saw it, no sugar coating or time wasting chit chat. Thank you x

From On 07/04/2020


Good reading, with very valid points and inspiration.

Sarah From midlands uk On 14/12/2019


Ceridwen was a very insightful and detailed reader without me having given her any detail in advance. I feel very blessed having had her as my reader tonight and I will return in a couple of months time with an update for sure. I Second Jasmine´s comments from 2018, truly amazing. *****

From On 03/12/2019


I've had a few readings with this lady and she always seems to impress me. Last year she told me that my realtionship will be tested and at the time I didn't y understand what she meant but couple of months later things when pear shaped and it made me think back to what she had told me. Sometimes its hard to accept what she comes up with but with time you find out for yourself.

R From Uk On 29/08/2019

Very accurate :)

Was a great reading! Sorry we got cut off! Will be in touch again soon!

Lou From Essex On 04/07/2019

Wonderful reader

What can I say. Normally i do not leave reviews but I felt that I needed to with Ceridwen. Her beautiful reading style and she answered all my questions perfectly. i will be calling back v.soon xx

Ange From On 06/03/2019


Ceridwen was fantastic, such a lovely lady to chat too. Very serious and straight to the point, she doesn't glamourise anything and tells you how it is. She was accurate and highlighted some fantastic points. Thanks Ceridwen.

Chad Issac From Leeds, UK On 13/01/2019


Thank you for the clear reading. You didn’t sugar coat things or tell me what I wanted to hear but what the truth was. The things you spoke of came to pass. He did come forward and your insight regarding our dynamic really helped when we did communicate bring us closer together.

Alanna From San Francisco On 01/01/2019

True psychic

This lady is amazing. The reading she gives is as she is reading your life story, present, past and what’s in the future to come. She is extremely accurate and honest. I just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ her xxxx. I had three readings and the predictions have happened. I really appreciate her guidance. May God bless you always xxx

Jasmine From England On 28/12/2018


She got my situation straight away which was excellent as it is a bit unusual. Well done, a great reading! Thanks very much x

eve From northamptonshire On 20/12/2018

lots of details

thank you for my reading 17/09/2018 lovely lady lots of patience with me lots of details you do such a wonderful job with us mortals that want answers. and dont always like the truth but I do appreciate honest truth just need to get my head around things highly recommended this lady beautiful soothing voice xxx

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 18/09/2018


Very clear and honest helpful positive reading i would have extended but it would be endless.... thanks. I will remember what u said about the help and opportunities coming up sooner than i think and that this man wants to hire me. I will approach him in august and keep u updated. Great career reading ceridwen. Thank you.

From On 15/04/2018

Lovely lady

Very accurate and exactly what I needed to hear.lovely lady xxx

Lucy From Carmarthenshire On 10/04/2018

Very straightforward

The type of reading that doesnt fish information but tell you really whats going to happen. Very positive and Thank you! Will look forward to the fruition of your reading this month!

Pamela From London On 08/03/2018

Excellent - Simply the Best

An amazing reading. The accuracy was so spot on. She is so lovely to talk to -a real connection. I have come away from this reading feeling uplifted and positive towards the future. Thank you so much. Highly recommend Ceridwen.

ELAINE From Australia On 23/01/2018


I have just come off of the phone to Ceridwen and she is absolutely amazing. She picked up on my situation straight away and I was able to tell her things that she picked up on. She is extremely positive and non-judgmental and I hope that she continues to help people like she helped me. For me Ceridwen is an inspiration and a very positive thoughtful soul. Thank-you Ceridwen ur an amazing soul!

Charlene From London On 31/10/2017

Online reading

I have given 4 out of 5 star for Ceridwen a really powerful direct reading really focusing without going around the houses which I was very impressed with so a real plus and thumbs up. Will call again as I prefer this style of reading without all the chat about getting to know you it was straight to what I needed to know and very helpful. Pete

Pete Barker From SW18 On 20/09/2017


Excellent reader - I'm also a psychic, very rare of me to get a reading but Ceridwen clarified a situation that I was struggling to see a way out of. Thank you

Chris From Essex On 16/09/2017

A good Reader

1st time I had a reading with this lovely lady and I must say , I am impressed , how accurate she picked up on my situation ,and of course has giving me courage to not give up , a blessings indeed x

EM From UK On 15/09/2017

Honest & Positivity

Gave me great precises guidance with my love life and in particular some issues i was having with work, i now feel i know which direction to head in. I feel so much more positive with my life now

Ash From Hunsbury On 14/09/2017

As always, the reading is excellent

Thank u so much. It is always a pleasure to speak to you. You are calming and gentle and your words reassure me so much. I hope that you continue to bless others with your almighty gift.

Lishna From Beds On 14/09/2017


Really good reader, would really recommend ,,, thank you

Holly From Birmingham On 22/08/2017


She tuned in well and the cards were very relevant to my current situation. No fishing or asking lots of question. She was professional and answers my questions fully and in-depth. Thanks again

zip From uk On 14/06/2017


Sorry I have to agree with the previous reviews. Asked questions and the reading seemed to be based on that. Not even a good cold reader as response changed as I answered her questions. Not for me either :-(

Phil From South West UK On 21/03/2017

Not for me

Had a reading with this lady but felt that she was just reading from a book, not a good connection with me and had to disconnect in the end. Sorry not for me.

Jade From Bradford On 02/02/2017


She doesnt answer questions but rather bases her readings on what you tell her. She asks too many questions!

Anna Z From US On 05/01/2017

tunes in well but changes her opinion with what you tell her over time

tunes in well but changes her opinion with what you tell her over time, she changes her outcome depending what you divulge to her

A From UK On 28/12/2016


So calming! Have so much detail and is able to pick up on current situation and behaviors of ppl! Thank you for making me feel at ease!

Erika SC From California On 06/09/2016

Really one of the best readers on here

Extremely thorough insightful and helpful! Thank you for another wonderful reading dear. I don't believe you could ever dissapoint a client. You do such beautiful work. Will be in touch. Xxxx

Katiana From Texas On 26/07/2016

excellent reading

ceridwen is an excellent reader,very calming and with my particular reading she picked up everything and was spoton without me telling her a thing and i believed what she told me,she is the best reader ive ever spoken to anda credit to trusted psychics

m From devon On 05/07/2016


She is accurate and direct also has a warm gentle approach reading. She made my day today. I needed desperate guidance and she show me the light. She may know the empowerment she given me this morning..but i just wanted to let you know because of you i feel i can challenge anything with great courage..thank you for listerning and making me realize who i am.. you gave me the formala..its up to me to me to create. Thank you from the all of my heart

lata From sydney Australia On 04/07/2016

Excellent reading

Very impressed with the reading i had today with this reader she gave me details of my life she couldnt have known or guessed which gave me hope she was the real deal then she read in to my current life and relationship as well as a future prediction. Very pleased

Lou From Swansea On 10/06/2016


I deeply appreciate all of your help. You are an amazingly gifted reader and one of the best ones on here. I will be keeping in touch. God bless you dear.

KATIANNA From Key West, Florida On 27/03/2016

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