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I'm a Natural intuitive reader - gifted 33 years (since birth) 3 years on paper. When booking a private consultation with me I hope to provide a sense of Healing & knowledge, understanding and empathy. Also I'm able to give an understanding of aspects of astrology and how it can be used for the better. PIN: 2477



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am very multifaceted in many areas - however, my areas of interests are - Medium/Spirit Guide messages Soulmate, Twin Soulmate/Flames Mediation/Candle Magik Chart Astrology Power of free will/Re-incarnation Spiritual paths and missionary messages

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I have been using Tarot secretly since the age of around 12, I was not aware of my gift for years until I met my soulmate after he directly and indirectly simultaneously taught me patience (as my past life as a very stereotypical Aries) this was not natural to me! Understanding dreams as a above so below and understanding the healing and focus methods in mediation , astrology - including astrology charts I was awake I was on a spiritual mission I could no longer go back to sleep ever again!


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She was the opp of every top reader

This lady is professional she has some ability but having reading with every top reader her reading was the total opposite now I don’t know whether it’s a glitch but it wasn’t for me unfortunately A good soul - maybe speaks what the heart doesn’t want to believe but total opposite

Westmidlands From Westmidlands On 11/10/2020

Excellent!!! 10/10 ❤️

Tunes in well no questions asked. Unbelievable talent. Fast and in depth, confirmation of past, present and future as predictions have come to pass. Good detail in personalities involved. ❤️

J From London On 07/10/2020

Excellent honest read

Excellent reading with real honesty when needed. I like hearing the good with the bad and see it as an opportunity to make changes, and mitigate. This is exactly why I consult with readers as I want the red flags so that I can be prepared. She was also very positive and practical about the good aspects of the reading. Veo had a lovely energy, accurately picked up on situations, and her reading was consistent with readings I’ve had with other readers over the last 12 months - but with more details and a greater explanation of possible situations to avoid. The reading came to an end abruptly because I reached the maximum one can on the phone. So unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to thank Veo and wish her well - hence the review.

Fellow card enthusiast From Shropshire On 31/07/2020


I’ve had two readings with Veo over the past few weeks, she was consistent with one part of information, however everything else was completely different, also what she said didn’t resonate with me on both readings

From On 29/06/2020

Lovely, accurate and quickly picked up on situation - such a fantastic reader, will call back - thank you

From Australia On 17/06/2020


Veo thank you sooo much I think you are absolutely marvelous. I will definitely call again. Big hugs Scotland xxxx

From Scotland On 05/05/2020

Not good connection

No connection with reader and I do get concerned when they throw in a bombshell - bit of sensitivity doesn’t go amiss

Sue From UK On 27/04/2020

Excellent reading

Very detailed and accurate reading today.

From On 23/04/2020

Completely off, felt like she was reading for someone else. Not accurate at all with validations.

From On 15/04/2020

Thank you

Hi Veo sorry we got cut off, thank you so much for the reading it has helped alot and was chatting to you. Thank you so much x

Geraldine From Manchester On 11/04/2020

excellent reader

Veo definitely is a psychic worth going to . describes of people are accurate and she is lovely to speak to .

v From London On 28/03/2020

Truly gifted and amazing

My minutes ran out and I didn't get to say thank you. You provided me with such an honest reading. Everything you mentioned has been staring me in my face. Even my instincts were saying the same. You did not sugarcoat anything and I really appreciate it. Your reading has given me strength to let go and believe in my inner strength and power. Thank you so much Veo

Emmanuella From UK On 27/03/2020


She knows.

Greg From Manchester On 14/03/2020

Fun reading, specific predictions...

... hoping they come true. Loved my reading with Veo, she was lovely and funny. She made specific predictions and I will report back to her with the results.

Susan From Lincolnshire On 10/03/2020

Truly Amazing

One of the best readers I’ve had...

Jo From Uk On 02/03/2020

100% accuracy

She is very good and accurate

From On 21/02/2020

Direct, clear and confident

Thank you for insight into a complex situation. It is indeed going to be interesting to see if 11 is days or weeks. Appreciate the comments about ex wanting more, and being tardy in coming forward. We'll see.. thank you.

DCR From CT On 20/02/2020


Veo is a good reader and really nice to speak to. February 2020

From On 11/02/2020


Picked up on my situation really well. Amazing!

From On 10/02/2020


Proper psychic. Will be mad busy very soon.

Chris From London On 10/02/2020

Fascinating psychic !

Thank you Veo for your detailed reading. You gave me a lot of very useful information and advice. I highly recommend you as you are the best psychic I have ever had. Speak soon.

Ann From Scotland On 01/02/2020


Very accurate. Gave good info

Jasmine From London On 26/01/2020

At first wouldn't give me chance to speak spot on the reading. Gave few predictions hoping they unfold

From On 18/01/2020

Pretty accurate validations

Recommend! Had a talk about relationships and she was accurate with validations of the personality of the guys. Will come back if predictions materialize!

Anon From UK On 14/01/2020

Talented reader

Thank you Veo I’m happy I chose you this morning. You are so nice to talk to and very talented talented and gifted person. Thank you from Scotland xxxx

From On 06/01/2020

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