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I am a Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot Reader with thirty years experience. I am a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist who works with my Spirit Guides. I can provide you with insightful information, clarity and peace of mind. My readings are non-judgemental, clear and caring. PIN: 2828



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First time through, very quick, lots of confirmations, will call again :)

Georgina From Australia On 25/04/2022


Annie you are amazing. I did a review for you on 09/09/2021 where you predicted my employment for the contract role which was mind-blowing. I spoke to you on 14/12/2021 when you mentioned about someone I know wanting me to work for them with prediction to happen March/ April 2022; at the time I was not looking for new employment. I then spoke to you again on 23/02/2022 and you were consistent with the information provided previously. Guess what? I got a new job and it was my ex manager that recommended me. You are truly amazing

Emma From UK On 08/03/2022


Lovely and a very kind reader, knows her cards really well. However, you need to know your situation really well too to apply what the cards say as I felt there was no psychic insight unfortunately. So, if you are dealing with some uncertainty I felt that it may not make you wiser of what is going on.

From On 15/02/2022

More of a Card Reader

Not what I was expecting as it was more reading off what cards r being pulled. Generic.

Anon From England On 24/11/2021


Great reading! Got cut off at crucial time tho and I’d love to know how to get back to her if anyone knows how I can complete my reading specifically with her again?

Charlotte From On 02/10/2021

Prediction came true ☺️

I had a reading with Annie on 30/08/2021 and she predicted that I would be offered a job on 9th or 10th September. Guess what? I got an offer on 9th September, I can't believe it! When she told me this I didn't believe because the process of getting job interviews are taking longer nowadays. This was such a quick turnaround that I was not expecting it. I applied for the job on 4th September without thinking twice about Annie's prediction. So my advice to everyone is to not let the messages dictate your life. Keep pushing through if it's job application, with love go with the flow and with life make sure to enjoy it. Thank you so much Annie

Emma From UK On 09/09/2021


This site never posts my review and I’ve left it on three different occasions. We had a very spiritual reading and she’s incredibly amazing

From On 09/08/2021


Amazing And clarity Intelligent woman who has good understanding and can vocalise in a very clear way. Thank you

MH V From Uk On 17/07/2021

Very knowledgeable

Annie was able to tune in to my Past, present, people in my life and told me about the future. We had really good connection and she has a great knowledge of the cards. I will definitely be coming back.

L From Somerset On 26/06/2021

Amazing reader

Thank you Annie for today's reading. It is very thorough,tetailed reading and correct information for what happened in the past. I look forward to the preditions for the next few months. Love,

Jing From London On 17/05/2021

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