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Being sensitive from a young age and coming from a family that would read cards and practice other forms of divination, I was naturally drawn to tarot cards and astrology from a young age, utilising my psychic skills with these tools. Compassionate and non-judgemental, enlightening and empowering you is my joy. Whatever your circumstance feel free to get in touch. PIN: 2607



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Doubt this will get published

Doubt this will get published. Never had a reading with such bad advice....was told not to make contact with partner for 30-45 days as they need to miss me!!! Actually the top readers where right on here and the partner came forward while still in contact to talk about problems. Ignoring them for that amount of time would of done damage.

From Derbyshire On 30/03/2021

A lady who is very knowledgeable and kind. I thank you Avalon

From Australia On 11/10/2020

Honest reader

Avalon is very honest with her readings and will only tell the truth as it comes through to her. She won't exploit situations to keep people who are having a difficult time .. hanging on the to speak. I have found her to be accurate and very intelligent with integrity. She is in my opinion, a genuine psychic.. thanks Avalon for your gifts and honesty.

Lynn From London On 16/05/2020

Avalon evoked an epiphany. Thank you. The Ungettable Woman

From On 26/04/2020

Fate Played a part

I came through to Avolon when my normal reader of 5 years was unavailable what a blessing thats all i can say fate must have played a great part. Firstly her voice is so soothing and gentle but her wisdom shines. She is a genuine and will not just tell you things - she is a reader with passion and commitment and now one of my favourites Bless you Avolon

Emma From London On 27/02/2020

Very empowering

I absolutely loved this reading. Very non-judgemental. Phenomenal knowledge in the psychic and astrological realm. Picked up precise dates before looking at my chart. Mind blowing. Much love. A must see. Well worth the money.

Jennifer Paterson From Eastbourne On 26/01/2020


I believe she is a great person but was unable to tell me anything about a person I have strong connection with but have not been in touch for nearly 4 years. Her reasons were that we are not in touch so she can't say anything. My questions were whether I cross this person's mind, in what capacity, whether there is potential for us to meet and engage romantically at ANY point in the future. She wasn't able to give me answers repeatedly saying that she can't answer because there is no contact between us. Really disappointing, I would definitely expect more from a psychic reader (being one myself). I may try again in the future but was not impressed.

From On 18/01/2020

Amazing Lady ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Avalon has the patience of a saint, listening to my issues & then helping to relieve those problems through her deep insightful tarot reading. I’ve had many readings & Avalon has been one of the best readers because of her care, attentiveness, and being non judgemental. Throughout the reading I felt myself feeling more lifted, calmer and positive. Thank you Avalon!! I will definitely return to share the predictions. Love & blessings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jade From London On 17/01/2020

Thankyou Avalon

From Australia On 05/01/2020


I spent a lot of time listening to Avalons stage advice. She really knows her subject well and works with great compassion. If you are female she is very pro women and womens struggles and has a lot of wise guidance to give. Splendid.

Jeane From UK On 04/12/2019

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