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My tarot card readings are very informative and delivered with passion. I ensure that all my readings are spoken with openness and integrity. For 20 years I have been fortunate to assist many different people with my readings, no matter what the problem or dilemma others might be facing with at this moment. My readings have been beneficial to others and have given some useful insights to assist people move forward with their life. PIN: 2437



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Very Helpful

Thankyou David. Mel. xx

Mel From Australia On 09/10/2020

No insight

No insight just general opinion and counselling.

D From London On 08/10/2020


David, we connected well and you were honest and truthful with the messages spirit guided you to tell me. Although some of it was difficult to hear, you were patient and encouraging and I appreciate that. Thanks

Rachel From UK On 25/09/2020


david has read for me on and off for a while now. He connects well and is always a great comfort when feeling lost. Would totally recommend

Em From uk On 17/07/2020

helpful to me

I understood and put davids advice into practice. Very good for me and brilliant person

Britney From Romania On 07/07/2020

Not for me shame we didnt connect at all it was just general advice that anyone can give without being a pschic but if u a lonely and theres no other psychic available then u can speak to him

From On 06/07/2020

Lovely man

David totally understood my situation and soon put me at my ease

Alison From Aberdeen On 18/06/2020

Just really good

Had some time talking with david and he really made me see the truth to my situation. So pleased i chose him today. Speak soon david. Sharon x

Sharon From UK On 04/06/2020

Wonderful talk

Any of my reviews never have been posted. Regarding David, if you have nobody to speak with you always can speak with David if he is online. David asked me about my age, my nationality and other questions about me. Did he pick up anything about my situation? Nop, he didn't. But if you feel lonely there is David for you to talk.

From On 04/05/2020


Fab best male reader and shaun

Nigel From London On 26/04/2020

Thank god he is back

Amazing fella kind and accurate top guy

Will From London On 26/04/2020

I feel relieved

Thank you David for telling me the truth. I feel relieved now, I wish you all the best and will phone soon again :)

Angelina From Scotland On 14/12/2019

David was very kind compassionate and understood my situation

Pauline From Aberdeen On 10/12/2019

Very Kind and Sensitive

He was on the ball and have a beautiful spiritual aura. Thank you David!

From On 10/11/2019


He is one of the best on here always helpful,,,reassuring and helps put truth and light on situations. A top man and his past predictions did come true for me thank you so much he helped me come out of recent depression through his guidance and positive news about the future so happy met David...

Will From Wales On 04/11/2019

So lovely

I had a reading a few days ago with this man. He is so kind and compassionate. You can feel he genuinely means what he says. Such a lovely guy and spot on with everything.

From On 25/10/2019


David was kind insightful wise and lovely. Absolutely brilliant. He spoke wisely about every area of my life .Thank you David

Lene From West Yorkshire On 16/09/2019

Great spoken words

David is very clever in understanding a situation and having the answers. There is nobody that has been more precise than David. I really like him, he's brilliant.

Bear From UK On 10/09/2019

Gave me reassurance

David, lovely to talk with you yesterday. You were very caring and positive. You gave me great advice to focus on my feelings and not to listen to the advice of those around me. You picked up on the great connection I have with my new boyfriend and really understood his character. I have a great feeling about my new love and I hope to invite you to our wedding - some time soon! Thanks

Michelle From The Netherlands On 02/07/2019

Lovely guy

David is such a warm caring and lovely guy..although the Reading wasn't indepth I'm still glad I spoke to David coz of his kindness..I hope I meet someone like David very soon...

Michelle From Grimsby On 29/06/2019

Thank you

Sorry I got cut off.... Thank you for your kind words & support today

N From Reading On 06/06/2019


Spoke to David about my life he was open and honest, best person I've had spoken too, was accurate and was friendly to speak too, definitely speak to him again =) gave me positive vibes

Chaiya From Leicestershire On 17/05/2019


he is such an amazing reader, I had so much connection with him and clarity.

Fatima shettima From London On 07/05/2019

Very good reading today

David was so precise to my dilemma he picked up strait away the situation that I find myself in. Not only did he do this he also gave me the right solution David is brilliant my favourite reader by far.

Anna From Uk On 06/05/2019

Very helpful towards me

David is really good with my situation with my husband. I understand better than before. Lovely man. Thank you David.

Sasha From Czech Republic On 02/05/2019

Second reading with David

His readings get better for me all the time. I love that David gave me many things to think about, when i come off the phone with him am still thinking about what he said. Great for me thanks David

Nicky From Aus On 01/05/2019


Thankyou David from kia.

Kia From Uk On 28/04/2019

Really good

David was brilliant with me he gave me his advice and it was. Beautifully put. Love this guy. Thankyou David xx

Hayley From London On 23/04/2019

David is a fab reader, brilliant. He helped me a lot, Thank you David so much, talk soon. Liz

Liz From Ireland On 16/04/2019

Put me in your place

I found David quite passionate about what he said to me, although I don't think it was an indeph reading, I got great results from the phone call to him. In fact it was better than a reading. I will talk to you again David. Thank you. 5 stars.

Susan From Uk On 05/04/2019

More than expected

Had a pleasant talk with David again today. He was wonderful and very understanding. Lots of information for me think about. 5 stars

From Charlene On 04/04/2019

Brilliantly spoken

Thoroughly enjoyed my chat with David today. Great person and easy to get on with. Good all round.

River From Uk On 27/03/2019

Worth the call

David made me feel very motivated today.

Kelly From Uk On 26/03/2019

Thank you

I got cut off but thank you so much for our talk. You are a fantastic person who truly listened and helped me. Thank you so much x

Melinda From Derbyshire On 21/03/2019


Very good reading

Margaret From Uk On 21/03/2019

Surprisingly Accurate

I contacted David in December regarding a prospective career opportunity which I was 99% sure I was going to achieve. When I contacted David he advised he saw me getting an excellent opportunity in March this year which I disappointed about and assumed his predictions weren't accurate. Turns out I wasn't successful with the opportunity in December however there is a new opportunity that I have recently been advised of and there is a high chance that I will get it. It's exactly how David described it. I will update again once I know the outcome. Hardly any of the other psychics on here or elsewhere were able to predict that. I will be contacting David again. Genuine & friendly

Rj From Australia On 11/03/2019


Thanks for the reading & making me see things clearer ☺️. Really easy to chat to & spot on, awesome

T From On 07/03/2019


Thank you David.

Marcus From Uk On 06/03/2019

Very good

Brilliant reading from David. He's so good with words. Uplifting and inspirational at the same time.

Cam From Aus On 06/03/2019

Friendly advice

Very refreshing. Just great.

Stella From Ireland On 03/03/2019

Strong content

A beautiful person to get advice from. Very helpful.

Sabrina From France On 03/03/2019

Very impressed

David is a fantastic person and is really good at what he does. His words are so true to me. Brilliant help David thankyou.

Julie From Uk On 28/02/2019

Brilliant !

Thank you for the clarity of thought and wise advice, it was very much appreciated!

Denise From Staffordshire On 19/02/2019

Cheered me up

He brought a smile to my face David has a great sense of humour and a brilliant outlook on life. Just talking can have a profound effect on any situation. Difference of perspective that someone else sees but you never can have the whole different outlook to any situation. David was brilliant at this for me. I got more therapy than a reading and that was fine by me. Superb is the answer to what I received and I thank him so much. With love from Aus.

Debs From Australia On 14/02/2019

Very Nice

Really pleased with the outcome David gave to me today. Very greatful for your nice words. Thank you David.

Susan From Uk On 12/02/2019

Thank you

Great reading David thankyou. Godbless

Jo From Scotland On 09/02/2019

Very happy with my phone call to David.

Great communication with David got to my dilemma strait away, he even helped me through another way out. You get more that just a card reading with David. He's very good.

Jackie From Uk On 05/02/2019

Very helpful

Had the pleasure of been put through to you David today. Thankyou for making me think and feel positive again. Beautiful and kind person. xx

Amanda From Australia On 04/02/2019


Really great that I got put through to David he's a very knowledgeable person who understood me, even though I was crying on the phone to him. Sorry about that David. You really made me feel much better in myself thankyou so much... With love Armani.

Armani From Uk On 01/02/2019

Really good

Thank you For your words of wisdom David your such a lovely guy Just hope my position becomes more easier for me. Brilliant reading so thankyou.

Sheena From Uk On 31/01/2019

Sorry got cut off thank you for a positive reading hoping something positive will happen

R From London On 31/01/2019

Beautifully spoken

David is wonderful and kind. Gorgeous man. x

Maritika From London On 30/01/2019

Really good.

Had a really great interaction today with David. Possibly the best conversation I have had in a long time. Good speaker and very understanding. Cheers mate.

Liam From Uk On 24/01/2019

Really thankful

Talking with you David brought me great joy today. You understood how I felt and how much of what we spoke about means to me. Pleasure speaking to you today.

Carol From Uk On 18/01/2019


Thankyou David for my reading today. I definitely feel much better within myself after talking with you. And you were spot on! Highly recommend you to anyone.

Kristie From Victoria, Australia On 16/01/2019


Just what I needed. Thankyou.

Kia From Uk On 17/12/2018


Happy to of spoke with him. Thankyou for your guidance David.

Scott From Uk On 16/12/2018

Awesome reader

Talking with this man is brilliant for me as it's hard to find someone who understands my situation. David is a true person who knows how to use his abilities. Very highly recommend David to anyone.

Karma From Uk On 15/12/2018

Thankyou david

Great reading.

From Uk On 14/12/2018


Great reading David thankyou. Will call again very soon.

Kimberley From Uk On 13/12/2018

Great reader

I came away feeling much better in myself than when I first called. David is very hard to get hold of I find but he's much worth the wait. Thank you David for all your kind words. Merry Christmas xx

Beth From Uk On 13/12/2018



Jameela From Bendigo On 12/12/2018

Great advive

Thankyou for our conversation David. Very pleasant.

Marian From Shropshire On 11/12/2018

Understanding nature

David has been the only person to have made me smile after my bad breakup am going through.

Kathy From Cheshire On 04/12/2018

Honest and kind

David is a beautiful person. He is genuine and honest, he made me feel calm and gave me great advise. Everything he said was spot on. I will definitely call him again. A true pleasure to talk to. Thank you David.

Suzanna From Bucks On 30/11/2018

Amazing person.

Great advice from David today. He's well worth calling. I would pay for an hours call with him, I did and it was like going to a councillor.

Robin From Uk On 20/11/2018

Thanks David

David made me feel a lot better about a situation that has caused me much anxiety, A non-judgemental, friendly and empathetic guy- thank you x

From On 20/11/2018

Very insightful reader

David was able to tune into my situation very quickly He gave me great insight. Thankyou David

GG From Australia On 13/11/2018

Very helpful

Thank you David you really tought me many things about myself. x

From On 13/11/2018


Really enjoyed my first experience having a reading with David. He's a genuine person with a good sense of humour. Very pleased with my experience. 5 stars all the way.

Charlene From Uk On 12/11/2018

Powerful connection

A beautiful man to talk too. My first time with David on here and I have to say he's a true person with great qualities in what he does. Really like him thankyou for my reading David. Will be back again soon.

Sharon From Uk On 07/11/2018


Really pleased I got through talking to David today. He's so positive and uplifting.

From Uk On 06/11/2018

Waw beautiful beautiful

Thank you ever so much!! U are amazing person with beautiful heart!! God bless nikola

From On 26/10/2018

Fabulous and honest

David is not for the weekest of minds, but he will most certainly help you get to were you need to be. Very honest and positive person.

Liz From Uk On 26/10/2018

Lovely guy

He reads without cards which I like. It flows. Really understanding and non judgemental

A From London On 18/10/2018

Very helpful

Thankyou David for your stimulating insight. You made me feel so much better today. Sorry for getting upset. David is Great person to have a reading with. Highly recommend

Natalie From London On 16/10/2018

Great communication

David didn't mess about with his words. Strait to the point.

Jo From Uk On 10/10/2018

Great guy

Had a brilliant connection with David he's brilliant at what he does.

Elisa From London On 05/10/2018

Great reading

David was really helpful with me. He's a really genuine person. Now I will always go to him for my guidance.thankyou david

Samantha From Ireland On 03/10/2018

Appreciate your words

Had a really short time talking to David today but uplifting and very powerful in his speech. David gave me a completely different perspective on my situation, absolutely superb advice which I will take on board.You really helped me today thank you David god bless.

Gemma From Uk On 25/09/2018

Fascinating person

If you don't won't a reading and you just won't to talk about life in general I always go to David when he's available.he is awesome I could talk for hours with him.

Frances From Earth On 24/08/2018


Great guy to chat to, really warm and friendly. Connected to my situation straight away. I’m sorry we got cut off. I will def call again. Thank you xx

Emma From Scotland On 08/08/2018

short, sweet and on the nail

Thank you for an accurate read of the current situation and in line with what others are saying for the future.

Lyn From o/s On 05/08/2018


Great communication with this man.David helped me to understand my situation. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.

Sarah From Uk On 01/08/2018

Great reading

Very accurate with my situation. Gave me many things to think about that I wouldn't be able too on my own.

Julie From Glasgow On 27/12/2017

Really like David

He's down to earth, and made me feel at ease. David is a good person to talk too. Thank you. xx

Kate From uk On 12/12/2017

Warm and Caring

David is always so warm and caring and genuine. Always so positive and makes me feel good!

B From USA On 29/08/2017


thank YOU FOR A VERY INSIGHTFUL DEEP READING, I enjoyed it very much and it has given me much to think about, I never got to say good bye and thank you so there it is, Simon

SIMON From CHESHIEE On 20/08/2017

Very happy.

Got through to David by accident, he was better than my usual choice of readers on here. He's a Great guy and very helpful, I will definitely be calling David again.

jennifer From Essex On 21/07/2017


My reading with David was very pleasant. Glad I got through to him. Thank you David. x

Simone From UK On 13/07/2017


I don't know how did he gets this reviews but I am telling you he was absolutely off beam.

From London On 03/07/2017

Brilliant reading! Would recommend David to anyone!!

If you are looking for an honest, accurate and warm reading with a genuinely lovely guy don't look anywhere else!! :-) I honestly couldn't have asked for a better reading. He didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but was very honest about what he saw and he was incredibly accurate! He picked up on things he couldn't possibly have known and described my ex-husband to a tee! And as the other reviews have mentioned - what a lovely guy!! So caring and supportive, I left the reading feeling full of energy, confidence and hope for the future. I couldn't recommend David enough. I will definitely be back for another reading in future. Thanks again David!! :-)

Lindsay From Tamworth On 21/06/2017


Lovely to speak to ,listens with an open mind . Could see exactly as everything is . Helped me so much with guidance and insight . Very gifted compassionate understanding human being highly recommend . David I will be back to update you . Thankyou and Godbless Helena 21.06.17

Helena From North East uk On 20/06/2017

Absolutely Fantastic!

Just had a reading from David for the first time! He was a very good listener and is also very reassuring. Very accurate with all parts of the reading. Defiantly well worth the money. He did not judge me and made me feel very relaxed. I will be recommending him to friends and family. Wish i could of spent all night on the phone. Thank you so much David!

Sadie From Stoke-on-Trent On 14/06/2017

Lovely and helpful

I love talking to David. He has a lovely calming voice and remembered my situation from a previous chat. He is intelligent, insightful and picks up quickly on surrounding energy. Thanks David, sorry we got cut off. ( brother situation)

Karen From On 10/06/2017


All I'm going to say is please do not doubt David!! He picked up on my situation straight away and cleared all the confusion for me!! AMAZING

C From Staffordshire On 01/06/2017

Thank you

Thank you for your insight and help. It was good to know my family are out there watching over me. Thank you for your advice about me becoming a reader to. Keep the faith

Fran From Doncaster On 26/05/2017

David it lovely person

Hello David thank you very much for my reading tonight.

Jane Bikarova From Liverpool On 25/05/2017

Lovely Guy

Davis is warm, caring and lovely. He is a great reader with much insight. You will be glad you chose him xxx

Sharon From Ireland On 25/05/2017

What a lovely caring sensitive guy David is,enjoyed the reading very muchxxxxxxx

Alison From Blackpool On 23/05/2017

Gorgous Conversation.

I love Talking to this man, David understands people. Love from Ireland. xxxxxxx

Janet From Ireland On 27/04/2017


David is someone I highly recommend and trust completely. He helped me look into other people secret motives in my life to help me better understand why these relationships were out of balance. Thank you ever so much David. XO!

KATIANNA From USA On 25/04/2017

Thank you Molly.

Thank you for your words molly,, sorry you felt like that. hope you get out of your pain really soon. (good luck)

David,,, From UK On 12/04/2017

Completely off beam

Asked him what he saw around me and he was literally scrambling aimlessly. What a letdown guy didn't pick anything up at all. Very disappointed

Molly From Anon On 11/04/2017


I felt the warmth in your voice the clear way you read for me your genuine and gifted I look forward to calling you again . God Bless and thank you x

Helena From North East UK On 30/03/2017

What a natural connection with this wonderful man and a detailed reading regarding love. He's a true empath and understands human nature instinctively. What a lovely and sincere soul...I left like I had known him forever! Thank you David for you insights and understanding. You made my evening :)

B From March 30th, 8.30 pm On 30/03/2017

Wow David

He shows such empathy and is very diplomatic whilst letting you know what to believe. Very helpful reading.

Juliet From London On 27/03/2017


David is a very confident,honest gifted reader with a lovely and warm persona. He will give you an indepth reading and great guidance. No waffle or bravado he just tells you how it is.Absolutely spot on with many aspects of my current situation. It was a real pleasure to speak with you the other week thank you Theresa X

Theresa From Uk On 27/03/2017

Brilliant reading and nice guy

Thanks David for the reading lovely person and down to earth very chilled and understanding ps if your ever up in sunny Scotland I'll buy you a drink and show you around, speak soon your mini driving pal up north

Maureen From Glasgow On 23/03/2017


Great connection with David,great sense of humour and is a truly gifted reader. He is a wonderful caring compasionate soul.Sincere and honest and was so spot on with what was happening around my current situation. Thank you David for the lengthy indepth reading the other night, it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you T Xx

T From Uk On 23/03/2017


Hi Guys, I just wont to say a BIG Thank you to all of you who have sent your opinions and thoughts back to me about our talk together. Its been a pleasure to speak with you all, so thank you. A 100% of the time, peoples energies are there to be seen and shown through the cards, and some readings are quicker than others at coming through because of the persons energy vibrating highly,this can come at lightening speed and shine as bright as a diamond. However, there can be some energies that do take there time at coming through because of the low vibrations and density in energy that a persons radiating and feeling within themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is more clarification needed towards any situation or dilemma you are facing right now. Am always here to support and help you. BIG hugs and love's to you all... David. X

David (Tarot Reader) From UK On 17/03/2017

Really nice guy

Really lovely guy to speak to and he knows his stuff. Glad that I called David today. Thank you

Anon From U.K. On 16/03/2017


David has provided me with reassurance, support and excellent advice. He is consistent and able to pick up energies straightaway. No time wasting at all. Thank you David, you are very talented. K

K From London On 13/03/2017



KATIANNA From FLORIDA On 12/03/2017

what a lovely guy

just had a reading from david,first time ive spoke to him,what a really nice down to earth guy,he made me feel so relaxed and never judged me on my situation,he really listened to what I had to say then gave his opinion,would highly recommend him,thank you david and I will be intouch really soon :):):)xxxxxxxx

pauline From manchester On 09/03/2017

Fully recommended! David is sensitive, kind and gentle.

Thanks for reassuring me David. Your voice is very soothing. You clarified things succinctly and were accurate in your analysis of the situation and the person involved I appreciate your advice on how to handle the situation. It was lovely talking to you. Take care. K

K From On 07/03/2017

Pleasantly surprised

I have never had a reading with David before and I was really surprised at how good he is. Money not wasted. He gives a lot of information in a very short space of time. A very conscientious reader

A From London On 01/03/2017

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