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I am a clairsentient psychic and certified tarot card reader with decades of positive experience giving clear readings about all sorts of different and some time difficult situations. I will help guide you to find insight and clarity with any issue in your life. PIN 2496



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer my readers the most positive of experiences to empower you with the confidence and knowledge to make the right choices to move forward. I am a Clairsentient Psychic and certified Psychic Tarot card reader with decades of positive experience giving clear readings.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My strengths are evident in my readings as I can help guide you to find insight and clarity with any issue in your life. Using my Clairsentient Psychic and certified Psychic Tarot card reading skills, I can reveal what lies ahead and see what will best take you forward in life. I always aim to help give the answers to ultimately achieve true happiness and inner peace.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have been a professional Clairsentient Psychic and certified Psychic Tarot card reader for over 20 years, and like anything, the more you do something the better you become. I believe I have the skills to help anyone with any given situation and to give you the strength to overcome whatever life throws at you.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a Clairsentient Psychic and certified Tarot card reader with decades of positive experience giving clear readings about all sorts of different and some time difficult situations. I will help guide you to find insight and clarity with any issue in your life.

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Amazing reading , best I have ever had , this lady is wonderful , positive and explains everything so well I am excited , excited to start enjoying this process and journey thank you

Jacqui From Wirral On 31/08/2020

Oh no!

Waited soo long to get through to this lady and couldn’t believe my luck when I was finally connected we got disconnected after 10 minutes, so really disappointed but what we did discuss in 10 minutes resonated with me, I recommend 100✅% Thank you will look to call back very soon, just hope I'll get through again ! Melissa

From On 16/06/2020

Wonderful clarity

Thanks Iris for a wonderful uplifting positive reading. I will certainly be back xx

From On 21/01/2020

Lovely reader

I find Isis to be very warm and clear in her style. Just sad to report that none of her predictions came to pass. I would say she is good at reading energies right now..Future reading not so much. 5 predictions were made since June and none of them happened. In fact the opposite happened in some cases which was confusing

From On 31/12/2019


Iris seems to see further than some of the psychics on here who only look at what's happening at this very moment rather than in the future. She understands people and sees them for who they are and can explain behaviour but she does this in a very subtle and caring manner. Always calming and helps you think rationally. Thank you. Xx

A From Brum On 25/12/2019

I found your reading extremely helpful and insicive regarding an annoying situation with my neighbor. I will come back to you with updates about your predictions. Thank you Iris, at the least you helped me take my power back. X

From On 17/12/2019

Candid, straightforward and spot on reading !

Iris has been the voice of reason at a point of my life when things have been quite complicated and I was finding it rather hard to make some tough decisions. Iris has given me an accurate reading and the necessary support to help me realise what I wanted and deserved, hence I have been able to make the right decisions. I would highly recommend her !

Cristina From London On 15/10/2019

good but....

I was more seeking for psychic reading rather than a coaching session. I am sure she is gifted but was bit judgmental and giving opinions and I was looking for what she can pick up psychically to make up my mind.... Some readers forget that this is a psychic line so for coaching and opinions we know where to go... Thank you for trying to help me anyway and hope this is going to be published

From On 21/09/2019

Very strong spiritual guidance

Iris gave me an amazingly insightful reading at a difficult and changing time in my life. She has a very stong insight in terms of spiritual matters. I think we have to remember when seeking guidance that things are not just about what we want to happen but getting ourselves into a state of healing whereby our own instincts and understandings can also be trusted. Iris has supported my understanding to a very high level. I strongly recommend a talk with her as she is very gifted and supportive. Could see very clearly into a complex situation. Much gratitude Sara. Xxx

Sara From London On 03/09/2019

Excellent reading

A good reading with Iris. The information she gave me in the reading is consistent with other readers on the site. I would highly recommend Iris for a reading.

L From Australia On 28/08/2018

Always spot on....

Iris is always spot on, if I ever need a reading now I always wait for her to be on line ... I have had some rubbish reading in my time.

maureen osullivan From London On 26/06/2018


Iris tuned in straightaway. Excellent insight.

Suki From London On 12/05/2018


Great reader. On point with everything thank you so much.

Hayley From Manchester On 25/01/2018

Follow Up Call

Just a follow up call to keep Iris posted on my progress on her predictions which were on course - its better to know what to expect as it makes life easier to deal with. Linda

Mrs L Treacher From Thamesmead On 25/01/2018


Very clear positive reading look forward for the unfolding of the reading.

A From Australia On 24/01/2018

One of the best readers

had a great reading feeling very positive thank you so much will deff be calling back

jack From Scotland On 09/08/2017

I would not waste a penny!

Asked too many questions, fishing for info, I am a psychologist, know all the tricks, sorry. Not a great reader, maybe get some cards or a crystal ball and try harder to be a little less obvious!

Clare From UK On 21/07/2017

Fishing for details!

I felt Iris didn't make ahold connection with me. If they are tired, (which is what she told me at the beginning of the reading), she should go have some rest and give their 100% to the next reader instead of giving a half hearted attempt. Not fair on our time or money.

Ru From WA On 14/07/2017

Omg argh

Dont ask whats happened when last heard from them as that helps u Guess what is happening. Constant questions is aggravating i ring u for answers then conveniently the line went bad and i hung up

S From Crazy town On 09/07/2017

A very uplifting reading

A very uplifting reading. Let's see if all comes to fruition.

Maria From London On 30/06/2017

great advice

Very good and helpful reading. Thank u. Got cut off but i had to go. I appreciate the advice and messages u have for me. I will have to resume my chat another time. And remember very closely the lessons. Thanks

k From australia On 19/03/2017

she is very sweet and cute lady

Had a great time speaking to her, and reading made lot of sense ... she is gifted... all the best highly recommended


Thank you

Great reading, spot on! X

Carrie From Bedford On 05/02/2017


Sorry but found reading really poor, not for me

M From Surrey On 07/01/2017

Heart Warming

Lovely Nature helped me and calmed me down and showed me the right direction to head to without any judgement. Thank you my dear.

Hariz From Australia On 21/08/2016

- Fantastic Goods, s

- Fantastic Goods, still We would need to advise that coeirdnsing the abundance associated with views this has been it will have worth meditating about wanting to develop the particular spelling and also english! Produced a good read even though, skillful goods.

Lynell From OC3FZuzLQfU On 30/06/2016

Great reading

This lady was lovely to speak to and picked up on my situation immediately ! She was very positive and really made me feel uplifted about a personal matter. Looking forward to the future predictions now! Thanks Iris! X

A From A On 15/05/2016


Thank u lovely lady x picked up on situation first time talkin glad got throu . Will def ring back soon

Carol From Notts On 10/04/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars!!

Truly gifted!! Picking up on things so quickly!! Accurate!! Positive!! I am so excited about the future! Will keep in touch xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 22/03/2016

Thanks !

Thanks for guiding, I had readings before, some readers just explain the cards but not the way how to achieve the result. Isis was very good at explaining what shall I do. Thanks !

Ieva From On 18/12/2015

goes above and beyond a psychic reading. you wont need another one.

From On 16/12/2015

Very positive

Very positive uplifting reading kind hearted made me feel very reassured.

Cillia From London On 14/11/2015

Totally awesome

This is english lady blew my mind! Awesome reader with some incredible skills. Cannot wait to speak to her again, highly recommend her!

Tj Milosevic From New Jersey On 30/11/-0001


Was a good reading

Sandra From Berkshire On 30/11/-0001

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