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I have 25 years experience of reading the Tarot cards and improving my Psychic abilities. I inherited by gift from my grandmother who was Irish. If you are feeling a little bit low, please call me and I'll provide you with a professional and compassionate reading. I can assist with love, relationships and career issues. I am terribly non judgemental and I can assist you with Psychic and Tarot readings. PIN: 2281



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No clarity

A pleasant lady, couldn't seem to grasp what I was saying, personal opinion given after I explained, also said Covid making people anxious ,which had nothing to do with my situation, then asked what she could do for me. I phoned for a reading....

Anon From UK On 19/02/2022

Love ready bf and career

Lovely lady lots of detail kind and caring gives you lots of information. . I let you know what happens in spring new job new guy with dark hair

Fiona From Yorkshire On 19/02/2022

Gentle soul

Enjoyed a lovely reading. Informed me of what I needed to know in allaspects of my life.Thankyou Rachel 4.9.21

F. From Midlands On 04/09/2021

Family Advice

I spoke to Rachel to ask family members in the spirit world for some advice about my family Rachel was able to give me advice from them and I did what they advised. It definitely worked. I lovely reading from a lovely wise lady. Thank you Rachel x

J From Scotland On 09/08/2021


Just general advice not a reading

Jasmin From West Midlands On 28/06/2021

Baked potato!

Rachel was amazing, she knew about me buying a baked potato for a homeless person a while back!. Will update when predictions happen x

Natasha From Uk On 06/04/2021

Sweet lady

... I did not need or want to know all about her personal health issues for 5mins, or her longer time in isolation than mine in response to me saying that I had struggled in lock down. . It's not a competition!? Also just being told everything is fine, just wait and see- with zero detail or any validations is just a wind up. Then when I asked for a fuller reading with some information, Rachel said she'd wasn't willing to pull any more cards for me as she had already said what she'd seen... Which was precisely nothing. Nothing but waffle and empty reassurances, void of any sincere grasp of my actual situation. Waste of time and money. There are some very awesome readers on this site, I'm sorry to say that I don't feel that Rachel is anywhere near their standard.

From On 30/03/2021


I had a 2nd reading with her. First reading seemed very systematic and nice but the second reading was so judgmental. No answer given to me, instead she kept telling me "I am saying this not a psychic, but he has insulted you". Well, thanks I didn't call for judgements, I called for some future predictions. :( I just felt she went lazy and didn't read for me and then I could not get any answer from her instead of moaning about how my POI has insulted me.

A From England On 24/03/2021

Very kind and wise

Had a lovely chat and she made me feel reassured. I got cut off but I left the call feeling like a weight had been lifted.

H From Leicestershire On 27/01/2021

Lovely energy

Lovely and uplifting reading. Thanks.

Clare From Merseyside On 25/12/2020


Just had a reading with Rachel, fantastic, such a lovely lady, picked up on my situation quickly, gave some good information and advice on how to pursue things in the correct way and gave me lots of reassurance that things will be ok, cant thank you enough

K From Scotland On 22/12/2020

Not great

Not the best reading I've had. Couldn't understand half what she was saying. Sounded a bit merry & really just guessing. Felt dissapointed after reading reviews that I got less than expected.

Lynda From Uk On 24/10/2020

Wow! Great reader

Sorry we got cut off!! Fantastic reader, spot on with my questions! Thank you!!

Chan248 From London On 21/10/2020

Remember last read about John and work

Thank you lovely lady straight forward I let you know if I meet the Greek man or Italian guy . And when or if John get the X out and comes forward . And looking forward to the better job after Xmas . She delivers her words with kindness and compassion with humour which is how I need a reading when things are not good or what I wanted to hear . Thank you

Fiona From Yorkshire On 03/10/2020

Lovely reading

Thank you for your guidance and comforting reading about my work situation. It is much appreciated :)

T From Aus On 02/10/2020

Very warm lady

Very nice lady. Kind and compassionate. Thank you. Pin ran out sorry. X x x

Joanna From Sussex On 14/09/2020


spot on and consistent she is , m so looking forward to the upcoming events Rachel and rhanks alot for putting my mind at ease

Phiwo From Manchester On 15/08/2020

Work reading and love

I let you know if x comes back and new guy appears and when new job turns up after Christmas. Which I will enjoy and my life is moving forward in next 5 months thank you will let you know how things turn out

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 15/08/2020

Mediumship and Clairvoyance

Good reading my lovely highly recommend want to award you five stars but Internet not letting me do that. Thank you so very much. 13/08/2020.

S From Mids On 13/08/2020

Lovely and intuitive

Had my first reading with Rachel today. What a lovely, caring lady. She really put my mind at ease as to a decision I had just made and assured me that it was correct. She read the situation very well, and advised me on how to proceed. She also addressed some concerns that I had going forward with some very clear information. Looking forward to seeing if the predctions come true, but thank you Rachel for making me feel so much better about everything.

Kharis From UK On 13/08/2020


Thanks Rachel for the wonderful reading ,connected very well and provided me with a very accurate info

From On 29/07/2020


Rachel is Straight to the point. Tells you what the situation is. She is genuine. Look forward to the future.

From On 25/07/2020

Highly recommend!

Thank you Rachel for the reading & telling me not to worry, I will call again for an update x

From On 25/07/2020

Soo nice

Thanks Rachel you were very gentle ,yet understanding non judgemental .you are spot on and o hope everything works out as you predict. Yep some of these ppl are users That s for sure

Melissa From Oz On 16/07/2020

Soo nice

Thanks Rachel you were very gentle ,yet understanding non judgemental .you are spot on and o hope everything works out as you predict. Yep some of these ppl are users That s for sure

Melissa From Oz On 16/07/2020

Picked up on the problem

Spoke to Rachel she was good and picked up on the person I was thinking about nice and calm lady to talk to.. I would ring her again take care

Ren From London On 11/07/2020


Had reading this morning very lovely lady x got lit things right about my life at moment look forward to predictions happening x will def be back thanks Rachel xxx

Debs From Scotland On 10/07/2020


Hardly said anything and she picked up on everything! Amazed am gutted my minutes ran out but such a lovely person and definitely one of the best here

J From Scotland On 02/07/2020

Adorable lady. Excellent read

Doesn’t waste time at all. Is truthful factual and straight to the point highly recommend. Lovely lady. Really enjoyed my reading and looking forward to seeing prediction unfold. All the best x

Pav From Birmingham On 28/05/2020


Rachel was excellent and lovely to speak to. She has a wonderful gift. Thank you Rachel x

Jennifer From Scotland On 14/05/2020


NABEELA From Huddersfield On 13/04/2020

Really nice connection and energy

Rachel is really lovely, warm, compassionate and genuine. She seemed to really connect and care about me and my situation. Although she couldn't see the outcome, her grasp on me situation was very accurate. Worth every penny. X

Marie From Oxford On 21/03/2020


I had a telephone reading with Rachel this afternoon and she was just lovely. She connected with a family issue that has caused me a great deal of heartache without me mentioning a word. Rachel also told me about my planned house move and described a rural place with flowers in a pretty garden. I didn't think too much of it at the time as that could be anywhere but..... when I looked at the development that I am planning to move to my bungalow was surrounded by flowers in a communal garden!

Lynne From Kent On 18/03/2020

Really nice connection and energy

Rachel was really generous and warm hearted and I felt a genuine compassion/ empathy for my situation. I felt her reading to be honest. Rachel would be my first choice if I rang again.

Marie From Oxford On 18/03/2020

Very Helpful Excellent insight

Fantastic Reader picks up on situations in your day to day life very lovely to talk has a very lovely calm and collective approach too and very understanding and gives you excellent advice. A truly lovely gifted lady thankyou for your time xxx

From On 27/02/2020

Rachel 2281 Thankyou very much

From Australia On 29/12/2019

Thank you

I read with Rachel a few days ago. She is a fabulous reader. Picked up on things without having to ask questions. Very kind and beautiful. Thank you Rachel for your reading. R from Wollongong, AU

R From Wolongong On 10/12/2019

Quick with Information

I’m surprised Rachel hasn’t got more reviews she delivers the messages quick and the Information flows, I only got 5mins with her but she told me more in that 5mins than some of the readers with tons of reviews have in 20mins. Her reading was in line with what a lot of the popular readers have told me on her. Thanks Rachel xx

H From Kent On 30/10/2019

Great advice

Rachel described me and my my partner well and understood our characters well. She gave great advice on how to deal with a reoccurring issue in my relationship and also filled me with positivity about pursuing and not giving up on this relationship. Thank you Rachel!

Michelle From The Netherlands On 31/08/2019

Superb! Sorry got cut off

thanks for short and superb reading .. you were fantastic and gave me sound advice. short of balance so got knocked out... glad to speak to you thank you

Pranav From Midlands On 20/03/2019

Fabulous lady

Rachel connected with me straight away. She gave good insight into my situation and she was so lovely to talk to. Thank you Rachel.

Sandra From UK On 19/03/2019

Excellent, Friendly, and Accurate

Thank you for your guidance, Rachel. I am so glad I got you as a Psychic. I am quite impressed with your prowess. As someone who does tarot reading as well, I wanted to get a reader who will be able to - shall we say - crack me open. I will definitely give you another call should I ever have the urge or be encouraged by my spiritual guides to seek affirmation. Thank you!

Jamine From PERTH, AUSTRALIA On 08/03/2019

What a nice soul

Quickly picks up on the situation. She has a guide that helps her. Very accurate and hopefully her predictions come true but she did say very similar things to someone else a few weeks ago so yes very pleased. Would highly recommend her

Marianna From Surrey On 18/02/2019


Thank you Rachel you have given me great comfort, such a lovely lady do call her xxxx

From On 22/01/2019


Rachel provided clarity and understood my character and situation without much information from me. This was affirming. Thank you!:)

Carol From On 01/01/2019

25 min passed without me saying a word

Thank you so much for tonight, I hardly said anything and you said so many accurate things. I will deffo let you know how it goes...xx I hardly leave reviews but this time I did cause you are truly gifted!

From On 06/12/2018


Very lovely lady, great reading and picked up straight away on the situation i'm very shocked she doesn't have more reviews as she deserves it worth the money thank you so much x

- From kent On 25/11/2018


I was cut off and couldn't get you as you were busy immediately and I just want to say wow what a caring lovely incredibly gifted Lady.I hope to get through so I can complete my reading.God Bless.

J From On 19/10/2018

Fairy Godmother

Rachel I promised to leave and I'm doing this now. I really enjoyed your reading, you were so kind, loving and compassionate. No doubt you have psychic abilities, I gave you nothing and you told me many things which were accurate in relation to my current situation. I will wait for the prediction to unfold and definitely call you back to update you. Lots of love. Mirium. X

Mz From London On 16/10/2018

An emoitional reading

A very emotional and truthful reading. Talking with Rachel has cleared my mind and now i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pam From Newark On 15/10/2018

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