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I can offer a reading of what may come in the next 5 months, I can offer insight and reassurance. I'm a very good listener and love to assist anyway I can with offering healing through my cards and reiki and always being there in anyway I can to assist someone through difficult times and hopefully to provide insight and answers to the questions that you have. PIN: 2439



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Spot on

Just had an excellent read with Charlotte who got to the heart and energy of the issue - very good insights thanks so much x

L From Uk On 08/10/2020


Very rude and bitter

Amy From Birmingham On 07/10/2020

Feedback / prediction

So Charlotte, well you got it right I haven't spoke to you since last year when I had my last reading in November 2019. I just wanted to let you know all your predictions as you predicted have played out. I will be back in touch when I see your online, I have tried a couple of times ! Unfortunately you have either been busy or off line. Thank you for being direct, honest and straight to the point.

Kirsty From Manchrster On 07/10/2020


This lady is quite rude on how she delivers her readings, not for me to be honest...

Sophie From Milton keynes On 14/09/2020

Not sure why Charlotte has so many negative reviews, I think she is really good. She has been accurate for me on many occasions, I’ve never found her to be rude just honest about what she sees in the cards! Thank you Charlotte xx

From On 07/09/2020

Terrible and inaccurate

Please post this as people should not waste any money on this women. Not only do I agree with previous comments that she is rude but she was completely off. I had a reading 2 months ago and asked about my ex partner at the time, she was nasty about our situation and that we would never get back together as I try to hard and won’t get anywhere with him with attitude as it’s all wrong and too available! Well last week he got into contact with me and he has made so much effort, we are better than we was before! This lady cannot read and has no idea what she is on about, DO NOT was any money on her seriously

Samantha From Oxford On 22/08/2020

Impolite, way off and confused the reading with an opportunity to provide Inappropriate criticism.

Dee From On 12/08/2020


Refused to read for me because I would not give her my star sign. I had to hang up. Extremely rude.

From On 05/08/2020


Wasn’t giving any insight or answers and kept asking questions

From On 27/07/2020

so much better!

able to understand her and her advice is reasonable..thank you so much..

caylin From newcastle-under-lyme On 20/07/2020

Absolutely Amazing

I had a great reading with Charlotte today. She was spot on with everything and straight to the point. There were details I initially held back with but she picked up on everything and described my present situation perfectly. Thank you for all your additional insight and advice, you are amazing! So sorry we were cut off due to my minutes ending but I will be back.

Lisa From UK On 02/07/2020

Spot on

I’ve been talking to Charlotte for the last few months and I have to say she is always so accurate even when she tells you things you don’t want to hear. Her predictions are spot on.. thank you Charlotte your amazing love L Xx

From On 30/06/2020

A little rude

Spoke with Charlotte yesterday and found her slightly rude and judgmental! Also she asked for a DOB and she did even know the star sign.. will not be going back to her again

From On 04/06/2020

Not good

She was really rude and had an attitude over me asking for a general reading so I put the phone down.

Chanel From Uk On 16/04/2020

Absolutely Lovely

I'm so sorry we got cut off... Thank you so much for your lovely reading, you were spot on and made me realise what I need to do to help myself move forward. You're a l Lovely Lady to speak to

From On 01/04/2020

Amazing honest reading!! Spot on!

I have spoken to Charlotte today over a messy breakup and I can honestly say she has been spot on! No messing with Charlotte and straight to the point. She picked up on the situation straight away and blew me away with her accurate information. Nothing was sugar coated and I got the truth. Sometimes this hurts but i knew it deep down. Thank you Charlotte for your honest, accurate reading and for the advice going forward. I will be in touch again soon xx

Louise Hardman From Manchester On 20/03/2020


Just a quick update, preductions have started to unravile and play out. The only thing is timing your reading a lot longer than 6mth. Thank you charlotte Will be back in touch soon x

Sophie From Doncaster On 19/03/2020

Travel ending

For over a year maybe 2 I have been calling this lady with the ups and downs of life but always wanting to know if my partner would change jobs or stop travelling, but there was never any change. In December I asked again and surprisingly she said that travel plans were to stop, couldn't see how or why but a definite holt on travelling was coming. The virus of recent date has caused a lot of disruption and travel plans have ceased for everyone and for the first time in a long time our relationship has taken a turn for the better. Charlotte predicted this happening and for me it has been the best thing to happen in my relationship for a while. Charlotte is very straight to the point, does not sugarcoat what you want to hear and always gives a reading as accurately and honestly as she can.

Lisa From Nottingham On 18/03/2020

Totally Amazing with the Predictions

I had Charlotte read for me few times, she has been spot on with her Predictions. Definitely would use her again

Marco From London On 12/03/2020


Trusted psychics hasnt published my bad review. She's completely off. Said i like someone when i dont. Said a relationship is toxic when its not. Point blank said no. Unhelpful

From On 12/03/2020


Good Connection and straight talking. Sound advice

Sarah From On 06/03/2020


Lovely lady very helpful and was so right with everything she said. Thank you for your help and understanding me. Sorry the call cut off ♥️♥️♥️♥️

From On 17/02/2020

opposite prediction

nice lady, does not sugar coat anything, predictions were otal opposite what other readers have said

debbie From gloucester On 31/01/2020


Charlotte is very real and quite funny and tells it like it is. She has a different style to some of the other readers I use but I don't doubt her accuracy. Thanks Charlotte for your readings. Karen

From On 16/01/2020

Absolutely spot on

This is my first time joining anything like this, and I thought it was time to get some support as I needed it and I am so thankful I was drawn to Charlotte. She was so understanding and so caring and the cards she was pulling was just wow! Blew me away just as much as it blew Charlotte away. Thank you thank you thank you sooo very much for clearing my answers. I know what to do thanks to you Charlotte. I literally love you ❤❤❤❤

Breanna From Cairns On 10/12/2019

Very gifted!

Charlotte has been reading for me for 3 years. She has got me through the darkest and hardest days and has supported me in my own spiritual journey. Like other comments have said, Charlottes predictions have often been the opposite to other readers, but I can honestly say she has ALWAYS been right. A lot of readers tell you what you want to hear, this lady will never do that. Some of what she has seen for me has been hard to swallow but it’s accurate, even when I’ve hoped it wasn’t the case. Her predictions are extraordinary. Before judging if you think they are correct or not let time pass and see what unfolds. She’s the best!

Donovan From London On 06/12/2019


felt her huffing and puffing when reading and nothing resonated with me

alex From UK On 04/10/2019

Spot on

I’ve had a few readings with Charlotte...and we’ve always connected and always had a laugh and such a good read. We haven’t spoken in a while, as I’ve been busy, but I just wanted to say...the last time we told me that the relationship I was in at the time wouldn’t didn’t want it to be like that, but you said about 8 months...Charlotte...I’m here telling you, as always you was absolutely correct. Thank you for that xx

Leanne From On 23/09/2019


I read reviews and thought give it a go but I too like other reviews left was similar experience her predictions were different to other readers on this site the complete opposite maybe we just didn’t connect nice lady though

From On 17/09/2019

Honest and accurate

Lovely lady!! We had a bit of a giggle! She was very accurate about the man I was enquiring about, especially his situation and his personality. I will be presented with a choice in the next few weeks and I am now fully prepared (thanks to Charlotte) to make the RIGHT choice this time!

Lisa From Northampton On 29/07/2019


Read all the reviews but thought she was a bit off on her predictions. Oh well maybe we just did not connect!

Paul From Leeds On 28/07/2019

It was lovely speaking to her but was opposite to what other top readers had said.... Her predictions for me weren’t right .... I guess it depends who you connect and resonate with ... sorry! But thank you for a lovely talk!

From On 18/07/2019


Prediction came true.

Anonymous From South On 12/07/2019

Prediction manifested

Great to talk to! Prediction manifested!

L From Australia On 25/06/2019

Great Reader!

Charlotte really did help confirm and validate some of the issues and feelings I had and was so very helpful.Highly intuitive and was honest. I agree with others she did not sugar coat anything. Hope to speak to Charlotte once again thank you.Highly recommend - anonymous 18/3/2019

From On 18/03/2019

The Best Of The Best

The title says it all, Charlotte is by very far the best on this sight. She’s been reading for me over the last 2 years and EVERYTHING she has ever predicted has happened, a lot of which nobody could ever have seen coming. It’s very hard to let your guard down with a reader and allow them to read and predict on you as a person (warts and all) but her honesty, humour, kindness and empathy is zero to none and even when she tells you what you don’t want to hear she never waivers. An incredible gift as a reader and healer.

Nutter From Guildford On 12/02/2019

Absolutely fabulous

I had a reading today and Charlotte was amazing she hit everything right on par.... She even picked Up on things that I had done recently ... I will Definetly have another reading again with this Lady xxx It was lovely to have such a good reading xxx Thankyou Charlotte very much hope To Speak to you again in ages Months xxx

Tamara From Yorkshire On 01/02/2019


I was kind of skeptical at first because she asked for names and birth signs but after she started the reading she didn’t need anything else. She got directly to the point and was very accurate I will be contacting her again after the prediction.

Undecided From Usa On 23/01/2019

We got cut of just now but you were amazing Charlotte thank you

Incredible, honest reading excellent xx

From On 27/09/2018

Good connection and genuine care for clients

Thank you

Wini From uk On 22/08/2018


The most honest insightful no nonsense no time wasting helpful objective kind readers on this site.She really works for your benefit and highest good and tells you so much instantly that is accurate 100 pc. Thank you!!!!!

j From On 22/08/2018


Charlotte tuned into my complicated situation even though I asked for a general reading. She has given me a lot of valuable insight and I will update on the predictions as they happen. I would definitely call Charlotte again.

Alf From St Ives On 10/07/2018

Thank you for my reading charlotte You was a massive help and so right with your reading - update everything you said has now come true.

From London On 05/02/2018

Amazing !

10/10 Charlotte has read me a few times now and always so spot on! I wasn't sure if I believed in tarot but Charlotte blew me away in the first reading as she knew about problems at work and money issues, everything she said would happen has happened since then too. Always gives the best relationship advice too! Straight to the point funny and friendly xx

Sarah From Manchester On 01/02/2018

truth, direct and straight talking

Connect and talent amazing would recommend and will defo be calling again.

Bianca From Bradford On 31/01/2018


Charlotte is absolutely amazing. I had a reading prior to this reading and Charlotte was 100% correct. She picked up on my situation straight away and told me the truth about different situations. I will wait for her predictions and give her an update once they do. Thank-You Charlotte, your an amazing star!

charlene From london On 31/01/2018


I am pleased with my reading. Charlotte is a lovely lady and picked up on my situation and gave me some great advice. I'll award 5 stars when the prediction comes true.

Zoe From On 20/01/2018

My favourite!

I know a lot of readers claim to not sugar coat, and there are a few very good readers on this site, but Charlotte is a different league. Her straight talking, honest and real readings are above the rest. This woman has been a huge support to me over the last few months, has on occasion had to kick me back into line and tell me how it is, has gone over the same thing with me again and again with patience and kindness and guided me to such a better place. Not only is she a very gifted reader, she is also like a friend. Would recommend her if you need spiritual life coaching and guidance, she has always been spot on with her predictions. Very thankful for this wonderful woman and her gift.

Clare From Surrey On 17/01/2018

Would reccomend

Very detailed reader, very thorough. Didn't take long to see and understand a difficult and confusing situation. Spot on xx

Sandra From Cheshire On 20/12/2017

Will call again in a week

Charlotte gave so much info that I wanted to write it all down in case i forgot anything. The reading was to the point and I got exactly what I paid for so I am pleased and Charlotte is a sincere person. Frazier [nickname] temple

Frazier From Croydon On 14/12/2017

A Real Talent

I've had many readings over the years with many different readers, some are very vague & beat around the bush but Charlotte has scored top marks when reading into every aspect my past & present, as for my future the few things she predicted have come to pass preciselyas she said they would - SPEECHLESS :)

Alexandra From Wrexham On 09/11/2017

Great reader

Really excellent, spot on, will call again

Sarah From Essex On 18/10/2017

She did it again

Charlotte gave me a fantastic reading, she is to the point but I'd rather that than someone who waffles on and wastes my minutes. She did me a perfect reading that was full of honest and accurate information. I'll be calling soon Charlotte :)

LG From Annon On 14/09/2017

Gave me such great inght

I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to this lady she has given me such great insight within the issues i asked her help for, my relationship was on the brink of breaking, clinging on by a thread, i came to Charlotte for a reading and she guided me to a happy place within my relationship we are still together.

Nita From Cambridgeshire On 13/09/2017

Charlott sorry no connection I didn't really understand what she was talking about she was nice enough but it's not good when your spending your money Sorry

Sharon From West Midlands On 24/07/2017

Very good!

we had an Instant connection Charlotte told me to keep a positive mind because alot of good things are coming up for me. Im really happy with my readings she was so clear and straight to the point and a very nice lady

Tom From Kent On 19/07/2017

Brilliant. One mans trash is anothers TREASURE

I read the other review & decided to go for it anyway. She started slow and i was frosty, expecting the worst. It was the other persons review affecting my judgement? Either way Charlotts reading got stronger and stranger. She talked and i listened. She is good, really good. I gave nothing away and she told me about going back to a situation i walked away from. She told me so many things, it was unbelievable and she is such a lovely woman. Thank you Charlott

Ann-Marie From London On 11/07/2017

This girl is amazing!!

Me and Charlotte have spoke a few times and shes absolutely amazing, we have a genuine connection. shes been helping though the toughest time in my life and i cant thank her enough so i thought it was time to put a review up! thank you so so much!! i will definitely be calling back soon! xx

Jasmine From London On 10/07/2017

No connection

Sorry not suprised no reviews as told me the opposite to all readers on this site. Nice lady though

S From ... On 08/07/2017

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